New Age Of Summoners Chapter 313

301 Fire Smoke

As soon as he heard Ajax's question, Raweth who was very angry calmed down all of a sudden.

Just remembering about his little brother made him clear his thoughts and what he wanted to do next.

"His name is Rawin," Raweth smiled brightly when he said his little brother's name.

"Good name. Just remember that you have a little brother to save who was waiting for you," Ajax nodded his head and asked Raweth to remember his little brother whenever he was angry.

"Okay young master," Raweth nodded his head and suppressed his anger towards the tribe and said to Ajax, "But, we have to save the tribe from the spirit beasts."

Once he heard that his tribe was in danger, Raweth felt he had to do something to protect it. So, he requested Ajax to help his tribe.

While requesting Ajax, Raweth asked with a respectful tone.

He knew that Ajax was already helping him to save his little brother and thought asking another favour would be a little too much.

Nevertheless, he requested Ajax to help his tribe without hesitation.

"Don't worry, I will try my best," Ajax replied to Raweth's request before saying, 'However, if worst comes to worst, we will save only your little brother and one more thing, you will follow my orders without hesitation when we are in your tribe.'

Ajax put some conditions on Raweth, which he agreed instantly.

The first priority for him was to save his little brother and then tribe, so there was no hesitation and he was already Ajax's contract spirit beast, then he had no qualms about following Ajax's orders.

"Good, I will summon you out when we leave the Hawk tribe," Ajax was satisfied with Raweth's quick understanding of his words and left the inner world.

"Ajax, you go inside the tribe leader's house," As soon as his spirit consciousness came out of his inner world, he heard Kriaww's worried words that made Ajax puzzle.

He immediately looked at the area where Krico was smashed into the ground earlier and was shocked to see that Krico stood up from the ground as though nothing had happened to him.

He also noticed that Krico was making some mysterious symbols with his hands and didn't understand a thing.

However, one thing was for sure that Krico was doing something.

"But, why."

"We don't have time for talking," Before Ajax could finish his words, Kraiww hurried and dragged Ajax into the tribe leader's house.

Ajax didn't understand what made Kraiww that worried but still he followed without any hesitation and thought, 'Maybe because of Krico's mysterious hand symbols.'

Ajax guessed that Kraiww's worry had something to with Krico's mysterious hand symbols.


Only when they entered the tribe leader's house, Kriaww heaved a sigh of relief and looked outside through the window.

Ajax also took a peek through the window.

Just as he peeked, he saw Krico's body emitted a white smoke that covered almost half of the Hawk tribe.

As soon as someone inhaled that gas, they fell to the ground within seconds making Ajax see the real power of the fire crow tribe's leader.

"What is that smoke which is making all those who inhaled unconscious," Ajax asked Kraiww since Kraiww already noticed the attack even before Krico released that smoke, Ajax thought that Kraiww must know about it. So, he asked to know about Krico's smoke attack.

"It is one of his special skills called Fire smoke," Kraiww worriedly looked at his brother and other tribe members as he continued, "Although it won't harm them, it will make them unconscious for an entire day."

"Huh? For the whole day?" Ajax felt that was a good skill to have from him; however, if that skill was with his opponent then it's not good for him.

"By the way, why is that smoke not entering the tribe leader's house?" Ajax asked as he looked outside.

Although, he thought that the skill was good when he saw that it doesn't have any effect on the general and elite general realm cultivators he lost interest in that skill as he asked about the tribe leader's house's specialty.

"It is covered by various arrays by the tribe leader which protects us from various types of attacks. So, that is the reason we asked everyone to hide in the tribe leader's house," Kraiww explained about the tribe leader's house and it's specialty.

"Also, don't underestimate that 'Fire smoke' skill. I will even put an elite general realm cultivator to sleep if they are not focused even for a second," Kraiww saw the look on Ajax's face as he continued his explanation about 'Fire smoke'

"But, it is not affecting even elite commander realm cultivators," Ajax pointed at some elite birdmen that were fighting the spirit beasts earlier and asked.

"Because they were protected by the Hawk guardians' captain's special skill cover. Not only them, but even the elders were also protected by him. Look there," While saying that, Kraiww pointed his finger at the oldest birdman who was wearing a white robe with a golden border.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at the captain of the Hawk guardians and then carefully observed that abarrier covered all the elders, hawk guardians and some of the elite birdmen with him as the radius.

"Cool," Ajax was surprised to find a perfect counter skill for 'Fire smoke' and exclaimed.

"Now, you stay here, I will go and help them," Kraiww didn't wait for Ajax's reply as he took out an artifact that looked like a face mask and rushed towards his brother Krail and gave him a similar type of mask he was wearing.


Ajax was speechless at Kraiww's actions but soon shook his head as he understood that he cared for his little brother, Krail just like Raweth cared for his little brother, Rawin.

Just as he shook his head, Ajax noticed that the spirit beasts that fell down due to the fire smoke stood up and started their attack on the few remaining elite hawk tribesmen.

"What the hell!" Ajax immediately looked at Krico, who was pointing at the unconscious spirit beasts.

As soon as he pointed at a particular spirit beast, it would stand up and continue its previous onslaught.

But that didn't continue longer, as Qwerek once again appeared in front of Krico with his lightning speed and caught his finger.

To Ajax's surprise, the eerily laughing Krico showed a panic on his face when Qwereek caught his finger.

Before he could retract his hand, Krico's finger was completely crushed by Qwerek's simple clutching action.


Krico screamed with a painful voice that made all the spirit beasts that were busy attacking the Hawk tribe houses and the few tribe members looked at Krico for a second before continuing their destruction.

After crushing Krico's finger, Qwerek didn't bother about him as he rushed towards a spirit beast that was about to kill an unconscious tribe member.

He immediately killed that spirit beast and picked up the unconscious tribe member and continued his action of saving all the other unconscious tribe members.

'Just a few more minutes, I can make my appearance in front of you dumb little birds, hehe,' In a distance, the older birdman looked at the ongoing fight in the Hawk tribe and laughed with his usual eerie laugh.


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