New Age Of Summoners Chapter 323

311 Blessing

'Damn it, this human brat is always coming in my way. He didn't know how much I wasted my energy in making them attack the Hawk tribe,' The older birdman was becoming impatient with each passing second as he looked at Ajax.

'Come on Qwerek, destroy that faceless doll soon,' However, the older birdman calmed himself as he didn't know what to do at this point of his plan with Ajax's interference and looked at Qwerek who was fighting the giant faceless doll.

He just wanted Qwerek to destroy the giant faceless doll as soon as possible and for what reason he wanted Qwerek to destroy it? Only he knows.

'Just a few more minutes before that giant faceless doll got destroyed, hehe' When he saw Qwerek's fight with the doll, his eerie smile returned to his face and thought, 'I hope, this human brat doesn't do much damage before my doll is destroyed.'

He was happy because tribe leader Qwerek was in the upper hand against the fight with the faceless giant doll and it would not take much time before the fight came to an end.



The infernal spirit jumped at Ajax, who was on the black yetis shoulder; however, it was caught by the Black yetis just when the infernal spirit's flames reached Ajax.

The black yetis immediately hugged the infernal spirit to its sturdy body tightly that made the infernal spirit beast out of breath.

Nevertheless, the infernal spirit was enraged with the intervention of the black yetis and the intensity of the flames on its body increased.

'Money, hold it tightly, don't leave it at any cost,' Ajax slowly moved towards the infernal spirit from the Black yetis' shoulder.

'The heat is damn powerful,' the closer he moved towards the infernal spirit, the greater the heatwave he felt.

'I should think about another plan to reach near it,' Even though Ajax could move some more distance, he was sure that he would not be able to sustain the heat from the flames on the infernal spirit and stopped moving towards the trapped infernal spirit as he started thinking about how to reach near it.

As Ajax was thinking of a plan, Elder Erek and Elder Eica looked at each others' faces and speechlessly stood on the ground watching the trapped infernal spirit in the Black yetis embrace.

'Is that same rank 6 infernal spirit we fought earlier?' The fifth elder, Eica asked the second elder, Erek in a low voice.

'Haha...this brat is helping our tribe too much. Maybe the tribe's prophecy is becoming true,' Just like Eica, Erek also said in a low voice while stroking his white beard.

'You will, he will lead us out of this world to other greater worlds?' Eica was surprised by Erek's words but she felt that it's plausible with Ajax's current actions.

With only a commander realm strength, he was able to tame a rank 6 spirit beasts, then it was not an impossible thing for him to lead their tribe to other greater worlds when he became stronger like reaching Elite general realm or even King realm.

'Haha' just thinking about this made both the elders smile and expectant for the bright future of the Lightning Dragon Hawk Tribe.

'We should be happy this soon. I will stay here and help Ajax in case if he needs me. You go and take care of the low-level spirit beasts,' Erek shook his head and asked Eica to go and attack the other spirit beasts whereas he would help Ajax in case he required Erek.

'Hmm,' Eica didn't say anything as she knew what kind of situation they were in presently, so she rushed immediately to take care of some of the spirit beasts.

He didn't ask her to help the other elders with the rank 6 spirit beast as he knew that the three elders were in a better position and they would kill the spirit beast soon.

'Young master, I can help you with the flames from the infernal spirit?' As Ajax was thinking, he heard Raweth's voice in his head.

'What? You can help me?' Ajax immediately looked into his inner world and asked Raweth about it.

'Yes, but I can only maintain my new skill for five minutes,' Raweth briefly explained about his new skill that he awakened after absorbing his ancestor's inheritance.

'But I can't summon you out for the time being,' Ajax's previous joy was destroyed when he thought about this.

Ajax doesn't want Raweth to come out of the inner world for two reasons.

One, he doesn't know how the Lightning Hawk tribe members would react seeing a member of their enemy tribe.

Two, he was guessing that the older birdman was observing the fights in the Hawk tribe, so he doesn't want to reveal that Raweth fully observed the fire crow tribe ancestor's inheritance as it might make the older birdman to come immediately after him which he doesn't want.

Because he wants to tame the three rank 6 spirit beasts first so that he could have a better standing against the older birdman.

If he and Elder Qwerek joined hands to fight the older birdman, he doesn't need to waste the strength potion and he could save it for the future.

So, he didn't want to summon Raweth out of his inner world this early.

'I don't need to come out of the inner world for using this skill,'

'Really? Then what are you waiting for?'

However, Raweth's next words surprised Ajax as he immediately asked him to use his skill.

'Yes, young master,' Seeing the anxiously Ajax, Raweth smiled as he was finally able to help his young master, who helped him so much.

After replying to Ajax, he closed his eyes and small orange light came out of Raweth's body and entered Ajax's body.

As soon as it entered into his body, an orange halo surrounded Ajax's whole body.


The host received the blessing of a Sun crow (juvenile).


50 percent resistance to all types of flames for five minutes.

As soon as the halo that was only visible to him appeared around his body, Ajax received two system notifications that made him surprised.

'50% percent resistance to all flames? Juvenile sun crow?' Ajax was surprised by the 50% resistance and confused by the juvenile sun crow.

'I will check it later,' However, he was not in a position to ponder about those things now as he should tame the infernal spirit before he loses the blessing and the black yetis' body could not take the heat much longer.

After coming out of the inner world, he resumed his movement towards the infernal spirit slowly testing the blessing.

'Great,' Ajax felt nothing when he moved towards the infernal spirit and just when he was 2-3 meters near the infernal spirit, the heat energy he felt was also increased drastically.

'I can do this, just a little more,' Just when he was near 1 meter away from the infernal spirit, he felt that the flames were unbearable for him but he tried to move towards it.

However, just as he tried to move towards it, he got a system notification that made him both surprised and happy.



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