New Age Of Summoners Chapter 324

312 Body Tempering


Do you want the flames from the infernal spirit to temper your body?


This system notification made Ajax happy and without any hesitation, he said, 'Yes'.

The reason for his happiness was that tempering the body with the flames was very helpful for body cultivators as their strong bodies become even more stronger after tempering with the flames.

The most important reason for his joy was that it was very rare to find a suitable flame to temper the bodies since all the flames don't have that property to temper.

So, he heard the system notification, there was no hesitation in his answer and immediately agreed to the tempering.

When finding such flames, only body cultivators would be happy as they could only use that flames for tempering their bodies.

Similarly, there were some flames that were suitable to temper the spirit consciousness which could only be used by the spirit cultivators.

Since Ajax cultivates both body cultivation and spirit cultivation, he could use both body tempering flames and spirit tempering flames. Just, he needs to find those flames.

Soon, the heat energy from the flames touched the surface of his skin and Ajax felt his skin was burning but in actuality, there was not even an inch of burnt skin on his body.


He was feeling the pain that he never experienced before.

Before, Ajax endured pain like bone-cracking many times but this was the first time he was experiencing the pain from burning.

However, he only felt the sharp burning pain in the beginning but it became less after some time as though he was used to the flame intensity and closed in on the infernal spirit.


Once again he felt the pain but this time the pain was much intense and stayed longer than the previous time.

'Just a little more,' Ajax now started to fear the heat from flames of the infernal spirit.

Every time he neared it, the pain from the heat increased along with the duration that made him shiver a little.

Nevertheless, he took the final step and placed his hand on the infernal spirit's head.


As soon as he placed his hand on the infernal spirit's head, he felt the heat that not only burnt his skin but his muscles and tendons which made him cry loudly.

"What is he doing?"

Erek, who was observing Ajax didn't understand what Ajax was trying to do by placing his hand on the infernal spirit by risking his life.

'Aarrgh arragg'

With each passing second, the painful noises of Ajax decreased in volume as his body's resistance towards the infernal spirit increased drastically which made his body even more sturdy and stronger.

'If not for Raweth's skill, it was impossible for me to place my hand on this infernal spirit's head,' After the pain subsided, Ajax immediately thanked Raweth and his skill as he knew how much that 50 percent fire resistance helped him.

'Now, Necros do it,' Just like before, he ordered Necros to use his ''Blind skill to seal the senses of the infernal spirit.

Necros followed his order and immediately used it.

'Absolute darkness,' whereas he used his 'Absolute darkness' skill on it.

As soon as he used it, the flames on the infernal spirit increased even more as though the nightmares it was experiencing from the absolute darkness were horrible and it unconsciously released even more flame.

Since Ajax still had his Abyssal beast god's bloodline activated, the intensity of the Absolute darkness along with Blind skill from Necros increased by multiple times making the infernal spirit crazy.

However, Ajax didn't feel any pain from the increased flames but felt warm.

'Looks like I can't use its flames anymore to temper my body,' Ajax thought, shaking his head before entering its spirit consciousness.

Once a cultivator uses a specific flame to temper his body, then he or she could not use that flame once again to temper their body. So,even when the flames of the infernal spirit raised, Ajax didn't feel anything and his body also didn't temper with it.

'What is he doing?' the only birdman in the Hawk tribe, who was doing nothing but watching Ajax's actions was puzzled and thought why did he stop all of sudden after touching the infernal spirit.

Whenever Ajax entered into spirit consciousness form, his original body would be motionless. So, when he saw that Ajax was motionless after touching the infernal spirit, he didn't understand what he was doing.

'But, the flames from the infernal spirit also stopped and it also became motionless,' Elder Erek observed carefully to find out what was happening with Ajax and the infernal spirit.

'Wait a second, since Ajax is a summoner and his spirit consciousness will be stronger than the regular cultivator. Yes, I got it now. He must be forcing the rank 6 spirit beast to enter into the spirit consciousness form and fighting it in its own spirit consciousness,'

Soon, Elder Erek was able to guess the reason behind both Ajax and the infernal spirir becoming idle just after Ajax touched the infernal spirit.

Ajax used the same tactic with the black yetis which worked well for him, so he tried once again to force his way into the infernal spirit's spirit consciousness.

Just like Ajax, the infernal spirit also entered into its own spirit consciousness in the spirit consciousness form as it was unable to sense its surroundings.

And the most important thing was its spirit consciousness was not in a perfect synchronization with the body due to 'Absolute darkness' skill and even its spirit consciousness was in a weak state because of that skill.

Nevertheless, since a commander realm cultivator tried to enter its own spirit consciousness, the infernal spirit didn't waste much time to go after Ajax's spirit consciousness form.

'It's more colourful than monkey's spirit consciousness,' Seeing the spirit consciousness around him, which was completely filled with Black and red colours, Ajax compared it with the black yetis spirit consciousness.


As he was enjoying the colourful view, he was attacked by the mini version of the infernal spirit that looked just like a small elemental spirit.

'I think, its name came from this spirit consciousness form,' Ajax was not angry he was attacked by the infernal spirit since he intruded into its spirit consciousness, it was by right it could attack him.

He carefully looked at the one-meter cat-like elemental spirit in front of him that was entirely black except for its abdomen which was completely red making it look like a demonic cat.

'Why all these rank 6 spirit beasts' spirit consciousness forms are in a cute look,' Ajax thought about the previous black yetis' spirit consciousness form that looked like a cute monkey and now here it's a cute kitten.

'Looks like I have to form the spirit contract with it before the effect of the 'Absolute darkness' and 'Blind' skills go off,' Ajax decided to not waste any time with the cute kitten and quickly took out the low-level primitive stone from his inventory.

When the cute kitten saw the primitive stone in Ajax's hand, it looked at Ajax first before slowly walked towards him carefully.

However, before Ajax could feel happy, he received a system notification that made his heart anxious.



6000 Power stones:- 2 Extra chapters

8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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