New Age Of Summoners Chapter 320

308 Black Yetis Spirit Consciousness

'Abyssal beast god bloodline activate,' Without any hesitation, he activated his bloodline to increase his strength by a factor of three times.

As soon as he activated his fusioned bloodline, the aura surrounding him changed and all the elders could sense bloodlust emitted from his body.

'Damn it, how can he have such bloodlust,' one of the elite hawk tribesmen said when he sensed the intense bloodlust emitting from Ajax's body

'Even though I killed many spirit beasts from birth, I was not even able to achieve half of it,' another elite hawk tribesman compared himself with Ajax.

'Please don't compare yourself with a member of the summoners' group,' the previous elite tribesman immediately received the mock from all the surrounding tribesmen making him embarrassed and quickly escaped from there to kill the spirit beasts in the distance.

"Brother, is it a Bloodline?" Krail raised his eyebrows and asked Kraiww while looking at Ajax.

"It sure looks like it and did you notice one thing, it is making all the spirit beasts around him run away from him," Kriaww agreed with Krail and asked him to notice the spirit beasts around Ajax.

"Huh?" Krail hurriedly looked at the black yetis' minions that were running away from Ajax and felt shocked as he asked Kraiww, " What is happening? Why are they running away?"

"The low-level spirit beasts are running away because of his bloodline. I wonder what his bloodline that is making those low-level spirit beasts runs away" Kraiww's impression on Ajax once again increased with a powerful bloodline and thought he was a genius that would be born once in a million years.

The reason for his thinking was nothing wrong since Ajax was not only a summoner but he was also a bloodline awakener. And not a normal one but a powerful bloodline awakener.

Only Kraiww and Krail observed Ajax's bloodline as for the others they stopped looking when Ajax knocked down the rank 6 spirit beasts and focused on their fights.

Nevertheless, Ajax didn't care about their recognition as he already knew that as long as he completed his missions he could eventually reach King realm or beyond that.

Until then, he had to reveal a few trump cards as possible, in case some powerful cultivators keep an eye on his trump cards.

'Anyway, the bloodline is not an uncommon thing in the Zrochester province and I think it's even more uncommon in the five elemental world. So, there will be no problem in using the bloodline, right?' Ajax thought like this before activating his bloodline.

Without wasting any time, Ajax immediately jumped on the collapsed Black yetis and tightly took hold of its head.

After that, he closed his eyes and forcefully entered the spirit consciousness of the Black yetis.

As soon as he entered its spirit consciousness in his spirit consciousness form, he was shocked by what he saw inside it.

Inside the black yetis spirit consciousness, Ajax was completely surrounded by a gentle essence of nature that made him impossible to sense what type of that essence was and he still didn't understand what type of element does this black yetis belong to.

'It's my first time to see such an essence of nature,' Ajax thought but immediately shook his head as he remembered why he entered the spirit consciousness of the Black yetis.

'I will mark my spirit here and form the spirit contract with it,' Ajax, soon found a place to imprint his spirit mark.

However, just as he was able to place the spirit mark, a small black yetis that was formed by the essence of nature attacked him from behind.

Ajax was entirely focusing on the spirit mark and he was elated at the fact that his task would be finished this easy, such that he was unable to dodge the transparent black yetis.

'Oh, you look cute,' Ajax turned back to look at his attacker; however, to his surprise he found that his attacker was a small cute black yetis and could help but praise it for its cuteness.

Although the black yetis outside the spirit consciousness was not cute; in fact it was on an ugly side of the scale.

But this black yetis spirit consciousness form was rather cute which made him feel that taming the black yetis was worth it.

'Just go aside and play, I will leave after placing my spirit mark in your spirit consciousness,' While saying that he casually waved his hand and the small black yetis flew away to one corner of its spirit consciousness.

Even though the black yetis outside the spirit consciousness had a rank 6 cultivation, it's spirit consciousness was not even strong as a regular rank 4 spirit beasts.

The reason for the difference was that Black yetis belongs to the body cultivating type spirit beast such that it entirely focused on improving the sturdiness of its body from its birth and its spirit consciousness slowly improved with his body cultivation's additional effect.

In most of the worlds, many cultivators choose any of the two cultivation systems, that are Body cultivation or spirit cultivation.

Those who chose body cultivation would have strong bodies and weak spirit consciousness, which was increased by a small amount whenever they breakthrough a minor realm or major realm.

As for the spirit cultivators, it's the exact opposite body cultivators. They have weak bodies with high spirit consciousness.

Without bothering about the small black yetis, Ajax once again concentrated on placing the spirit mark.

However, this time he was not disturbed by the small black yetis; instead, it was the entire spirit consciousness that was shaking that made Ajax anxious and immediately looked at the small black yetis.


The spirit beast's spirit consciousness was in an angry state. The system suggests the host leave its spirit consciousness before it self destructs its own spirit consciousness.

"What the.," Ajax was shocked to see the system notification that appeared between him and the angry black yetis.

'Why is it trying to destroy its own spirit consciousness,' Ajax didn't understand as he thought inside his head hoping that system would help him out of this situation without leaving its spirit consciousness.

However, the system didn't give any reply as usual.

'I think, this taming mission has failed,' Ajax felt dejected and as he was about to leave, but suddenly he got an idea and stopped leaving its spirit consciousness.

Turning back to the angry black yetis, Ajax smilingly took out a crude stone from his inventory and played with it.

As soon as the small black yetis saw the stone in Ajax's hand, it's angry expression calmed down a bit.

Similarly, the shaking spirit consciousness also returned to its normal state making Ajax heave a sigh of relief.

'Phew what a relief,' Ajax thought as he stopped playing with the stone and while caressing the stone in his hand, Ajax asked the small black yetis, 'Do you want this?'

'Huh? I once again forgot that it will not understand me,'

To his surprise, Ajax didn't get any reply but he soon identified the problem and shook his head.

"Sigh.okay then. Take this," Ajax sighed as he threw the stone in his hand at the small black yetis.


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8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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