New Age Of Summoners Chapter 32

28 Continuous Level Up

After 5 days

"phew, finally completed absorbing 48 spirit stones which makes 1000 units when added to previous units, It's time to upgrade the main cultivation technique to level 2", Ajax took a long sigh and said.

He tried to absorb another spirit stone but he felt like his spirit consciousness will explode if he continued to absorb.

During the last five days he continuously absorbed all the fire element spirit stones, except for leaving sometime for eating and cleaning though.

He also ordered his contracted elemental spirits to not absorb any essence of nature in his spirit consciousness and promised to help them help up in the future.

He also cleared his doubt of directly leveling up the elemental spirits is possible with system which is similar to his body cultivation but the units of essence of nature is different.

"System, show me how much essence of nature us stored in my spirit consciousness", Ajax silently asked in his head.


Essence of nature :- 1000 units

" If I want to store more than 1000 units, I think I should use medium grade spirit jade but I will save it for later, I don't have that many spirit stones anyway",

Ajax thought that he don't have use it, because his essence of nature will be consumed anyway while upgrading heaven and earth refining technique and with remaining 50 plus spirit stones, his spirit consciousness will not become full anyway.

Soon Ajax viewed that main cultivation technique:- Heaven and earth refining technique


Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 1)

Need any 999 units of essence of nature to upgrade it to level 2


Do you want upgrade it to level 2??

" Yes", Ajax accepted it.


Consuming 999 units of essence of nature to upgrade main cultivation technique.


Heaven and earth refining technique successfully upgraded to level 2

Soon the notifications came saying that the cultivation technique is upgrade.

Suppressing his joy, he took out a spirit stone and tested his cultivation speed with level 2 Heaven and earth refining technique.

In just an hour, he completely absorbed it.

"Hahahha, my cultivation speed is now doubled", Ajax overjoyed with his speed.

He wanted to check, whether there is level 3 for that cultivation technique.


Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 2)

Need any 9999 units of essence of nature to upgrade it to level 3.

".... ", seeing the needed units of essence of nature, Ajax was speechless and didn't even think about upgrading it any further now.

" I will absorb all the remaining spirit stones and my old 2 spirit stones from the trial in the next 5 days and level up my body cultivation ", with that thought he soon resumed his cultivation.

He continued his routine for another 5 days.

On the 10th day from the squad members went on an escort mission.

Ajax sat cross - legged with a spirit stone in his hands, which soon turned in dust and he opened his eyes.

"Finally all spirit stones are finish, now it's time to level up my body cultivation", Ajax completed some 60+ spirit stones in the last 5 days and filled his essence of nature in the spirit consciousness.

" Essence of nature", Ajax just said a word and soon a holographic screen appeared infront of him


Essence of nature :- 631 units

Feeling satisfied he soon turned to body cultivation screen which appeared with a thought.


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-1)


need 100 units of essence of nature to reach level 2 body cultivation

Do you want to level up??

"Yes", Ajax said without thinking.


100 units of essence of nature, consumed


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-2)

need 200 units of essence of nature to reach level 2 body cultivation.

" Tsk, as expected, it doubled the requirement", but Ajax continued to level it up.


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-3)

need 300 units of essence of nature to reach level 2 body cultivation.

Gritting his teeth, Ajax continued


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-4)

need 400 units of essence of nature to reach level 2 body cultivation.

Seeing all his essence of nature is consumed leaving him with only 31 units, he bitterly shook his head.

But with level 4 soldier realm cultivation, he felt, his body become much stronger and tougher than before.

Soon, he heard some noise outside.

"They have returned", Ajax was excited thinking that squad members have arrived.

" Hey, Ajax you look much stronger than before ", When Edmond saw Ajax, he asked him.

" Yes, I cultivated for the past 10 days continuously and reached level 4 of soldier realm.

"Not bad, not bad", it's not impossible to not reach level 4 with the aid of spirit stones, so he didn't shocked.

Next he asked " Which element spirit stones are more compatible with you?? ",

" All three", Ajax's reply shocked all the squad members.

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