New Age Of Summoners Chapter 318

306 Kraiwws Shock


Kraiww was surprised for a moment and nodded his head at Ajax as he understood what he was trying to say.

"Okay, Ajax," Kraiww replied to Ajax as he immediately ordered his little brother to attack the place where he attacked earlier.

Previously, Ajax just wanted them to attack at any black behind its head as he planned something.

However, to his surprise, he found its weak spot which made him solidify his earlier plan even more.

'Now, I have high chances of success of taming it,' Ajax thought as he rubbed his head and looked Necros' three undead summons that were fighting many rank 4 and rank 5 spirit beasts and even Necros also using his physical strength to take care of rank 4 spirit beasts.

"Everything seems under control now," He also looked at others who were fighting and felt relaxed before focusing on Krail and Kraiww's fighting with the Black yetis.

If anyone saw the fight from the sky it would notice, it was a total mess on the ground; however, everyone was doing their respective roles in fighting the spirit beasts.

The tribe leader, Qwerek was busy fighting the giant faceless doll.

The five elders fought the three rank 6 spirit beasts,

The 12 Hawk guardians were fighting the thousands of spirit beasts that were below rank 6.

Necros and some of the elite hawk tribesmen were taking care of the spirit beasts that were escaping from the 12 Hawk guardians.

So, everyone was doing their role for the Hawk tribe.

While many separate battles were taking place in the hawk tribe, the older birdman was watching the fight with an excited expression until he saw Ajax summon the Necros.

"What the heck, he belongs to the summoners' group?" The older birdman was shocked by the new fact he learned about Ajax and all his thoughts were continuously messing up in his head.

"Calm down, calm down,"

However, soon he calmed down as he thought, 'I will leave this world by the time the summoners find out about him, so there is no need to worry about it, Hehe.'

'It's no wonder, he got many tricks under his sleeve and escaped from me last time, '

Still, the older birdman felt uneasy when he looked at Ajax as he knew that Ajax had many tricks under his sleeve.

Every summoner he met in his life was a powerful being that should not be underestimated even if they had low cultivation, so a small uneasy budded in his heart.

'Just a few more minutes, I can erase this entire Hawk tribe from the five elemental world,'

He started focusing more on Ajax to calm his uneasiness that was just budded a few moments back as he thought.


Back to the Kraiww and Krail's fight with the spirit beast,



Krail and Kraiw ran in the zig-zag making the black yetis impossible to catch them with their passive lighting speed skills.

Almost all the upper echelon of the Hawk tribe had the lightning speed passive skill which made them dodge the attacks of the rank 6 spirit beasts.

The enraged Black yetis became even more angry and stopped its pointless attacks at them; instead, it raised its hand andmade a gesture of attack.

As soon as it gestured, many black yetis which were the mini version of that giant black yetis came forward and attacked Kraiww and Krail which made them put a halt to their zig-zag movements.

Even though they stopped in their tracks, they released two powerful lightning attacks at the Black yetis that made it collapse on the ground.

'Krail, take care of these minions, I will take care of the big one,' Kraiww didn't wait for Krail's reply as he rushed at the collapsed Black yetis.

Before he even reached it, the sword in Kraiww's sword started sparkling with lightning which made it seem like a powerful attack.

'Is he going to kill it?' When he saw the lightning sword in Kraiww's hand, Ajax became anxious and tried to stop him; however, before he could transmit his voice, Kraiww's lightning sword landed on the back of Black yetis' head.

'No no no,' Ajax repeated 'no' continuously as he didn't want the Black yetis to die.

If it died, then the mission along with valuable rewards would be gone, so Ajax wanted it, not to die.


As he was feeling that Black yetis would be dead by that lightning-filled sword, he heard a long enraged roar.

Immediately Ajax looked at the Black yetis that didn't have any scratch on the place where Kraiww attacked and felt elated.

'Phew, it's still alive,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the Black yetis was safe and even more lively than before.

Although it looked weird that Ajax was elated at the failed attack, he was not wrong in feeling like that.

According to his plan, he would tame one spirit beast and then attack the remaining spirit beasts with the help of the tamed spirit beasts. By doing so, it would release a great amount of pressure on their side. So, he felt elated at the alive Black yetis.

'But, even if Kraiww's attack failed on that Black yetis then how can I tame it?'

However, his elation didn't stay much longer as he found another problem.

Since Kraiww's powerful attack was not even able to make a scratch on its body, then how could he tame it.

'Maybe I am not thinking, right? There should be a way for me to finish this mission,' Ajax started thinking and thought about using the strength potion which was the quest item but soon he shook his head.

'If I use it now when the old birdie comes, I can forget about going back to the human world,' Ajax had the reason for not using the strength potion.

If possible he wanted to save the strength potion for the time when he destroys the assassin sect.

'What the heck!'

As Ajax was still in his thoughts, Kraiww, who believed that his attack would not fail, was unfortunately failed which made him shocked for a moment and he didn't understand how this spirit beast could block his strongest attack with its bare skin.

Nevertheless, he quickly suppressed his shock and retreated to his little brother.

"Brother, what happened to your attack?" Krail, who was busy fighting the minions of the Black yetis, asked Kraiww about his previous attack.

"Just see that big guy, who was standing and kicking alive before asking me about my attack?" Kraiww said to his brother while shaking his head.

"Holy god! What am I seeing?" Krail was utterly speechless to see that his brother's strongest attack didn't even manage to make a scratch on the black yetis.

"Brother, are you alright?" Krail turned to his brother and asked him.

He knew who his big brother must be feeling inside, so he tried to comfort him with words.

"I am fine," Hearing his little brother's words, Kraiww smiled a little as he seriously looked at the Black yetis.

"Elder Kraiww, can you distract it for a second?" Just as he was thinking about something, Kraiww heard Ajax's voice and nodded his head in agreement.

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