New Age Of Summoners Chapter 311

299 Penalty


Before he could know what was happening inside his spirit consciousness, he fell onto the ground while screaming with a pained voice.

"What happened to him?" one of five elders who was observing Ajax from time to time asked the Kriaww.

"Was he attacked by the spirit beasts?" Before Kriaww could give any reply to that Elder, there was another question from Eica

"No, looked there were no spirit beasts around him. He killed all of them," Shaking his head, he pointed his finger at Ajax's surroundings, Kraiww said as he rushed and other elders rushed towards him.

Before Ajax could fall onto the ground he killed all the spirit beasts around him, so all elders heaved a sigh. But still, they rushed towards their tribe's benefactor.

"I request that only one of the elders leave the fight," Before they could even travel a small distance towards Ajax, they were stopped by the captain of the Hawk guardians.

When they heard the Captain of the Hawk guardians' words, they realized that they were in the middle of a fight and stopped in their tracks all of a sudden.

"Kraiww, go and check Ajax's condition," Cretual agreed with the Captain's words and asked Kraiww to check on Ajax as he was the closest one among all the five elders to Ajax.

All the elders agreed with Cretual, the first elder's words and nodded before returningto their battle with the spirit beasts.

"Okay, you just concentrate on the fight, I will take care of our benefactor," Kraiww nodded his head and rushed towards Ajax and checked that Ajax's health doesn't have any problem which made him heave a sigh of relief.

He put a healing pill in Ajax's mouth before carrying him towards the tribe leader's house for giving him to the tribe's physician.


As Kraiww was carrying Ajax, he was still feeling the pain but it was much less than the pain that made him fall onto the ground earlier.

'What is happening to my spirit consciousness,' Ajax kept on muttering as he checked his spirit consciousness.

'What the heck? Why did it decrease?' Ajax was shocked to see that his spirit consciousness size was decreased by the small size.

Although the decrease in size was small, it was still his spirit consciousness. So, Ajax felt shocked as it was impossible for a thing like this to happen.

'Is it because of the penalty from the new mission?'

Soon, Ajax was able to relate to the shrinking of his spirit consciousness with the newly generated system mission.

Just as he related it, he got a new system notification in his head.


Correct, the host received a penalty for opposing the system mission.


For now, the host's cultivation is sealed by two minor realms and it can only be regained by using the energy orbs that were gained by completing the system mission.

'Okay then, I will do whatever I feel is right even if the system opposes me. I have my principles, so even if you give the same missions in the future, I will continue to oppose them,'Ajax voiced out his thoughts for the first time to the system.


The system suggests the host not to oppose the system's future missions.


Other penalties will be even more cruel.

To Ajax's reply, the system sent a couple of notifications advising Ajax not to do the same thing he did earlier.

'Whatever, I will do those missions if only I liked. Even if the mission difficulty is high, I don't mind as long as I feel them right,' Ajax shook his head, disagreeing with the system.

Ajax felt that he needed to help the Hawk tribe members from the spirit beasts mad killing as he suffered the same thing back in the Silver Orphanage.

According to him, if some powerful cultivator helped him back then he would be with his friends and other countless children in the Silver Orphanage would have been alive.

Although they might be suffering in their life after joining the military or becoming normal people, they would have at least been alive instead of dying in the hands of the cruel assassins who didn't bat an eye in killing the poor children.

From then he decided that he would help whoever required his help, even if it was a small help he would gladly do it without hesitation.

And, from the beginning all the system missions he completed were not against his principles, so he was happy to complete them and take rewards from the system.

However, now the system suddenly gave a mission against his principles, so he felt he needed to clarify a thing with the system.

"Elder Kraiww, I am alright now. Can you please put me down?" Ajax felt weird when he opened his eyes and looked at Kraiww who was carrying him in his hand with a face full of worry.

However, he felt warm that he was able to gain some real friends and family in the Five elemental world.

"Huh?" Elder Kraiww stopped all of sudden and without putting Ajax down, he asked, "Ajax, are you alright?"

"Yes yes, I am completely fine. Can you please put me down," Ajax once again asked Elder Kraiww to put him down.

"Oh. Okay okay," Kraiww saw the embarrassment on Ajax's face and quickly put him down and asked, "What happened to you back there, Ajax."

Kriaww was unable to find the reason behind Ajax's painful noises, so he asked Ajax about his problem.

"Huh?" Ajax found it hard to explain, so he simply said, "I was tired from yesterday's appraisal."

Ajax was lucky that he was able to dodge Kraiww's question by mentioning about yesterday's event which made Kraiww didn't doubt his words.

"Then take some rest, Ajax," Kraiww nodded his head and turned to go back to the fight.

However, he suddenly stopped as though he remembered something and asked Ajax, "Ajax, if you don't mind, can you please say the effect of the small coin you managed to find out yesterday."

While asking about it, Kraiww's face looked somewhat embarrassed and at the same time, it was filled with curiosity.

It was not Kriaww's fault because that small coin was their tribe's mythical grade artifact and how he was not curious about its effect which might change the future of their tribe.

Even the tribe leader, Qwerek was also barely able to withhold his curiosity towards the effect of the small coin.

In fact, earlier Qwerek was about to ask Ajax regarding the small coin's effect; however, just as Qwerek was about to ask him, he sensed something in the distance and hurriedly flew away even before asking about it.

Back to the present, when Ajax heard Kraiww's words and looked at his face, he was unable to without his laughter but still, he was barely able to withhold and didn't waste any time as he decided to reveal the effect of the small coin to Elder Kraiww.

"The effect of the small coin is.. "

"Old Qwerek, I challenge you to a duel now. If you are a real birdman come and face me now," Before he could finish his sentence, Ajax heard a loud voice resounded in the Hawk tribe making him stop his words.

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