New Age Of Summoners Chapter 312

300 Death Duel

As soon as the words resounded in the Hawk tribe, all the elders, hawk guardians,Ajax and some strong hawk tribe members who were fighting the spirit beasts looked at the direction of the words.

"Who is he, Elder Qwerek?" Ajax asked Kraiww as he pointed a familiar yet unable to remember silhouette in the distance.

"Huh?" Elder Kraiww was shocked by the voice earlier and only came out of his shock with Ajax's words and said, "He is the fire crow tribe's leader Krico."

"Oh," Ajax was shocked by the appearance of Krico as he was completely changed from the last time he saw him in the ancient ruins.

'He changed a lot in his appearance,' Ajax thought in his head and wondered, 'Should I summon Raweth out to meet his fire crow tribe's leader?'

However, he soon shook his head and decided not to summon Raweth out.

The reason for his hesitation was if the Fire crow tribe's leader found out that I formed a contract with his genius tribe member, then he would not be happy.

'I guess, I need to use the invisible cloak to enter the fire crow tribe or should ask Raweth to find a way to enter into his tribe without others finding out about them,' Ajax planned his entry into the fire crow tribe in his head as he looked at Krico.

Krico, in his black robe with a red border, was flying in the air and looking down at the Hawk tribe with an evil gaze making the low-level tribe members shiver at his gaze.

"Old Krico, we will duel after I take care of these spirit beasts. Now get back to your tribe,"

As soon as Krico's voice ended, Qwerek flew into the sky and stood face to face with Krico and domineeringly asked Krico to go back to his tribe.

"Haha, you forget that I have the right to challenge you whenever I want. So, I want to challenge you right now," Initially, when he heard Qwerek's domineering words, Krico felt something about Qwerek had changed from the time he last met Qwerek in the ancient ruins.

However, when he remembered who was supporting him, Krico's fear had disappeared as he continued acting arrogantly.

Also, the meaning behind his words was that Qwerek allowed him to challenge whenever Krico wanted to battle him and Krico made Qwerek swear on his tribe and its ancestors in the past when Qwerek needed something from Krico.

So, Krico said he had the right to challenge Qwerek at any time he wanted to battle.

"You fool. I heard your tribe was also under the attack of the spirit beast horde. What are you doing at a time like this? Go back and protect your tribe," Qwerek was irritated at the foolish behaviour of Krico and felt something was wrong with Krico today.

Even though they were enemies, Qwerek knew that Krico was not bold enough to challenge him for a duel without a reason and hurriedly used his wits to find out the reason behind Krico's appearance at his tribe.

Also, since the fire crow tribe was also under the same situation as that of the Hawk tribe, Qwerek didn't understand what was going inside that old brain of Krico.

"What tribe?" Krico scoffed at Qwerek when he mentioned the fire crow's tribe and paused for a while as though he was waiting for something.

At the same time, Ajax formulated a brilliant plan that allowed Raweth to hear his tribe leader's words.

Ajax's plan was very simple.

According to Krico's words, Ajax was able to guess that he didn't value his own tribe much. So he wanted Raweth to know the true face of his tribe's leader.

"If I defeat you, then it's worth celebrating, so who cares about the tribe," Krico smirked as he said his priority to Qwerek.

Krico wanted Qwerek to agree to the duel with him so that the older birdman would rescue Raweth from the Hawk tribe.

For that reason, he said those words, so that Qwerek would agree to the duel with him.

From the moment he learned that he was not a chosen one of the fire crow tribe, he stopped caring about the tribe and decided to focus solely on his strength.

Although he no longer cared about the tribe, he didn't want his tribe to be destroyed, so he wanted to quickly fight Qwerek for sometime before escaping from the Hawk tribe with Raweth.

"Krico, you have gone mad. Do you understand what you are talking about?" Qwerek was enraged when he heard Krico's words and was unable to control his anger as he shouted at Krico for his foolishness.

"Qwerek, are you going back on your word now? If so, then just say it out loud," Krico smirked as he stressed his words on the promise.

"Youuu," when he heard Krico's words and along with his smirk, Qwerek was unable to control his anger any longer and said, "I accept the death duel. Only one of us should live."

After saying that Qwerek didn't waste any time as he rushed at Krico at his passive lightning speed and instantly appeared in front of Krico before using his Lightning punch.


As soon as the punch landed on Krico's abdomen, he was blasted into the earth and a huge mushroom smoke appeared at the place where he was crushed into the ground.

'What the fuck! Elder Qwerek's speed and power are stronger than I expected. Looks like Snow still has a long way to reach that speed,' Ajax muttered to himself as he recalled Qwerek speed which even he was unable to see him until he appeared in front of Krico.

Also, he compared the Elder Qwerek's speed with Snow's passive skill 'lightning speed' and thought that Snow still had a lot to learn and improve her skills.

'I wonder, is he alive or dead?' Ajax looked at the ground where Krico was slammed and thought.

'By the way, how Raweth is doing?' All of a sudden, Ajax thought about Raweth and looked into the inner world.

He didn't look at anything and directly gazed at Raweth.

Raweth's whole body was flaring up and became completely red as though there was no skin on his body. The wings tattoo on his back also materialized and their size was almost double than the previous time.

'What is happening?' Ajax was puzzled at Raweth's anger and walked towards him in his spirit consciousness form.

Although Ajax knew the reason behind Raweth's anger, he didn't understand why he was that much angrier and decided to calm him.

"Why are you behaving like this? Didn't you say tribe comes first and everything next? Where is that passion towards the tribe?"

When Ajax went near to him, Ajax heard many questions from Raweth which seemed to be asking Krico.

Ajax stopped for a moment and shook his head before walking towards Raweth.

When he was less than 2 meters from Raweth, Ajax felt a heatwave from Raweth that was very hot and Ajax stopped there itself as he didn't want to risk burning in that flames.

"Raweth, what is your little brother's name?" Ajax loudly asked waking Raweth from his dazed thoughts.


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