New Age Of Summoners Chapter 316

304 Dangerous Mission

"What the hell is that thing?"

Ajax cleared the spirit beasts in his surroundings and looked at the giant doll that swallowed Krico just now and flabbergasted at it.

"What is that?"

"It's huge,"

"It's giving me a bad premonition,"

"Everyone be careful and focus on your surroundings while fighting the spirit beasts,"

All the elders and the 12 hawk guardians paused for a moment and looked at the huge faceless doll that was more than 10 meters in height and asked various questions.

However, no one knows what it was.

So, they decided to leave it to their tribe leader and focused on the spirit beasts.

'I need a little more to break through to level 3 in the spear dao. I will continue killing a few more spirit beasts and I hope I break through to the level 3 in the spear dao,' Ajax thought as he looked at the unending spirit beasts that were coming towards thehawk tribe from a distance.

Earlier he was able to kill hundreds of rank 4 spirit beasts and countless rank 3 spirit beasts; however, he still didn't feel tired as he assumed that maybe his increment of the essence of nature in the spirit consciousness made him excited.

Even though he muted the system notifications, after killing around 30 spirit beasts, he got a system notification saying that his spirit consciousness was completely filled and the system asked him whether he wants to transfer the extra spirit consciousness to his elemental spirits.

Without any hesitation, he accepted it and at the same time, he suddenly thought of something.amidst his battle with the spirit beasts and decided to use his first skill, Spatial blades.

It was the very first skill he got by eating the ability fruit in the green wolves den on his first mission.

Although the essence of nature consumed by it was very high, it could finish the job without much stress.

However, he only decided to use it a few times and focus on his battle techniques or weapons dao.

So, he followed the pattern of using his spear to kill a couple of spirit beasts and using the Spatial blades once in a while to kill half a dozen of spirit beasts.

'From the previous fight, not only did I manage to break through to the peak level 2 in the spear dao but unexpectedly my spatial blade also levelled up,' Ajax was not surprised much by the break through in the spear dao but it could not be said to the 'Spatial blades'.

However, he didn't have time to look at the details as another round of spirit beasts rushed at him.

Just as he was about to rush at the spirit beasts, he was stopped by a system notification.

He wondered why he got another system notification even if he muted system notifications and concluded that the system notification might be an important one and immediately checked it.


A new system mission is generated in the quest tab; please check it quickly.

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised that the frequency of the system missions was decreasing as he was getting more and more missions from the quest tab.

Shaking his head, Ajax opened the quest tab to check the new mission hoping that it won't be against his principles.


Mission name:- Tame the 3 rank 6 spirit beasts.

Description:- The older birdman used some kind of trick to send the peaceful spirit beasts towards the Hawk tribe. Killing the incoming spirit beasts will not halt until someone tame the three rank 6 spirit beasts.

Note:- Even though the rank 6 spirit beasts are unable to evolve into a humanoid form due to some restriction by the five elemental world, So, the system suggests the host tame it and stop the fight between the spirit beasts.

Reward:- The system carefully guides the host in becoming a rank 4 alchemy master.

Additional rewards:- An elemental spirit lucky draw from the lottery tab.

Danger rating:- A+

"What the heck! The rewards are somewhat way too enticing for me," Ajax eyes unconsciousnessly fell on the rewards section making him drool over the rewards of the mission.

'A+ Danger rating? Are you trying to kill me for my earlier opposition of your mission?' However, when he saw the danger rating, his eyes nearly fell out of his sockets and asked the system.

Previously, he did an action that the system didn't want to do and he thought that was the reason the system generated such a high danger rating mission.


The system already punished the host with a mission penalty since he did what the mission didn't want the host to do. So, there is no need for the system to punish the host once again.

Soon, the system replied to Ajax's question making him place his hand in the middle area between the chest and stomach.

Ajax still remembered the pain when his cultivation was forcefully decreased by the system and gritted his teeth; however, he calmed down his anger and shook his head as he felt that there is no need to fight the system about this thing.


After shaking his head, Ajax carefully read the description of the mission and was shocked by it.

'Damn old birdy I was waiting for you, so the things happening now are all because of you? Good,' Soon, his shock was replaced by the excitement as he thought about the older birdman.

Previously, Ajax was barely able to escape from his hands and Ajax swore to take revenge for that. So, when he read the older birdman's name in the description, Ajax was excited about it.

Even though he was still not powerful enough to go against the older birdman, Ajax was confident that by using the strength potion that he got from the system as a quest item, he could kill the older birdman.

'However, before that, I have to have to find a way to tame these three rank 6 spirit beasts,' Suppressing his excitement, Ajax looked at the three rank 6 spirit beasts that were fighting the five elders of the Hawk tribe and started his planning of taming them.

But, before he could even think of something, he heard the roars of the spirit beasts from the distance which disturbed his thoughts.

"I think I should summon someone one of my summons," Ajax revealed a smile as he finally decided to summon someone from the inner world.

With that he one peeked inside his inner world and quickly checked all the elemental spirits.

Among all the elemental spirits, only one elemental spirit was lazing around since he was not allowed to enter into the elemental paradise.

'He looks really bored,' Ajax smiled as he said, 'Come out Necros.'

As soon as he said that, Necros who had a dull expression on his face suddenly turned excited and immediately came out of the inner world.

"Thank you, the great summoning master for calling me out," Necros didn't leave the chance to praise Ajax as soon as he came out by bowing in front of Ajax.

"Stop with the smooth talk and take care of them," Ajax ordered him and casually walked amidst the hundreds of spirit beast corpses as he thought about the plan to tame the spirit beasts.

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