New Age Of Summoners Chapter 33

29 First Mission

" Which element spirit stones are more compatible with you?? ",

" All three", Ajax's reply shocked all the squad members.

According to them one person can only absorb one type of element which is more compatible with them. If anyone can absorb two types of elements, then they can be called as genius and when more than two elements are compatible then they are called 'Heaven's son'.

Now, one of that legendary 'Heaven's son' is standing infront of them.

"What did you say??? Edmond asked again.

"Captain Edmond, the three types of spirit stones you gave me are equally compatible as I didn't find any difficulty in absorbing them", Ajax explain clearly this time.

" Ajax, it's better to not let anyone know about it, lest it brings harm to you, ok? ", Edmond said with a gentle expression.

" Ok, I will be careful, Captain ", Ajax nodded his head in agreement.

" Everyone, don't talk about it anywhere", Edmond ordered everyone.

Although he know about everyone, he reminded them anyway.

" We will take two days of rest before taking another mission", Edmond said that and went to his room to rest.

For the next two days everyone simply relaxed and meditated.

Ajax also tried meditating but It took him nearly 10 hours to gain 5 units of essence of nature, so he just practiced his body postures given to him by elder boron.

Soon two days went in a flash.

"Ajax, do you want to come to mercenary guild with me to pick our mission? ",

" Yes", he has been waiting for this moment, so he soon agreed.

At the Mercenary guild

Edmond and Ajax stood before the mission board. Ajax saw no similar missions, he saw previously.

"Collect a essence dew drop from the depths of cursed wilderness.

Reward:- an egg of a six winged black serpent which has a dragon blood in it.

"Danger Rating :- S

" Collect any spiritual fruit containing extreme cold

Reward :- A heaven grade Saber, along with 10,000 spirit stones.

Danger rating:- A+

" Help Draton kingdom, by clearing bandit lairs in the kingdom., Should submit head of that cleared bandit lair leader.

Reward :- can enter the essence pool of the Royal Family and can cultivate for seven days.

Danger Rating :- A+

Ajax saw various missions with various rewards which he didn't know about, but Edmond only picked a 'B' danger rating mission

" Clear the Green furred wolves den Which is somewhere around Dusk town within 5 kilometers radius.

Reward :- 5000 Life element spirit stones

Note :- Additionally materials from the wolves can be kept for themselves.

Rating :- B

Soon, he gave the mission paper to the same beautiful receptionist to register it under his mercenary squad.

Beautiful receptionist went away to register.

Edmond said to Ajax while they are returning to their residence, "I picked this mission, keep you in mind. Although it only has a 'B' danger rating, if you are careless you will die easily, did you Understand".

" Yes, captain ", Ajax nodded his head seriously.

" By the way, I forgot to ask did you finish all the spirit stones I gave you previously??? ", Edmond asked Ajax about spirit stones.

" Yes", Ajax replied quickly.

Shocked, but Edmond didn't ask anything and gave him 100 fire element spirit stones.

'How did this kid completed 100+ stones within 12 days', Edmond silently thought to himself.

"No, no., How can I take so many spirit stones without doing anything", Ajax kept saying no to Edmond.

But Edmond forced the space ring in to Ajax's hands.

Finally Ajax took it with a bitter smile.

'I will sure to repay you, captain Edmond', Ajax thought to himself.

Soon everyone excited for their new mission.

Next day they travelled to Dusk town which is 1 day journey from goldcrest.

What was once a busy roadway that led to Dusk town was slowly turned into silent town as grass, flowers and small shrubs reclaimed what they can as fast as they can. The occasional wolf howls can be heard from surroundings of the town.

Doors were broken, rotten and in most cases barely a door at all.This was the work of wolves which attack the people even entering into their houses. Many walls and balconies had collapsed. Without proper maintenance and cleaning it was easy for rot and water to do their damage.

Many people already left the town, only old people who didn't want to leave their birth place stayed back. Seeing that,the Kingdom feared if it continued like this,this may happen to other towns, so they issued the mission to clear the wolves lair.

"Udo, Lewis and Jeff, pitch the tent, as for others stay on gaurd", Edmond soon issued his orders and everyone assumed their roles as said.

After pitching the tent

" I will stay on gaurd for 3 hours, after that Udo and Jeff will stay on gaurd for 2 hours, Lewis and paulin last one hour for you", Edmond soon gave another set of instructions to everyone.

But to their surprise no wolf attacked them.

"Ajax and I will search for green furred wolves den in East and you 4 search in the north, if you find the den, don't attack it, Send signal to us? ", Edmond soon divided them into 2 teams and went to east and North directions in the search of Wolf's den.

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