New Age Of Summoners Chapter 332

320 Killing The Older Birdman


When Ajax went towards the hole to see the older birdman, thestrong muscular body transformed into an old weak body.

"It looks even weaker than before, right?" Ajax asked Qwerek, who was beside him while watching the older birdman's body in the ground.

"Yes, what should we do to him, Ajax?"

Although Qwerek wanted to kill the older birdman right away, he asked Ajax before acting.

Since Ajax was the one who managed to save the Hawk tribe from the older birdman and even knocked him unconscious, he felt that only Ajax had the right to decide the fate of the older birdman.

"Huh?" Ajax was not surprised at Qwerek's question and looked at the body on the ground once again but with the focus this time.


Strength:- Level 1 of General realm.

'Only level 1 of the general realm?' Ajax was shocked at the system's assigned strength of the body.

He only asked about the strength of the older birdman's body, so the system only displayed the present strength of the unconscious body in the hole.

"Since he only had general realm strength, let's wait until he wakes up before torturing," Ajax wants to torture the older birdman for a bit before killing him.

Although Ajax doesn't like to torture others, his feud with the older birdman was not a small thing. So, he decided to torture him a bit.

Because of the older birdman, Ajax feared to enter the five elemental world that was very rich in five elements. If not for the level 3 strength potion, he would not have entered the five elemental world once again this soon; instead, he would have waited until he became strong enough before coming back to kill the older birdman.

"Maybe that last skill's after-effects are very bad that made him lose his cultivation; however, we have to be careful since we don't know what trump cards he has under his sleeves," Qwerek nodded head and warned Ajax to be careful before he took all the elders and the hawk guardians towards his house.

"Ajax, come back soon. I have something to talk with you," Before entering the huge entrance of the tribe leader's house, Qwerek turned back and told Ajax.

"Okay elder Qwerek," Ajax replied to Qwerek and looked at the body as he thought of how to torture him.


The level 3 strength potion's effect is losing on Necros.


He will be in a weakened state for the following month.

Amidst his thoughts, Ajax got two system notifications that notified him about the strength potion's effect.

"Thank you, Necros. You did well today. Go and rest in the dark elemental paradise for the next month," Ajax already knew the after-effects of the strength potion and thanked Necros for his hard work and ordered him to rest in the inner world.

"Yes, summoning master," Necros said in a barely visible tone before entering the inner world.

'This older birdman is really a fool, haha,' After summoning back Necros, Ajax thought in his head as he looked at the body and continued, 'If he had didn't lose faith in himself and fight with Necros, he would have won; however, a small fear in him changed the tides of the entire fight.'

It's just like Ajax thought, the older birdman was shocked by Necros' temporary invincibility after cancelling the 'undead fusion' skill.

However, the older birdman didn't know it was only temporary physical invincibility and didn't want to take a risk and decided to escape.

That was the biggest mistake he made in the fight that led him to his fall.

'Maybe my luck is good,' Ajax continued thinking in his head as he sat on the ground as he observed the older birdman.

'Young master, can we please go to the fire crow tribe now. I don't know how my brother is fairing with all the spirit beasts that are attacking the tribe now?' As he thought about the ways to torture the older birdman, he heard Raweth's voice in his head that made facepalm himself.

'How did I forget this?' Ajax immediately stood up and jumped into the hole.

"Dark claw,"


He didn't think much before he cleaved at the older birdman with his right hand that became like a demon hand that looked extremely powerful.

"Huh?" However, to his surprise, the dark claw didn't do much damage to the older birdman's body; instead, it only made a small cut.

'Looks like his body is still stronger than I thought,' Ajax shook his head and continued his cleaving with the dark claw




After cleaving around 10 times, Ajax finally stopped because he knew that the older birdman had died as he got the system notification.


Killed a sealed demi king realm birdman.

Gained 10000 units of the essence of nature.


Gained a Demi king realm essence gem.


Congratulations to the host for killing a being that almost touched the King realm.


Gained an additional reward:- special reward box.

"What? These many rewards?" Ajax was excited as he briefly glanced at the series of system notifications and shouted out loud.

"I will check these after leaving the hawk tribe," Ajax immediately bent and picked the older birdman's body before throwing him into the inner world and came out of the hole.

'Roar roar roar,'

As soon as he came out of the hole he heard the roars of this recently tamed rank 6 spirit beasts.

"I didn't forget you. Wait I will send you into my inner world," Ajax immediately sent them into the inner world and rushed towards the Qwerek's house to say a few words to him before leaving for the fire crow tribe.

As he was running towards the tribe leader's house, he received a system notification which he didn't pay any attention to as it wasnot a system generation mission.

"Elder Qwerek, I have a small work and I will come back as soon as possible," Ajax opened the huge door and hurriedly said before rushing out.

He didn't even wait for Qwerek's reply as he was in a very hurry because if he went late then it would cost the life of Raweth's little and along with Raweth's death.

"Tribe leader, how can he leave like that. We didn't even extend our thanks to him for helping our tribe," The second elder, Erek asked Qwerek looking at the hurried Ajax.

"Let him go. He seems really serious about something. Since he said he will come back, then he will come back. Until then let's recover our tribe," Qwerek shook his head and said to Erek that they didn't have the right to stop Ajax.

'But, I hope he comes soon,' Qwerek wanted to discuss many things with Ajax but seeing him in a hurry, Qwerek didn't stop as it was not good to make things difficult for their benefactor and decided to wait.


As for Ajax, he quickly rushed out of the Hawk tribe and summoned Raweth out of the inner world.

After summoning him, he wanted to summon Twilight but he was stopped by Raweth as he said, "I have another method to reach the fire crow tribe in the shortest time possible."

"Huh?" When he heard this, Ajax was puzzled and looked at Raweth as he asked, "What is it?"


6000 Power stones:- 2 Extra chapters

8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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