New Age Of Summoners Chapter 334

322 Rawin



"Where are my remaining team members," A masked fire crowtribesman gritted his teeth while slashing a spirit beast that came towards him.

Behind him, his huge wings were carrying an unconscious young boy, who had a sickly face.

"All the crows, assemble,"



"All the crows, assemble,"

The masked shouted into a talisman as he continued killing the incoming spirit beasts.

Although his face was covered by the mask, one could say just by a look that his attacks lost their shine and looked weak that he was not even able to kill a peak rank 5 spirit beast with his level 2 elite general realm.

This masked birdman was the leader or captain of the fire crow tribe's fifteen crows unit and the young man, who was protected in his huge wings was none other than Rawin, Raweth's little brother.

When the spirit beasts started attacking the fire crow tribe he was with Rawin and taking care of him. So, he was unable to leave Rawin alone in the house as he would die as soon as any spirit beast entered into the tribe.

The masked birdman didn't want that to happen and carried behind and shielded him with his huge wings and continued fighting the spirit beasts that were already entered into the fire tribe.

The first thing he did after coming out of the house was to assemble his units by transmitting his orders through a voice transmission talisman.

However, no one responded to him and still, he didn't stop transmitting his voice while killing the spirit beasts.

He continued the fight for almost 3-4 hours while protecting Rawin behind him and tired and barely able to attack.

Amidst his killings, he noticed that there was no elder or tribe leader and only saw the elite tribesman whom he trained from their childhood.

Even though their strength was weak they didn't rhino much as they fought for the tribe which made the masked birdman happy that at least the new generation of the fire crow tribe was more loyal than the previous generation.


As he was thinking about all the things that had recently, he saw a peak rank 4 spirit beast that opened its mouth as though it wanted to eat him in one bite

"Sigh...Where are you all," the masked birdman felt tired and didn't have the strength to dodge the incoming attack and gave up while sighing thinking about his family and friends.

'Let me rest now,' He didn't want to die yet but his mind kept on saying to sleep him. Finally, after continuous temptation from his mind, he gave in as his eyes started closing with tiredness.

'Hey, are you that tired. If so, give the person behind you and die,'

Just before he closed his eyes completely, he heard a loud young voice and abruptly opened his eyes and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

"Who are you? And why are you asking him?" Due to the shock, the masked birdman's tiredness disappeared and he asked seriously as he closed his huge wings tightly to hide Rawin from the owner of the voice.

The voice belonged to a young human that had a handsome face with pitch-black hair and he was standing on the spirit beast that was trying to eat him alive just a few seconds back.

Even though the masked birdman knew that the human in front of him was his saviour he maintained seriousness since he asked about Rawin.

"I am just an orphan," AThe human looked at the masked birdman and nodded his head but no one knows why he was nodding his head.

"Huh?" the masked birdman didn't understand and asked, "I am asking, why are you interested in him?"

The masked birdman didn't care about the human much but what he cared about the reason behind him asking about Rawin.

According to the masked birdman, Rawin's big brother was the hope of the fire crow tribe, so he must protect him at any cost. So, he looked at the human in front of him with a worried expression.

"Haha I like your character and your loyalty to your tribe but," the human stopped talking abruptly and knocked out the masked birdman with a simple attack before carrying towards a place devoid of spirit beasts.

The human was none other than Ajax who rushed towards helping the masked birdman after seeing him from the distance whereas his shadow clone rushed towards another direction to give a helping hand to others fire crow tribe members.

To his surprise, Ajax saw a familiar face behind the masked birdman but it looked somewhat immature and sick.

As soon as he saw the person who was being protected by the masked birdman's huge wings, without a doubt Ajax was 100 percent sure that he was the little brother of Raweth that looked just like Raweth except this face had a sickly look on it.

Also, while talking with the masked birdman, Ajax got a system alert that Rawin was in a critical situation and needed some healing, so he didn't waste any time with the masked birdman and knocked him out before bringing him into a secluded place.

"Slait, Bane, come out," Without wasting a single second, Ajax summoned his earth and poison elemental spirits.

'Waiting for your orders, summoning master,'

As soon as he summoned them, two little kids around the 12-13 years old appeared in front of him and bowed to him.

One little kid looked chubby and cute with pale brown colour skin and the other one looked thin and weak with a lazy look on his face. They were none other than Slait and Bane in their human forms respectively.

"Bane, go and clear the spirit beasts around this area. Slait, use the earth shield guard me," Ajax didn't wait for their reply after giving out his orders and before slowly taking Rawin out from the masked birdman's huge wings.

"Yes, summoning master," Both the elemental spirits replied to Ajax before following his orders.


The next second they replied, Slait used his skill and summoned a level 3 Earth shield that could protect them from the attacks of rank 5 or below spirit beasts.

As for Bane, he summoned his viper and position scythe and started clearing the spirit beasts around the Earth shield.

With the two elemental commander realm elemental spirit beasts taking care of the surrounding spirit beasts, Ajax was focusing on Rawin who was on his last breath.

'I hope mini thunder pool's water can help him heal from his sickness,' Ajax thought as he looked at the new system notification in front of him.


The host needs to hurry. The target can only hold on for another few moments.

When he saw the notification, Ajax hurriedly took out water in a small cup and poured it into Rawin's mouth.

He didn't stop there but sprinkled some water on his thin and pale body.


After he used a couple of cups on Rawin and seeing that the sickly look on his face was vanishing slowly, Ajax heaved a sigh and sat on the ground and smiled.


Just as he sat on the ground, the disappearing sickly look on Rawin's face appeared once again, which gave Ajax quite a shock.


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