New Age Of Summoners Chapter 337

325 Five Elemental Poison

According to Ajax, 'Daughter of nature' is a good skill but it was not useful for him at the moment.

That skill would be useful when fighting as a group when the surroundings were filled with life elemental energy. Then she could continuously use her healing skills on the teammates providing them with endless heals.

As for the other skill, 'Diagnosis eyes' could be used at the moment but it won't save Rawin since this skill could only identify the root of the illness.

Nevertheless, Ajax wanted to use this skill first and know the root of the disease and next, he could use Spirus' other healing skills which he thought would not have much effect on Rawin's sickness.

Soon, he summoned Spirus out of the inner world without hesitation.

Since the time was ticking, Ajax wanted to use all his trump cards in saving Rawin.


After she came out of the inner world, Spirus immediately used her diagnosis eyes to find out what type of disease Rawin was suffering from.

"Summoning master, it looks like some kind of poison is sucking his life energy from inside,"

It didn't take much time for her to find out the source and she briefly explained about the poison in Rawin's body.

"Huh? Poison? Spirus, why are you looking exhausted all of sudden?"

While explaining it, Spirus looked tired and Ajax asked with a worried expression on his face.

"When I used my diagnosis eyes to check the poison, it absorbed my life energy before I could even pull myself out of his body.," Before she could explain what had happened completely, she lost consciousness and was about to fall onto the ground.

However, Ajax caught her falling body in the nick of time and prevented her from falling onto the ground.

When he caught her, his nose caught a nice fragrance from Spirus that made him lose focus for a second; however, he came back to his senses when he saw Spirus open her eyes all of a sudden.

'Thanks summoning master for preventing me from falling onto the ground,' Spirus said in a low voice that was barely heard with a red face and hurriedly came out of Ajax's embrace.

'Okay, take some rest,' Spirus was not the only one with the red face, but Ajax's face was even redder than Spirus and hurriedly sat down beside Rawin and continued the process of using the thunder pool's water.

'What are you thinking, Ajax. You have a life to save first,' Ajax's heart was still beating very fast and he tried to calm himself down.

"Raweth, you finally came back to the tribe," Just as he was calming himself, Ajax heard the unconscious masked birdman's voice and immediately became alert; however after hearing his words completely, he put down his guard.

"Uncle, thanks for protecting my little brother until now," Raweth cleared his tears from the eyes and thanked the masked birdman by calling him Uncle.

"By the way, who is he?" Masked birdman didn't know what to reply when he heard Raweth's words, so he diverted the topic towards Ajax.

"He is ,"

"We don't have much time," Before Raweth could say about Ajax, Ajax interjected as he saw that Rawin's health was degenerating with each second.

"Spirus do you know what type of poison is in his body?" Ajax quickly poured some water into Rawin's mouth as he asked Spirus who was taking rest in a small distance.

"Sorry summoning master, I don't know what kind of poison it is since my new skill is still level 1," Spirus apologised Ajax as she was unable to identify the poison in Rawin's body with her present skill level.


"It's five elemental poison," Just Ajax was about to say something he was intercepted by the masked birdman.

"Five elemental poison?" Ajax felt that he heard this name before and after thinking for a moment, he remembered and asked, "You mean one of the top 10 poisons?"

"Yes, it is one of the one poisons and It is only available in this world," The masked birdman nodded his head and said to Ajax.

In the beginning, he wanted to beat Ajax for knocking him down earlier; however, after seeing how Raweth was respectful towards Ajax, he removed that thought and explained about the five elemental poison.

Although Ajax didn't know much about the five elemental poison, he knew how powerful it was as he learned about its existence from Elder Boron.

Soon, Ajax learned some more information about the five elemental position and got shocked.

Because, the five elemental poison as its name suggests could absorb the five elements in the host body namely Fire, water, wind, earth and life elemental.

'So, when Spirus used her skill to check Rawin's body, her life elemental essence of nature was absorbed by it,' Ajax immediately found out the reason behind Spirus tiredness and looked at the masked birdman before asking, "How to save him then?"

'...' When Raweth heard Ajax's words, he felt something was wrong and looked at Ajax but didn't ask anything and looked at the masked birdman.

"I think it's impossible now," The masked birdman sighed as he shook his head.

"Fool, first say how to cure him. Whether it is possible or not I will take care of it," Ajax became angry all of a sudden when he looked at the sighing masked birdman.

Until now, he was the one who didn't have confidence in saving Rawin; however, just when he was getting some confidence back the masked birdman's behaviour made him decrease that confidence, so Ajax was angry at him.


Although the masked birdman was angry at Ajax for calling him a fool, he suppressed it as he knew that he was wrong by saying those words, so he calmed himself and said, " If old priest's poison sucking wand is here, then it would have been easy for us to save him. Unfortunately, he was killed by that damned Krico for trying to save your little brother."


Raweth seriously shouted at the masked birdman when he heard his words.

"Yes, Raweth. Krico killed the old priest and stored that wand somewhere in the tribe," The masked birdman didn't say much and only said about Krico killing the old priest because he saw Raweth's eyes turned blood red just when he said that Krico stopped the old priest from saving Rawin. So, he didn't want to talk about his past.

"Calm down Krico, there is no use in getting angry on a dead person," Ajax patted Raweth's shoulder and calmed him down since the most important matter now was to save his little brother.

Raweth understood Ajax's words and calmed down a little before looking at his little brother's pale face.

"Which element-type that elemental spirit belongs to?" Just as Ajax was thinking very hard to save Raweth's little brother, he heard the masked birdman's voice and turned to look in the direction he pointed.

"Huh? He belongs to the poison type but he doesn't have any skills to absorb the poison from others," Ajax looked at Bane, who was fighting the surrounding spirit beasts and shook his head.

"No problem, I have a way to make him do that," The masked birdman immediately stood up with an excited face and looked at Ajax.

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