New Age Of Summoners Chapter 333

321 Sealed Spirit Beasts

'Haha' Raweth revealed a light smile as he walked some distance away.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at Raweth's mysterious laugh and waited for what he was going to do now.


"What the .," As he was observing Raweth keenly, Ajax saw him become a giant fire crow and spread his wings which looked domineering.

He was surprised at the huge wingspan that covered almost half a kilometer and Ajax looked just like a little bird in front of him.

'Young master, come and sit behind me. I will take you to the fire crow tribe within minutes,' Ajax, who was still in a daze after looking at the giant bird form of Raweth, was woken up by Raweth's voice.

"Right," Ajax nodded his head and immediately jumped on the huge fire crow which was around 100 meters in height.

'Raweth, let's go,' Even after he sat, Ajax noticed that Raweth was not moving, so he asked Raweth to start flying.

'Just wait for a second young master, I am locating the exact location of the fire crow tribe,' Raweth's voice explained in Ajax's head through the spirit contract.

Ajax didn't say anything and nodded his head while observing Raweth feathers, which were completely red except for his tail feathers which were pitch black.

'Young master, hold tight,' Amidst his observations, he heard Raweht's flight signal but before he could barely hold his position on Raweth's back, he suddenly experienced air resistance that forced him backwards but he was quicked clutched Raweth's feathers tightly.

In the air, he was barely able to blink his eyes as the wind force was very high and he simply closed his eyes and felt the nature around him.

But before he could feel anything, he was once again disturbed by Raweth's voice, 'Young master, we are here.'

"What? We have already reached the fire crow tribe," Ajax was shocked by Raweth's voice and immediately opened his eyes to look at the tribe that was almost similar to the Hawk tribe with some human-made houses and some big nests on the tall trees.

Ajax knew that the distance between each tribe was almost some thousands of kilometers but Raweth was able to cover that distance in a few minutes. Just thinking Raweth's flight speed made Ajax shudder as he was even faster than the Elder Qwerek.

'I think I should ask him about it another time,' Ajax didn't ask Raweth about it since the tribe in front of him was invaded by the spirit beast horde.

Most of the houses in the tribe were destroyed and some of the fire crow tribesmen were fighting the spirit beasts and among them, no one looked strong.

"Young master, I am going in to find my little brother. Can you help me defend my fire crow tribe from the spirit beasts?" Raweth also saw that there were only a couple of strong tribe members among those who were fighting fearlessly.

All the remaining members had only elite commander or commander realm strength which made him puzzled.

"Okay, find him and inform me immediately, I will save him," Ajax nodded his head and allowed Raweth to leave.

'Now, let's my new friends show their strength,' After Raweth left, Ajaxlooked at the barely defending fire crow tribesmen and summoned his newly contracted rank 6 spirit beasts.




Immediately after that three spirit beasts appeared in front of him.

'What? Why you three became small all of a sudden,' However, Ajax was shocked by the appearance of the three rank 6 spirit beasts that appeared in front of him.

Initially, they were tall and looked ferocious but now they became half of their original sizes and had the same height of Ajax which made him shocked.

It was not just the size but the strength of the three rank 6 spirit beasts were decreased to the peak rank 4 that made Ajax worry even more and immediately checked the system notifications that came when he stored them in his inner world.


Since the host has only a commander realm, the newly contracted spirit beasts' strengths are sealed by the system.


The host can only break the system seals by making the spirit beasts evolve into humanoid forms or by increasing his own strength.

Earlier, he was in a hurry, so he didn't bother checking these system notifications; however, these are the worst system notifications he had ever seen.

'How many dreams and hope I had kept on these three rank 6 spirit beasts,' Ajax sighed at his bad luck.

When he tamed all the three rank 6 spirit beasts, he thought that his dreams of taking revenge on the assassin sect were almost within reach but the system poured cold water on them and woke him up from those dreams and made him face the cruel reality.

'Whatever. You guys, go and help those ...nevermind. Come back,' Ajax thought of sending them to help the firie crow people but he quickly rejected that idea as he knew that the fire crow tribesmen could mistakenly kill these three sealed spirit beasts.

If they had the same rank 6 strength, Ajax would not bother much about it, but now their strengths were only rank 4. So, he didn't want them to be killed by the fire crow tribesmen while helping them.

'Who should I summon?' Ajax looked into his inner world to choose one or two helpers to help the fire crow tribe and his eyes landed on the Volcanis who was cultivating in the fire and water dual elemental paradise.

"Volcanis, come out," Ajax immediately summoned Voclanis without hesitation as he was the second strongest elemental spirit in Ajax's team and a suitable candidate with the highest attack power.

'Go and help the fire crow tribesmen,' Ajax didn't explain anything to Volcanis and just gave one order and Volcanis disappeared from his place and appeared in front of an elite fire crow tribesmen and started attacking the spirit beasts.

"Not bad, not bad. Just after entering the fire and water dual elemental paradise, his strength reached the elite elemental spirit commander realm and even level 3 at that," Ajax felt satisfied with Volcanis cultivation speed and observed the surroundings to check whether anyone needed any help.

It didn't take much time for him to find various places that required help.

'Damn it, where are the fire crow tribe elders? Or they don't have some squad or unit like 12 Hawk guardians?' When he saw the many fire crow elite members were dying, Ajax thought and compared them with the Hawk tribe.

Although all the 12 hawk guardians don't have strength as high as the tribe leader or the first elder Cretual, they have the same strength as the second elder Erek and the captain head the around the same strength as the first elder that is level 2 of the elite general realm.

When he compared the tribes, he felt fire crow tribe management was way worse than he thought.

'As expected of the great tribe leader Krico,' Ajax mocked the dead tribe leader, Krico as he summoned his shadow clone and split into two directions to help the fire crow tribe members.


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