New Age Of Summoners Chapter 336

324 Daughter Of Nature

In a dark room of Krico's house,

"Grand Elder, do something. All our tribe members are dying outside," one of the fire crow tribe middle-aged birdmen asked an old fire crow birdman.

"Yes, Grand Elder. Otherwise, there is no use even if we survive this," Another fire crow member begged the one called Grand Elder.

"I know that but as you can see I am also unable to break this barrier that is blocking us from going out. Unless, if someone of our tribe manages to get the tribe leader seal from Krico, this barrier will open," the old birdman called Grand Elder sighed as he looked at the other members of the fire crow tribe and continued, "Or if that Krico dies in the battle with the Lightning Hawk tribe leader, we can't be free."

After saying his words, Grand Elder sat down and entered into mediation as he knew that he could not do anything to the barrier.


When they saw that even their Grand Elder was unable to do anything to the barrier, the rest of the fire crow tribe members shook their heads and sighed before entering the mediation to pass the time.

In that dark room, there were six fire crow tribesmen and they were Grand Elder and five Elders of the fire crow tribe. They were trapped in a barrier by Krico before he left the tribe with the older birdman to challenge the Hawk tribe leader.

Because the Grand Elder and the five Elders tried to stop him in challenging Qwerek and did not want Krico to leave the tribe as they knew that spirit beasts could attack their tribe at any moment and they required the tribe leader to look after the tribe.

However, before they could talk with Krico, he sealed them using the tribe leader seal in one of the rooms.

After some time, they sensed that their tribe was being attacked by the spirit beast horde and they were helpless and tried their best to break the barrier but they were unable to break it.

"I hope that damned Krico dies in the battle with Qwerek," one of the elders said before closing his eyes.

"Yes, he should die for not caring about the tribe when he is the tribe leader," the rest of the elders acknowledged the previous elder's words and soon entered the meditation thinking that they had nothing to do in the barrier anyway.


When he heard the conversations between the elders, the Grand Elder became speechless and nevertheless, he agreed with them.


"Young master," Raweth, with his bloodied face, reached the place where Ajax was trying to save Rawin.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head at Raweth before focusing on saving Rawin.

It's been more than five minutes since he was doing the same process of using the thunder pool's water to extend the life of Raweth's little brother and at the same time, he was thinking about other ideas to save his life completely.

In these five minutes, Ajax noticed that the thunder pool's water was losing its effectiveness with the number of uses that made him even more anxious.

"Little Rawin, it's me, your big brother Raweth. Open your eyes," Raweth didn't waste any time and rushed towards his little brother with tear-filled eyes.

He didn't wake his little brother up forcefully but whispered in his ears while rubbing his head lovingly.

'I am here with my young master and he promised he will save you. So, just hang in there,'

As soon as he heard those words, Ajax felt sad because he didn't have enough confidence in saving Rawin. Also, he remembered the promise he made with Raweth and sighed.

However, he soon noticed some movements in Rawin's fingers when Raweth whispered in his ears indicating that he would fight the disease in him.

'No, I have to do something. Even his sick brother is fighting with life and trying to stay alive. Then why should I lose confidence,' When he saw the movements in Rawin's fingers, Ajax's lost confidence returned back and his anxiousness calmed down as his thinking became fast.


Just as he was thinking about the ideas to save Rawin, Ajax heard a sound that made him look into the inner world as the source of the sound was from the inner world.

As soon as he peeked into the inner world, he was surprised and elated at the breaking of the large egg.

The reason for his elation was the being inside the large egg was none other than Spirus. His healer elemental spirit.

When she broke through the elite spirit solder realm, unlike other elemental spirits, she turned into an egg which caused Ajax's expectations on Spirus to reach another level.

'Oh Heavens, you are really helping me,' Ajax thanked Heavens as he observed the giant egg that was breaking slowly.


It didn't take much time for the being inside the egg to come out and Ajax was shocked to see the appearance of the being which was completely changed from what he had expected.

'Is she really, Spirus?' Ajax thought as he looked at the young lady in front of him.

The young lady in front of him looked no different than a human young lady that looked around 20 years with fair skin, long green hair and well-endowed body.

'Yes, summoning master. I am Spirus,' To Ajax's question, the young lady replied and elegantly walked towards him which made his heartbeat rise all of sudden.

However, he controlled it soon and quickly checked for her new skill.

Every elemental spirit that breaks through a major realm would gain a new skill, so Ajax immediately checked Spirus's skill list only.


Skills:- Absorb and drain (Level 3), Blessing (level 2), Diagnosis eyes (level 1)

Inherent skill:- Daughter of nature

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised at the inherent skill as he didn't expect that Spirus would have one.

Previously, Volcanis awakened a skill 'King of Fire' which was very useful for him in attacking the opponents of the higher realm and now, Spirus also awakened a skill similar to that which made him excited and hurriedly looked at it.

Although it seemed like he was wasting time in checking the skills instead of saving Rawin, in fact, he should check the skills since all his hopes on Spirus' new skills.

So, without wasting any time, he checked the two new skills.


Inherent skill:- Daughter of Nature.

Description:- As long as the elemental spirit is surrounded by the trees or plants or anything that is related to life, the spirit will have a continuous supply of the essence of nature and it can also manipulate the essence of nature in that region around 10-100 meters depending on the strength of the elemental spirit.


Skill:- Diagnosis eyes: (Level 1)

Description:- The elemental spirit's eyes can identify the nature of illness of the selected being.

"What? No useful skill?" When he saw the two system notifications informing about the skills, Ajax felt these skills were not enough to help him in saving Rawin.

'Calm down, calm down,' Ajax calmed himself and looked at Spirus' green eyes and thought, 'Let's try your healing skills on him'

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