New Age Of Summoners Chapter 335

323 Raweths Promise

"What is happening? Why did the healing water doesn't work on him?" Ajax fell into a daze as he looked at the system notification which appeared as he was thinking.


The target's life is extended to a couple of minutes.


The host need's to save him within the next couple of minutes.

"What thehell! Two cups of thunder pool's water extended his life by a couple of minutes?" Ajax was shocked by the fact that the thunder pool's water which helped the Hawk tribe members improve so much, could only increase Rawin's life by a couple of minutes.

"Think think think...there has to be some way to save him; otherwise, the system would not have issued the mission," Ajax became anxious and started thinking but he was unable to get any ideas.

After wasting a minute, Ajax used some more cupsof thunder pool's water which increased Rawin's life by another couple of minutes.

'So, no matter how many cups I use, they could only increase his lifespan by a couple of minutes,' Ajax got a new revelation about the water and Rawin's life increment and decided to use only a cup of water after every minute of thinking.

'Raweth, I found your little brother, come here,' Ajax contacted Raweth through the spirit contract and asked him to come towards him.

Ajax didn't know how long the water could help Rawin to increase his life, so he wanted Raweth to take a look at his little brother in case he failed in saving him.

'Sigh..' Ajax sighed while looking at Rawin whose face still didn't lose the child's innocence and felt quite sad.


A few minutes before Ajax trying to save Rawin,

In front of the one of the completely burnt house,

"Why? Why?"

Raweth, who looked like a normal human young man kneeled in front of the burnt house and looked at some burnt fire crow members and started crying while questioning the Heavens.

There were 4-5 evolved fire crow bodies which were completely burnt and beyond recognition. So, he assumed that his little brother was among them and started crying as he looked at the sky.

The burnt house was Raweth's mother's house and even though when his tribe leader, Krico asked him to move to the tribe leader's house, Raweth chose to stay in this little house and rejected Krico's offer without any hesitation.

'Son, promise me that you will take care of your brother or sister that will come out soon from my womb,' A fire crow tribe woman asked a 5-6 year old kid while taking his little hand and placing it on her stomach.

'I promise that I will take care of him. But mother where are you going?' the little boys with small wings behind him asked the woman with a confused expression.

'Haha... I am going to our sun god after giving you a little brother or little sister to play with,' the woman forced a laugh while holding back her tears and said to the little boy.

"Yay.but I want both of them, mother. Also, take me with you to meet the sun god, I want to meet her too" the little boy excitedly said to his mother.

When she heard the little boy's words, the woman was unable to control her tears and started crying while holding the little boy closer to her.

"Mother, don't cry. I will be nice and stay in the tribe and not ask you to take me to the sun god," the little boy panicked and hurriedly said to his mother while clearing the tears on her face.

After hearing his words, the woman once again withheld her tears and slowly said, 'If you take care of your little brother or little sister, the sun god will come for you..'

"Really, "The little boy became happy and kissed his mother and said, "I promise that I will take care of them (little brother or little sister) like a good big brother."

While saying those words, the little boy tried to act like an adult which made the woman laugh at him.

"Finally, I made mother laugh..yay," the little boy smiled seeing his mother laugh.

"Yes. Now the mother needs some rest. Why don't you go out and play with other kids," The woman smilingly said to the little boy to go out and play.

'Okay mother,' the little boy nodded his head and rushed out of the little house.


As soon as the little boy left the house, the woman on the bed vomited blood and cried remembering the actions of the little boy.

She cried for a while before going to sleep and she never opened her eyes again.

'Mother, I am sorry I could not keep my promise,' Raweth, who remembered the events of his childhood along with the promise he made to his mother and said while looking at the sky.

The little boy in his thoughts was none other than his mother who asked him to take care of his little brother.

Raweth still remembered that conversation with her mother as it was thelast conversation he had with her.

After he left the house to play, his mother died after giving birth to his little brother.

Raweth, who was only 5 years at that time, didn't know what was happening as everything became a fast forward for him.

On the same day of his little brother's birthday, he decided to take care of him for the rest of his life and with the help of a senior named Krico, Raweth focusedon only two things.

The first and most important one, saving his little brother's health, who was diagnosed with some kind of disease.

And the second one was to become strong and powerful so that the tribe could continue providing resources to him and his little brother.

From that day, Raweth became a completely new person and his playful nature became serious.

He didn't play with other children of the tribe.

He didn't bother with other tribe member's personal lives.

He didn't chase after any girls.

All he did was training and taking care of his little brother and he found enjoyment in that.

The only sad thing was his little brother could not stay awake for much time.

'Wait some time for me, little brother, I will also join you and we both meet our mother at the sun god,' Raweth muttered as he started slamming his head onto the ground.

Once he thought that his little brother died, Raweth didn't find meaning to his life and decided to kill himself.

'Sorry young master, I could not repay your kindness in this life.....,' Amidst his slamming, Raweth decided to apologize Ajax, the man who saved him and gave him a great inheritance.

'Raweth, I found your little brother, come here,'

However, to his surprise, before he could even complete his apology to Ajax, he heard Ajax's voice in his head through the spirit contract.

"What? Young master, did you really find my little brother?" Raweth immediately stood up from the ground and asked Ajax.

'Yes, come quickly,' Ajax replied from the other side.

Raweth didn't even bother about his wounds and the blood-covered face as he immediately rushed towards Ajax.

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