New Age Of Summoners Chapter 310

298 An Unusual Mission

Ajax thought that he guessed the newly generated mission correctly but when he saw the mission information in the quest tab, he pinched himself to know whether it was real or a dream.

'When did the system become this cruel?' Ajax thought in his head about the system when he sensed the pain from his pinch and once again checked the mission.


Mission name:- Don't get into unnecessary trouble

Danger rating:- None

Reward:-an energy orb (that contains the energy to help the host to break through two minor realms).

Description:- The hawk tribe already owes the host a great amount of favour, so there is no need to trouble yourself to help them anymore since they have their own strength and the system suggests the host concentrate on the main thing that the host has come to the five elemental world.

Penalty for helping:- The host will lose two minor realms of cultivation from his strength.

'What the heck wrong with the system today?' Ajax worried about the system that was behaving a little cruel today as he carefully read the information of the mission.

In the past, whenever, Ajax decided to do something, the system used to generate a mission in his favour; however, this time the system asked me to do nothing and he would get a free reward.

'But...But I,'

"Ajax, you also go inside and take a rest. We will take care of these spirit beasts and talk."

Before he could complete his thinking, he heard Elder Qwerek's voice that told him to go inside the tribe leader's house.

Although he knew that Ajax could help them with his average commander realm strength in killing the spirit beasts, he didn't want Ajax to help them.

The reason for that was his tribe already owed a great favour and he didn't want to ask Ajax to help him as he was embarrassed to ask another favour from Ajax.


Ajax was speechless at Qwerek's voice and didn't know what to say to him since he already knew what Elder Qwerek was feeling inside his heart.

'He must be thinking that they owed me too much already and decided not to ask any help from me,' Ajax thought to himself, looking at the fighting that was going outside.

From the fight up to now, the Hawk tribe was in the advantageous position but he knew it would not last much longer looking at the spirit beast horde from a distance.

"I already rested enough, Elder Qwerek and I want to test my strength. So, I will fight no matter who you think," Ajax shook his head and flatly rejected Qwerek's idea.

"But, we."

"I know what you think. But, let me clear you a thing first. This time I am only fighting for myself and it doesn't have anything to do with the tribe," Ajax concluded his words in a face full of seriousness making Qwerek's heart smile.

"Okay, but please take care of yourself and only fight low-level spirit beasts," Qwerek nodded his head and didn't persuade Ajax any longer when he saw the seriousness on his face.

"Sure," Although Ajax agreed to Qwerek's words, he had plans for high-level spirit beasts.

With his current strength, he could easily take care of the peak rank 4 spirit beasts and could even compete against rank 5 spirit beasts.

However, Qwerek didn't know Ajax plans as he flew in a specific direction all of a sudden when he sensed something, leaving behind Ajax at the entrance of the tribe leader's house.

"Now, let me fill my essence of nature and improve my dao's," Ajax muttered in a low voice as he focused on a group of low-level rank 4 spirit beasts as his appetizer.

Previously, when he tried to appraise the mythical grade artifact, all his essence of nature was absorbed by that artifact making his spirit consciousness empty and now, he wanted to fill it once again.

Along with it, he could use the rank 4 spirit beasts to improve his dao in a respective weapon.

Among the current spirit beasts that were present in the tribe, the highest level of the spirit beast was only level 5 and even those spirit beasts could be counted on a single hand and they were fighting the Hawk guardians and the fight was still in the advantage for the Hawk tribe.

So, Ajax decided to save his strength for later when the thousands of spirit beasts in the horde reaches the tribe.

He took out the Bloodlust spear out of his spirit consciousness and without using the spear dao, he casually pierced the spear into the spirit beasts to gain comprehension in his spear dao.

Although his attacks were not fatal for the rank 4 spirit beasts without using the spear dao, it helped him to understand new things about the spear which made him elated.

Time continued to pass as Ajax used his bloodlust spear to continuously kill the spirit beasts in a multiple strikes.

At times, the five elders and 12 Hawk guardians also noticed Ajax's cool fighting style which looked very simple to their eyes but they know that Ajax was trying to create a new spear move for his fighting style.

"That brat is good,"

"If we have one brat like that in our tribe, we will sure prosper for generations,"

"Okay, stop praising him and continue the fight,"

All the Hawk guardians discussed Ajax's relaxed fighting with a couple of spirit beasts that have higher strength than his cultivation which made them praise him.

However, they were scolded by the 12 Hawk guardians captain for their slacking in the middle of the fight.

After scolding them, he glanced at Ajax for a moment before continuing his fight.






The host killed a rank 4 spirit beast

The host gained 200 units of the essence of nature.





With every strike, Ajax was making a hole in the spirit beast's body and along with the strikes, he got his usual essence bonus from killing the spirit beasts.

However, one thing, Ajax didn't understand that the essence of nature he was getting from killing the rank 4 spirit beasts was way less than the spirit beasts he killed in his world.



'System, help me clear my doubt,' Ajax didn't stop his spear strikes even when he asked the system about an answer for his question.


Since the host's strength is equal to the opponent's strength, the essence of nature gained from killing them would be less. So, if the host wants more essence of nature, please kill the enemies that have higher strength than the host.

'Huh? So, it's like this. No problem,' Nowadays, Ajax was not worrying about the essence of nature much as he had fewer uses of it; however, it motivated him to kill higher realm opponents.

When he first started his cultivation journey, he had to use the essence of nature for every little thing like upgrading his cultivation, skills, techniques, elemental spirits etc.

However, after breakthrough, he could not use that method to upgrade his cultivation and all his cultivation techniques required more essence of nature than his current spirit consciousness capacity.

So, he didn't bother with it much.

'What's happening?'

As he was thinking about the essence of nature, he suddenly felt something in his spirit consciousness that made him shocked.


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8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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