New Age Of Summoners Chapter 317

305 Summoners Group

'How can I tame them,' Ajax looked at the fight between the spirit beasts and the five Elders and thought.

'Forcefully taming them is impossible with my current cultivation,' Ajax eliminated Paulin's way of taming the spirit beasts and finally concluded to use his regular taming trick.

'I will do my regular thing,' Without that he focused on one of the spirit beasts that were in a stalemate with Kraiww and Krail.

His regular trick of taming was none other than healing the injured spirit beast and in return, the spirit beast would form a spirit contract with him.

Until now he didn't have any problem in forming a spirit contract since all the spirit beasts he tamed were injured and were in the weak state which made his spirit contract easy.

However, the spirit beasts in front of them were on equal standards with the elders of the Hawk tribe. So, he felt it would be difficult this time.

'Elder Qwerek is also busy with the faceless giant doll and can't help me in taming them. I guess I have to rely on the elders and form a contract with the spirit beasts,' Ajax thought as he looked at the Elder Qwerek who was in an intense fight with the faceless giant doll and shook his head.

'Let's start with this Black yetis or whatever it is called,' Ajax knew the name of the spirit beast from the system.

Ajax didn't rush at the spirit beast though, since he knew that he would not stand a chance against the rank 6 spirit beast, so he carefully planned his path before rushing towards it.

In his hands, the bloodlust spear shined with red luster as he used his level 2 cloud steps to sneak behind the Black yetis and used his peak level 2 spear dao to pierce its neck.

When he was near to the Black yetis, it glanced at him which made Ajax stop in his tracks.

Since he wanted to sneak up on Black yetisthere was no uses one it saw him, so he stopped and became ready to dodge its attacks.

However, to his surprise, it only glanced at him for a moment before continuing its fight with Krail and Kraiww making Ajax speechless.

"Am I a joke to you?" Ajax thought inside his head as he made a 'what is happening' body gesture.

'I think, it's for my own good,' Instead of feeling anger, Ajax felt that it was a good thing as he could sneak up on the spirit beast and surprise it with what I could do to it for underestimating him.

Ajax clearly saw the mocking look on the Black yetis' face when it looked at him earlier, so Ajax decided to show it what he was made up of.

"Elder Kraiww and Elder Krail, can you do some damage on its head. Like, continuously attacking its head," Ajax loudly said to the Brothers which made them puzzle at Ajax's words. Nevertheless, they nodded their heads and looked at Ajax's earlier position where he fought hundreds of spirit beasts and were shocked to see a transparent being and some undead beings attacking the spirit beasts.

'Is he a summoner?' Krail asked as he looked at Necros.

'It's good then. We got another helping hand now in taking care of the spirit beasts,' Kraiww was not surprised with Ajax being a summoner as he felt that Ajax was even more mysterious than a summoner.

In the five elemental world, Summoner was not an unknown profession instead, it was a very popular one because every once in a while a group of summoners would come to the five elemental world for some unknown reason.

The most important reason they were popular in the five elemental words was that they were the kindest human ever that came to their world and even taught them some techniques and exchanged some good items with the races that were living in the five elemental world.

Generally, when a human showed up in the five elemental world, they would be hunted by some tribes or some specific people.

For example, Krico had some bad blood with humans and he would hunt them whenever he saw a human in the five elemental world; however, if a human was a summoner, then no one would try to harm him because it would make all the summoners to hate them and they would stop coming to their world.

So, when he learned that Ajax was a summoner, Kraiww was excited as he assumed that Ajax belongs to that group of summoners that visit the five elemental world.

Not only Kraiww and Krail but all the other elders and the Hawk guardians were shocked at Ajax's summoning.

'So, now I need not ask him any questions since he belongs to the summoners' group,' The tribe leader, Qwerek who was busy fighting the giant faceless doll also noticed Ajax's actions and all his previous doubts about Ajax had disappeared and once again, he focused on the fight.

'Why are they looking at me like a precious duck that lays golden spirit eggs,' Ajax felt weird when he saw all the looks from the elders and the Hawk guardians.

'Never mind, let me focus on the taming first,' however, Ajax wanted to finish the mission as soon as possible, so that he could help others to overcome the current predicament and leave the Hawk tribe for his actual mission of saving Raweth's little brother.

Soon, everyone focused on their own battles after glancing at Ajax for a moment.

Ajax only focused on the fight between Black yetis with Kraiww and Krail as his first target was the Black yetis.



'Pakk patt'

Kraiww and Krail started attacking the back of the black yetis head that made the rank 6 spirit beast mad with fury and became even more ferocious than before giving a hard time to both Krail and Kraiww.

'Damn it' Krail was shocked that the Black yetis was hiding its original strength all along.

'Calm down Krail, just focus and we can deal with it just like old times,' Kraiww slowly talked with Krail and calmed him with some simple words that made the Krail calm down instantly.

'Yes, like old times, we can deal with anything,' Krail nodded his head and all of a sudden hyped up.

Seeing him like that Kraiww also looked excited and rushed towards the Black yetis covering the spirit beast's attacks for his little brother.

'They are a great team,' Ajax who was observing them from a distance praised their team work and looked at the enraged Black yetis as he noticed something about it.

'Why is it enraged that much when they attacked its head?' Ajax pondered about it.

From the beginning, Krail and Kraiww attack that spirit beast with many attacks but it was not enraged; however, when they just landed one hit on the back of its head, it enraged to the point that someone stole something valuable from it.

'Maybe that's it, it's my chance,' Ajax quickly thought about something and transmitted his voice to Kraiww, "Elder Kraiww, the place where you attacked earlier was its weak spot."


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