New Age Of Summoners Chapter 329

317 1 5 12 Sealing Formation


Congratulations to the host, the spirit contract with the twin-tailed Lynx is formed successfully.


Mission progress:- 3/3

Congratulations to the host for successfully forming a spirit contract with the three rank 6 spirit beasts and completing the 'A+' danger rating mission.

'Phew finally mission is completed,' After seeing the two system notification Ajax felt relieved and waited for more system notifications.


Reward:- System guidance to reach rank 4 alchemy master is stored in the Host's inventory. Please activate it when the host is in a desolate place.


Additional reward:- An elemental spirit lucky draw is added to the lottery tab.

'Woah,' Ajax totally forgot what kind of situation he was presently in after seeing the two good rewards.

The system notifications didn't stop there but still continued.


Accomplishment Rating:- A+

Note:- Due to the host's wits and taking sufficient risks, the original accomplishment rating is increased from 'A' to 'A+'.


An energy orb that can help the host to break through five minor realms is stored in the host's spirit consciousness.

"Okay, finally my risks paid off but I have no time to use the rewards now," Ajax was over cloud nine when he saw the last system notifications but he knew that he could use them at his present situation and looked at the older birdman who was conversing with Qwerek about the seal.

Just as he looked at the older birdman, Ajax noticed that the older birdman also looked at him at the exact same time that made his hair rise but he suppressed the sudden fear and revealed a smile at the older birdman.

"You...you are a very good human brat that I have ever seen in my life," The older birdman revealed a smile through his gritted teeth.

When he saw Ajax's smile, the older birdman's body unconsciously trembled with anger as Ajax was the main reason his one of the two feasible plans was destroyed causing him to waste so much of his energy.

So, the older birdman wanted to kill Ajax with his own hands to cool his anger from the previous time.

Last time, Ajax made the older birdman a fool and cost him so much energy in searching for him and later when he found out the location of Ajax, he fell into Ajax's plan as he had to use his precious energy to fight against the octopus-like spirit beast.

Thinking about all the past events, the older birdman was unable to suppress his anger towards Ajax.

"I know I am a genius among the humans, Haha," Ajax noticed the older birdman's tremble with anger when he was speaking to him and wanted to irritate him even more.

Ajax knew that there was no way he could escape from the older birdman, so he decided to go all out against him and with the help of Qwerek and others, he thought he could win against him.

If he could not win against him, he could use the level 3 strength potion or let Necros consume it and he could definitely turn the tides of a fight.

Also, Ajax remembered how he was tortured by the older birdman in the mysterious cave and wanted to return everything back to him.

So, he wanted to irritate the older birdman as much as possible before killing.

"Brat, you are really something. Not only did you try to spoil my plans for the second time but you even tried to irritate me...Hehe," The older birdman said with a smile on his old wrinkled face but there was suppressed anger in his tone as he continues, "Previously, I wanted to seal alive and find out more about you; however, I changed my mind now. I will kill you and slowly take my time to find your secrets from your dead body."

As soon as he finished his words, the older birdman released a black fire arrow towards Ajax.

'Huh?' When he saw the black fire arrow, Ajax unconsciously tried to dodge it; however, he was unable to move his body and was surprised a little.

"You look surprised. It is not a normal arrow, it is my basic signature skill which restricts the target's movements...hehe," seeing the surprised look on Ajax's face, the older birdman explained about the black fire arrow.

"Hahaha...Since I can't dodge it, I will defend it," Ajax didn't even flinch at the black fire arrow as he took out his inheritance sword out of the spirit consciousness and casually slashed it with his level 2 sword dao.

With the level 2 sword dao, his attack speed increased by 30 percent and the sword wave generated from the sword slash looked faster as it easily cut the black flame arrow into two.

"Huh? A level 2 sword dao?" The older birdman was used to Ajax's little tricks from the last time, so he was not surprised by Ajax's level 2 sword dao.

"Now, playing time is over, let me kill you directly with my own hands," the older birdman rushed towards Ajax in an attempt to kill him directly.



However, the older birdman's claw attack was stopped by Qwerek in the nick of time.

"Just wait for your turn, I will kill you all today," The older birdman was enraged and didn't stop his claw attack; instead, he changed the target and used on Qwerek, who easily blocked the attack with his huge wings.

"Huh? You were this strong?" The older birdman didn't expect Qwerek to have the strength of the level 10 elite general realmwhich was almost the same strength as him.

But because of living for many years, the older birdman had vast battle experience and various techniques so it was clearly visible to everyone that the older birdman was in the upper hand against Qwerek.

"All the elite members of the Hawk tribe go inside the tribe leader's house and as for the five elders and 12 Hawk guardians form the 1-5-12 sealing formation," Qwerek quickly ordered everyone from his tribe to hide in his house and ordered the elders and Hawk guardians to form some formation called 1-5-12 sealing formation.

Earlier, when the older birdman released his aura all the incoming spirit beasts were feared to enter the hawk tribe and returned back from where they had come from.

So, Qwerek had nothing to worry about those spirit beasts and ordered all the younger generation to leave the battlefield.

"Yes, tribe leader," As soon as they heard the orders of the tribe leader, everyone nodded their heads respectively and gathered behind Qwerek and started to form a circle around Qwerek.

In the centre, Qwerek and the older birdman, who was surrounded by the five hawk elders and they were surrounded by 12 Hawk guardians.

As soon as they formed two circles around them, they took out some formation plates from their space rings and started chanting something.

Within a few seconds, a huge barrier formed around Qwerek and the older birdman.

From the sky, it looked like some kind of powerful formation as it blocked the exit for the older birdman.

"Now, you don't have a way to escape from this formation and I am invincible in it," Qwerek looked at the older birdman and seriously said.

"Hahaha," When he heard Qwerek's words, the older birdman laughed, surprising everyone around him.


6000 Power stones:- 2 Extra chapters

8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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