New Age Of Summoners Chapter 326

314 Qwereks Uneasiness


When he looked in the direction of the loud blasting sound, he was elated and shouted with excitement.

The reason for his excitement was that the battle between Qwerek and the giant faceless doll had come to an end with Qwerek ended up as a winner.

'Even though he won the battle, he looks tired,' Ajax excitement decreased a little when he observed Qwerek's face and thought in his head.

"Hey Ajax, you managed to tame two rank 6 spirit beasts in such a short time. I don't know which word I should use to compare you with?" As he was in his thoughts, Ajax saw Qwerek come flying towards him while asking him.

Ajax also didn't know what to reply, so he remained silent and looked at the fallen faceless giant doll on the ground.

It was slowly becoming liquid as it entered into the ground and disappeared which made Ajax raise his brows a little, but before he could ask about it, Qwerek suggested Ajax, "Since the twin-tailed Lynx was on its last leg, let's kill the remaining spirit beasts."

After saying his words he immediately left the Hawk tribe and landed in the middle of the spirit beasts and started killing them.

'I hope Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor notices my emergency signal and helps us as soon as possible,' While fighting the spirit beasts, Qwerek muttered with a worried expression.

Even though he destroyed the giant faceless doll, he still felt something was amiss and wanted to clear as many spirit beasts as possible before his uneasiness becomes true.

So, he used his average skills, which were more than enough to kill the spirit beasts in his surroundings and save the powerful skills for that uneasiness in his heart.

Although he tamed the two rank 6 spirit beasts, the low-level spirit still continued rushing towards the Hawk which made Ajax surprised as he didn't understand what was driving them towards the Hawk tribe.

Initially, he thought that all the low-level spirit beasts were led by the three rank 6 spirit beasts but that was not the case here.

Except for the few minions of the same race, Money and Kitty could not control any other low-level spirit beasts.

'Wait a second. What did Elder Qwerek say before leaving the Hawk tribe,' Ajax immediately recalled Qwerek's words andlooked at the Twin Tailed Lynx.

'What the .,' Ajax was unable to finish his words by looking at the fight between the elders and the twin-tailed lynx.

The twin-tailed lynx looked just like the spirit cheetah he had previously seen in the cursed wilderness except that it was much bigger and looked even more ferocious than them.

But it was now grievously injured and the first elder was about to use his signature skill to finish its life.

The sky above the twin-tailed Lynx turned cloudy and filled with flashed flashes of lightning and thunder rumbles. Just looking at them made Ajax feel that, as soon as the attack landed on the twin-tailed lynx, it would turn into ashes without a doubt.

"Elder Cretual," Ajax loudly shouted at Cretual, stopping the first elder from finishing his signature skill.

"What is it, Ajax?" Cretual was surprised that Ajax managed to tame another rank 6 spirit beast and his respect for Ajax increased by another level and asked politely.

The reason he behaved politely was not that he was able to tame the rank 6 spirit beasts; instead, he was a member of the powerful summoners' group.

However, Ajax didn't know that he was being misunderstood by all the Hawk tribesmen for a summoners' group member and thought that all the Hawk tribesmen were behaving way more respectfully than earlier when they looked at him.

Not only the first elder but Kraiww and Krail also don't at Ajax for the reason he stopped the first elder from finishing off the final rank 6 spirit beast.

"Don't tell me that you want to tame this final rank 6 spirit beast?" As the three elders were waiting for Ajax to give an answer, the slacking Elder Erek walked towards Ajax as he asked him.


"You want to tame another rank 6 spirit beast?"

"Just how big is your spirit consciousness? Can you even supply the sufficient essence of nature for them with your present cultivation?"

All three elders asked different questions to Ajax.

For the questions, he replied them with a sheepish smile which in turn made the surrounding elders speechless.

Although Ajax was able to form a contract with many spirit beasts and elemental spirits, it was an uncommon thing in general.

Because every time a cultivator forms a contract with spirit beasts or elemental spirits, he had to supply a certain amount of essence of nature to them based on their strength and other parameters.

So, when they saw that Ajax already had an elemental spirit which had a higher cultivation than him and two rank 6 spirit beasts which he had just tamed in front of their own eyes they asked Ajax about his spirit consciousness.

Also, they could guess that Ajax might have other elemental spirits and spirit beasts in his spirit consciousness and wondered where he was getting that much essence of nature from.

All their assumptions about Ajax were almost right but the number of spirit beasts and the elemental spirits he had in his inner world was an unimaginable guess for them.

However, what they didn't know about Ajax was that he didn't need to use spirit consciousness to store the contracted spirit beasts and the elemental spirits; instead, he had the system feature, an inner world in him that could store many beings in it.

And the most important thing was the in that inner world, he had various elemental paradise that could provide him sufficient essence of nature to nurture them.

"Whatever, just don't go overboard while taming it. It might affect your future cultivation," The first elder, Cretual calmly suggested Ajax do what he thinks was right and also added to don't exhaust himself in the process.

"Thanks, elder," Ajax thanked the first elder, Cretual and jumped onto the ground from the Black yetis' body.

'Stay here Kitty,' Ajax patted the tiger head of the infernal spirit that was completely covered in the orange flames; however, those flames didn't do anything to his hand as his body was already tempered by them.


The infernal spirit replied to him with a low growl.

Ajax slowly walked towards the grievously injured twin-tailed lynx and thought, 'I think this mission is easier than I thought.'

When he looked at the injured Lynx, Ajax's confidence in taming it boosted to the peak and increased his walking pace with a smiling expression on his face.

"Ajax, just go and place your hand on it, I will make it unable to move," Before he could reach the Lynx, the Lynx became angry and it became alert to kill him as soon as he got near to it.

But, the first elder helped him by sealing the movements of the injured Lynx.

"Thanks, Elder Cretual," Ajax looked at the first elder and thanked him before taking out the low-level primitive stone from his inventory.


However, the injured lynx looked at Ajax and roared at him which seemed like a mocking.


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8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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