New Age Of Summoners Chapter 331

319 Escaping?


The explosion was from the older birdman who used one of his techniques to blast the punching Necros away.

'What the hell!' when he saw Necros who slammed into the tree, Ajax immediately stopped saying anything about the fight to Qwerek.

Originally, he thought it was all under control but it looks like he was still lacking and continued watching the fight between Necros and the older birdman.

Qwerek, who thought his lost hopes were coming back were once again plummeted when he saw Necros being blasted away by the older birdman.

His brain stopped thinking due to that and was unable to plan anything.

"You think just because you received a boost in your strength from some drink, you can kill me...hehe. Let me show my true skill," The older birdman slowly moved towards Necros as he said; however, inside his heart, he thought, 'Damn it. I don't want to use this skill once again but I can't win against this damn elemental spirit if I don't use it.'

He stopped moving all of a sudden and closed his eyes for a second before opening his eyes again.

As soon as he did that, all the wounds on his faces started recovering at a visible rate and not only that, but his old face also became young and young.

All the wrinkles disappeared and his old face turned into a middle-aged man's face. Only then the change in his face stopped.

Also, the most important thing was the change in his body. Previously it was thin and weak that looked like even if a small strong wind came, he would be blown away by it.

Now, it changed into a strong muscular body with 2 meters height and looked like an ideal birdman.

'Whatever, I just need to rest a bit and then I can escape this damned world,' The older birdman stopped regretting about using his most powerful skill and decided to vent his anger from it on the Necros and others.

"Now, die," The older birdman knew that he could not stay in his current form for much longer, so he wanted to wipe the Hawk tribe as soon as possible before going into hiding from the summoners' group.

'Undead Fusion,' Even at the moment, Necros maintained the eerie smile to irritate the older birdman as he used his powerful skill.

The older birdman was completely filled with anger with the eerie smile and didn't hear Necros' words clearly and rushed towards him with a large hammer.

Just when the hammer was about to land on Necros, the hammer was stopped by a giant hand.



Before he could see who was the one that was interfering with him now, he was squashed to the ground by a large foot.

"You can't do anything to me, much less killing, you old bridie," Necros stood up from the ground and looked at the giant leg that crushed the older birdman to the ground and said with a mock.

"Really?" The older birdman's voice was heard by Necros, later he appeared behind Necros and waved his huge hammer at him.

Necros didn't have the time to dodge the hammer attack from the older birdman and immediately whispered, 'Cancel'



As soon as he whispered, the huge hammer landed on Necros' back and Necros was still standing without moving from his place.

Instead, it was the huge hammer that was cracked after it hit Necros.

'What the heck!'

The older birdman never expected even in dreams that the weapon that was accompanying for more than 1000 years was broken just like that and felt shocked.

'Damn it...he is not a normal elemental spirit and I can't maintain this form much longer,' The older birdman felt that his plans were destroyed by Ajax once again.

'I will leave now and take the revenge, old and new in the future,'

However, this time he didn't have time to vent his anger on Ajax and just wanted to leave from here and take revenge for spoiling his two plans in the future.

After thinking that he didn't waste it and decided to escape from the Hawk tribe.

The reason for his escape was because he thought that Necros was way too overpowered than him when he saw his heaven grade weapon was destroyed just after attacking Necros and didn't dare to fight him again.

Apart from revenge, he valued his life. In fact, he valued his life more than his revenge.

That was the actual reason he was able to escape from the three great ancestors and agreed to be sealed by them and act as the guardian for the three tribes.


The older birdman opened his large wings and readied to fly away.

"Ajax, he is escaping. Don't let him escape," Just as the older birdman was about to fly away, Qwerek loudly shouted and said to Ajax.

Just when he thought of escape budded in the older birdman, all the lost hopes once again came to Qwerek after seeing the huge hammer was destroyed by Necros without him doing anything.

So, he looked at the older birdman carefully and when he saw that the older birdman opened his wings, Qwerek was able to guess his thoughts and advised Ajax.

"It's too late," As soon as he said those words, the older birdman flew into the air with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry Elder Qwerek. I know that and just wanted to see the last smile on his face before I kill him" Ajax shook his head at the older birdman's overconfidence in escaping him as he already knew about his plans when he saw the huge wings behind him.

'Necros, now,' Ajax looked at Necros and nodded his head.

As soon as Ajax nodded his head, Necros looked at the older birdman in the sky and smiled and said, 'Blind'.


Within a few seconds after he said that, a muscular birdman fell onto the ground with incredible speed and even made a hole in the ground.

"What the ..."

"What happened to him?"

"Why did he fall on the ground all of sudden?"

"Is that even possible?"

Not only Qwerek but all the five elders and the Hawk guardians were shocked by the sudden fall of the older birdman and asked questions to each other.

"Ajax, how did you.,"

"Oh, it's nothing. Necros used one of his skills that became too powerful after his increase in strength," Ajax briefly explained about Necros' 'Blind' skill to Qwerek and others.

After drinking the strength potion, only his strength but all of his skills received another boost that made them effective against the older birdman, who was not in his right state of mind and easily affected by the skill.

After witnessing Necros' after effect of the undead fusion skill, that was invincible from all the physical attacks for five minutes, the older birdman thoughts were in a disarray and along with losing a heaven grade weapon made his thinking even more unstable.

With all those factors affecting his mind, the 'Blind' skill affected him even more that he didn't have any time to dodge that skill and immediately felt that his senses were blacked out and became unconscious before falling to the ground.

"Now, it's time to settle all the debts of past and future," Ajax walked towards the older birdman with a smile on his face.


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