New Age Of Summoners Chapter 338

326 One Shock After Another

There were many poisons in various worlds from ancient times and among them some poisons were limited to specific worlds.

In ancient times, one poison cultivator ventured into different worlds in the search of various poisons and to study them.

Due to his very high cultivation, he was able to venture different worlds without much difficulty and along with his long life span, he was able to venture 100 worlds and collected the information about various poisons in those 100 worlds.

With that data, he selected 10 poisons from all the poisons he collected and gave them a ranking from one to ten.

In that rankings, the five elemental poison was able to get a rank 5.

From that, one can understand how powerful that the five elemental poison was.

So, Ajax didn't understand how Raweth's little brother was able to withstand that powerful poison and wondered who was that cruel to use it on Rawin who still looked innocent and hadn't lost his childhood innocence.

"What is that?" Keeping those wandering thoughts in his head to a side, he asked the masked birdman about the way to save Rawin.

"When I was on a mission, I found an inheritance that was related to a poison cultivator," The masked birdman hurriedly started his explanation as he continued, "Although I didn't find any poison-related skill, I found this."

While talking about the inheritance, the masked birdman took out a light green coloured with hints of black dots in it, from his space ring and threw it at Ajax.


Ajax immediately recognized the crystal-like stone with a shocked expression on his face and at the same time, the system notification rang in his head.


Item name:- Elemental spirit stone

Elemental type:- Poison

Grade:- Elite commander realm.

The reason for his shock was that the poison elemental spirits were very rare even in the Elemental spirit world and the masked birdman was able to find a poison elemental spirit stone in the five elemental world.

"We can try it," Ajax nodded his head and immediately called Bane.

Even though there was a small chance of Bane gaining a poison absorption skill, Ajax wanted to try it.

"Summoning master,"

Within a few seconds, Bane appeared in front of Ajax and bowed.

Generally, Bane had a carefree attitude but he could judge that the present situation was not good to be carefree and acted as a loyal elemental spirit.

"Consume it and breakthrough to Elemental Elite Spirit Commander Realm," Ajax was satisfied with Bane's attitude with the present situation and casually threw the elemental spirit stone at Ajax.

"Thank you, summoning master," Bane was excited and immediately consumed without asking any questions.

As soon as he consumed the elemental spirit stone, Ajax got an unexpected system notification making him worried.


The host's elemental spirit, Bane consumed an elemental spirit stone.


Checking the requirements for breakthrough using Elemental spirit stone.


Sufficient foundation in the elemental spirit commander realm

Note:- Since he learned the way of poison, his cultivation foundation is stabilized.

5000 units of the essence of nature

Note:- The host needs to pay the required essence of nature.


Do you allow the elemental spirit to break through to the elite spirit commander realm?

'What the hell!' Ajax was shocked by the system notifications but decided to check them later as Rawin doesn't have much time.


Ajax accepted the system notification and observed Bane.

Just as he said 'Yes', Ajax saw Bane's transparent body shining brightly and along with the light, his body also growing very slowly.


Congratulations to the host.

His elemental spirit has levelled up to level 1 of the elemental spirit commander realm.

After his breakthrough to the elemental elite spirit commander realm, Bane's height increased by a few inches and his face had a cunning look on it now.

'It's quicker than I thought,' Ajax thought in his head before checking Bane's new skills.

Ajax didn't know whether it was his luck or heavens helping him, but the upgrade of the elemental spirit was much quicker this time when compared to the previous time.

Soon another system notification came and the holographic screen appeared in front of him.


Skills:-Poison mist (level 4), Poison scythe (level 3), Viper (Level 2), Poison domain (Level 1)

Inherent skill:- Poison control.

"Huh?" Ajax confidence increased when he saw the inherent skill 'Poison control'.

So, he immediately checked the single inherent skill.


Inherent skill:- Poison control (Level 1).

Description:- The elemental spirit can now control various poison depending on his strength.

'Yes, this is what I wanted exactly,' Ajax was excited and hurriedly ordered Bane while pointing his finger at the unconscious Rawin, 'Bane, remove the five elemental poison from his body.'

'Yes, summoning master,' Bane was also filled with excitement to test his new skills and without any delay, he bent down beside Rawin.

Bane placed his two thin hands-on Rawin's dantian and closed his eyes.

Ajax and others didn't dare to look inside Rawin's body as the five elemental poison might absorb all their elemental essence. So they patiently waited for Bane to do his thing.

Raweth sprinkled some thunder pool's water once in a while as per Ajax's order.

"Damn Krico, because of you, the whole fire crow tribe is getting destroyed," The masked birdman looked at the destroyed buildings in the tribe and cursed Krico.

"If I was stronger, I would have killed him by now. Unfortunately, he is still alive...sigh," He shook his head and sighed.

While saying those words, the birdman's mask was completely covered by tears and became wet; still, he didn't take off that mask from his face.

"No need to worry, he already died in the lightning Hawk tribe," Ajax felt bad about his previous behaviour with the masked birdman and briefly explained about what happened in the lightning hawk tribe and the death of Krico.

"What? He died?" The masked birdman looked at Ajax and asked him; however, before Ajax could confirm Krico's death, the masked birdman continued, "He is not dead. He is alive and well."

The masked birdman shook his head as he looked at the tribe leader's house in the distance that was built on the top of the mountain and still standing majestically in front of the spirit beast horde.

"What? He died in front of my own eyes," Ajax didn't understand why the masked birdman was not believing his words about Krico's death.

"If he is really dead, then there would not be any barrier around the tribe leader's house and it would have been destroyed by the spirit beasts a few hours ago," The masked birdman chuckled at Ajax as he pointed his finger at the majestic tribe leader's house.



As soon as the masked birdman finished those words, two 'What?' came as a reply.

One from Ajax and another one was from Raweth, who was sprinkling water on his little brother.


"Summoning master, the poison is very strong and I am only able to control it for a few seconds before it becomes violet," Before the masked birdman said something, he was interjected by Bane as he briefed him about his poison's control to Ajax.

"What? Why is this happening to me?" Ajax's thoughts were shaken with Bane's words and immediately clutched his head while saying, 'No, no, no.'

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