New Age Of Summoners Chapter 321

309 Taming The Black Yetis


The small black yetis rushed towards the stone and caught it.



Without wasting any time it swallowed the entire stone in one gulp and looked at Ajax and growled as though it was asking something from Ajax.

"What? Do you want more? Sure," Ajax took out a similar stone from his inventory; however, the stone was much bigger than the previous one.

Seeing the fist-sized stone the small black yetis eyes shined as it jumped up down showing its excitement towards the stone.

"If you want, then come and take it," Ajax gestured to the small black yetis to come towards him.

Ajax was sure that although it didn't understand his words, it would definitely understand the basic gestures. So, he confidently gestured towards it with his hand.

When it saw Ajax's hand gesture, the small black yetis stopped jumping up and down and puzzledly looked at Ajax bending its head sidewards.

'Come come,' Ajax became speechless for a second and thought, 'How the heck did that old birdie manage to make them attack the Hawk tribe.'

According to him, this was the dumbest spirit creature he had ever seen in his life as they could not even understand the basic body gestures.

So, Ajax thought in his head about the older birdman who had successfully managed to make these dumb spirit beasts attack the Hawk tribe.

'Sigh...' Looking at the silent small black yetis that was still standing at its place without coming towards him, Ajax sighed.

'Don't panic...Don't panic,' Losing his patience, Ajax tried moving slowly towards it while stretching his hand that had the fist-sized stone towards it.

However, to his surprise the small black yetis didn't run away or attacked him; instead, it slowly walked towards him.

'Good boy,' Ajax praised it as he finally reached it and slowly extended his hand towards his mouth.

As soon as he did that, the small black yetis didn't waste a second before gulping down the fist-sized stone and lazily laid on the ground.

When he saw the small black yetis on the ground, he carefully picked it from the transparent ground and lightly patted its head.

'What a good boy,' Ajax smiled when he noticed how that small black yetis enjoyed his pats and he praised it once again.

While patting Ajax thought of an idea of placing the spirit mark on the spirit consciousness form itself.

Just as he thought that the small black yetis which was the spirit consciousness form of the original black yetis, started growing in its size and reached the height of 1 meter from its original few centimeters height.

Before it could reach one meter, the small black yetis jumped off from Ajax's hand.

'Roar,' After landing on the ground, it roared at Ajax making him feel anxious.

'What is happening? My low and mid-level primitive stones I feed it earlier are in vain now,' Ajax felt sad that even though he used the primitive stones, he was unable to tame the small black yetis.

The stones he used earlier were none other than the primitive stones he bought in the dimensional crevice.

According to his knowledge, most of the spirit beasts would die fighting with other spirit beasts for the primitive stones. Since the black yetis was also a spirit beast and according to its dumb nature, Ajax understood that it might not have any bloodline in it. So, he decided to try using primitive stones and then tame it.

Generally speaking, the spirit beasts with the highest purity of bloodline in them would have high intelligence, so Ajax guessed the black yetis might not even have a bloodline in it yet.

First, he used a low-level primitive stone to test his theory and later used the mid-level primitive stone to successfully bait it and tame it.


As he was feeling sad, the black yetis rushed at him at an incredible speed in an attempt to bite his spirit consciousness.

Ajax didn't even expect that the black yetis would attack him and he was very close to it, so he was unable to evade the attack and decided to block it with his elbow.


It bit his arm before he could completely cover his vitals of the spirit consciousness form.


The black yetis initiated a spirit contract with the host, please wait for a few moments.

'What?' Ajax was shocked at first by looking at the sudden system notification in front of him but soon his face was filled with joy as he looked at the small black yetis that was still biting his elbow.

Although he felt a sting of pain from the bite, he didn't make a sound as he was able to endure pains worse than that.


Congratulations to the host for successfully forming a contract with the black yetis.


Since it is now the host's contracted spirit beast, the host can easily communicate with it.


Mission progress: 1/3

Just two more to go. You can do it host.

After waiting for a few moments, Ajax got a series of system notifications that gave one surprise after another.

The first surprise was the spirit contract took very less time than he originally thought. Second, he was surprised that the system was encouraging him which made him feel that something was wrong with the system.

The system never encouraged him amidst a mission, so he felt a bad premonition from this mission.

Among all the three system notifications, the second notification made him happy as he doesn't have to worry much in explaining things to it.

Although the mid-level primitive stone would help it become intelligent, it would take some time for it to absorb the energy from the stone.

'Hey little guy, stop biting now, the contract had formedmoments ago, now you can let go of my elbow,' Ajax looked at the small black yetis that was still biting his elbow, making him shake his head.

Soon, it released his elbow and jumped into his embrace and rubbed its head at his chest.

"Stop it, little guy, haha" Ajax smiled as he forcefully separated the black yetis from his embrace.

"I know what you want. You need more stones right?" Ajax asked as he looked into its eyes.


The small black yetis nodded its head and though it understood what Ajax had asked it.

Ajax didn't feel surprised as he knew it was able to understand him through the spirit contract instead of his words.

Andhe found out that the black yetis needed more to awaken its bloodline, so it tried to act cutely with Ajax to get more primitive stones from him.

"Sure, I will give you as many as possible, help me in taming the other two rank 6 spirit beasts, okay?" Ajax didn't give it primitive stones immediately as he asked it to help him.

Although he could order it to directly follow his orders, he just wanted it to act on its willingness, so that it could show its true strength when fighting other spirit beasts.

Also, he didn't ask the black yetis to convince the other two spirit beasts as he knew that those three were not on close terms.

Soon, he came out of the black yetis' spirit consciousness and was shocked to see the scene outside.


6000 Power stones:- 2 Extra chapters

8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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