New Age Of Summoners Chapter 322

310 Next Target: Infernal Spiri

"What the he...woaaah" Ajax was not even able to finish his sentence before he was lifted up with a giant hand that had black fur on it.

"When did you become this big?" Ajax asked as he looked at the giant black yetis that looked way bigger than he entered its spirit consciousness.

The giant black yetis placed Ajax on its shoulder and looked at the other two rank 6 spirit beasts.

Before he came out of the black yetis spirit consciousness, he cancelled his 'Absolute Darkness' skill on the black yetis.

Since the skill was cancelled the black yetis returned to its normal state and as its strength was higher than Ajax, the absolute darkness' after-effect didn't affect it much.

However, what shocked Ajax was the size of the Black yetis that increased from 5 meters to 10 meters in height.


Black yetis roared at him as though it was saying something to Ajax.

'Huh? So, because of the primitive stone, you ate previously, your body size increased this much?' Even though it roared, Ajax was able to understand the meaning behind its roars through spirit contract.

'Anyway, you becoming big is a good thing,'

Not only its size increased but it's strength also increased from low-level rank 6 to mid-level rank 6 which made Ajax elated as he could now have a better chance at taming the other two rank 6 spirit beasts.

After it roared at Ajax, the black yetis once again started looking at the other two rank 6 spirit beasts as though they were the once that would give it the primitive stones from Ajax.

"What am I seeing? Is it real?" Krail pinched himself as though he was unable to believe what was happening in front of him.

"..." Kraiww also became speechless at Ajax, who tamed the rank 6 spirit beast within just a few moments.

"From the looks of him, he does not seem to worked hard in taming it, I wonder what technique he used to tame it," Kraiww explained to his little brother.

"Ouch ouch, it's real, it's really real," However, Krail came back to reality by his own pinch.

"...." Kraiww looked at his little brother, who was still behaving like a little bird and shook his head and thought, 'I think Hawk tribe's prophecy is coming true.'

As he thought this, Kraiww eyes shined when he saw Ahax who was sitting on the Black yetis shoulder.

"Woah...look, he tamed it,"

"What? He..he really tamed it,"

"Even a member with a low cultivation from the summoners' group could tame a rank 6 spirit beasts without much stress,"

All the Hawk tribe elite birdmen started discussing about Ajax when they noticed that Ajax was easily able to tame a rank 6 Black yetis.

Not only them, but also other elders and the 12 Hawk guardians were also shocked by Ajax's feat in taming the rank 6 spirit beast; however, they were busy in fighting the spirit beasts. So, they were unable to praise him.

"Hmm monkey, let's go for this infernal spirit,"

As for the Ajax, who was sitting on the Black yetis' shoulder looked at the other two rank 6 spirit beasts and selected infernal spirit as his next target.

He called Black yetis with its new name, Monkey.

Because, in its spirit consciousness form, it looked just like a monkey, so he didn't think much before naming it Monkey.

And the reason he selected the infernal spirit was it has the strength less than the other rank 6 spirit beast, the twin-tailed lynx and he also had more confidence in taming it when compared to the other one which had lightning movement speed which was impossible for him to sneak up on it.

"Elder Kriaww and Elder Krail, I will help the second and fifth elder, you two go and help the first elder in fighting the twin-tailed lynx," Before going towards the infernal spirit, Ajax suggested the brothers to help Cretual whereas he would help Erek and Eica.

"Okay," the brothers nodded their heads as they knew that Ajax was stronger than they thought and most importantly, he now had the Black yetis to help him. So, they didn't think much before rushing towards Cretual to help him.

"Now, let's go," Ajax ordered the Black yetis to move towards the inferenal spirit.

After ordering it, Ajax looked at the infernal spirit, whose body was entirely covered with organge flames and under the flames, its body looked like it was made up of black volcanic rock.

Its height was only half the height of the Black yetis and it looked like a drawf in front of the Black yetis.

However, in this world, size doesn't matter and Ajax knew not to underestimate the opponents and overestimate himself from his past experiences. So he was careful and asked Monkey to stay alert at any unexpected attacks from the infernal spirit.

The fight between the infernal spirit and the elders (Erek and Eica) looked like a stalemate but it was not.

In actual, the infernal spirit was just toying with them to make them utterly hopless when they thought they were winning the fight with it.

The reason for infernal actions of toying with them, came from its demonic nature.

That's right. The infernal spirit belongs to the Demon type along with Fire type.

So, even though it doesn't have much intelligence, it always toyed with its prey that gave it a demonic pleasure.


When the infernal spirit saw that the Black yetis was coming towards it with an intention to attack it, it roared at the Black yetis and ignored the elders it was fighting and rushed towards him.

Along the way, the flames on its body also increased which made Ajax raise his brows and thought, 'These flames look stonger than Volcanis' flame.'

When he saw the flames on the infernal spirit body, Ajax immediately thought about Volcanis' flames which were the strongest flame he had ever seen.

Not even Raweth's new flames he felt in the inner world earlier was not as strong as Volcanis. From this anyone could guess, how strong the flames on the infernal spirit body was.

"Money can you withstand those flames?" Without any delay, Ajax asked the Black yetis about its strong body.


"Good, when it comes near to us, catch it and don't leave, no matter what. Did you understand?" Ajax immediately gave another order to it to which the black yetis loudly roared as though it was saying 'Don't underestimate my sturdy body'.

"Okay okay, I know you have the strongest body," Ajax smiled as he settled on the black yetis tightly.


As soon asthe black yetis finished it's roaring, the humanoid inferanl spirit jumped towards the balck yetis.

However, it's target was not the black yeits; instead, it was Ajax, who sat on the black yetis.


"Why? Why is he always coming in my way?"

The older birdman, who focused on Ajax the entire time from the outside of the Hawk tribe was shocked to see that one of the three rank 6 spirit beasts he sent to destroy the Hawk tribe was tamed by a commander realm human brat.


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