New Age Of Summoners Chapter 309

297 Spirit Beast Horde

"Let's go now," The older birdman urged Krico to challenge Qwerek right away.

"Why are you forcing me? Let me make my preparations first," Looking at the urging Older birdman, Krico angrily said before leaving for his room to make preparations for his challenge with Qwerek.

'Damn you, I will just watch how you will die in the hands of that little hawk tribe leader,' Even though he was angry, the older birdman suppressed his anger and coldly laughed inside his heart thinking about the future of Krico.


Inside Ajax's room,


On a comfortable bed, Ajax was sleeping without a care in the world along with his loud snoring.


Mission alert


Mission alert




All of a sudden, the system gave continuous notifications about the Mission alert which made him wake up hurriedly as he looked at his surroundings.

Only when he saw that he was in a room that was allocated to him by Qwerek, then he heaved a sigh of relief.

"What a weird dream?"

After rubbing his eyes, Ajax thought to himself about some dream.

Soon, he calmed himself and tried to recall the dream which was weird and he could only remember the vague outline of it; however, he was unable to recall the dream.

'Nevermind, I should go to Fire crow's tribe and save Raweth's little brother, then I can leave from this alluring yet deadly five elemental world quickly,' Ajax thought in his head and went to shower.

From the moment he entered the five elemental world this time, he was having an ominous feeling that something was about to happen here soon.

So, he wanted to leave this world as soon as possible.

Soon, he came out of his shower and wearing a new set of clothes and sat on the bed.

'Why is my spirit consciousness became empty all of a sudden?' After having a shower, Ajax felt refreshed and thought about the reason behind him falling unconscious.

Thanks to Elder boron's stories, Ajax knew that appraisers need to use their essence of nature to evaluate the items of unknown identity. So, he was not worried about explaining why he fell unconscious when evaluating the small purple coin in front of them.

However, Ajax knew that was not an actual reason his spirit consciousness became empty as he doesn't need any essence of nature to evaluate the items since the system will take care of it.

Nevertheless, he lost his essence of nature in his spirit consciousness that made him puzzled and began to think back to the feeling when he was holding the small coin in his hand.

'I felt that the coin was absorbing my essence of nature when I first used the system to evaluate it. Since it's absorption is slow I didn't care but who would have that small coin absorb all my essence in one gulp when its first effect was displayed on the holographic screen,'

When he thought back to the feeling before he became unconscious and slowly remembered the entire events of what happened to him when he was evaluating the small coin and nodded his head.

'I guess, I should not randomly check the effects of high-level artifacts in the future,' Ajax felt lucky as he was able to find out one of the drawbacks of evaluating the high-level artifacts.

'By theway, why can I sense the small coin from here?' Ajax felt weird as he thought about the small coin earlier, he was able to guess it's rough location.

"Whatever, as long as it doesn't absorb more of my essence of nature it will be good," Ajax thought in his head as he walked out of his room to meet Qwerekand say his thoughts about going to the fire crow tribe.

Sensing the small coin's presence, Ajax walked towards Qwerek who just came out of his room in a hurry.

"What happened, Elder Qwerek?" Ajax asked when he saw the hurried Qwerek.

"Huh?" Qwerek stopped and turned to look at Ajax and asked, "You wake up sooner than I thought. Come with me."

Tribe leader Qwerek didn't give Ajax any time as he hurriedly walked out of the house.

Without talking, Ajax simply followed Qwerek out of the tribe leader's house.



As soon as he came out, he saw many spirit beasts of different kinds attack the Hawk tribe as they roared.

"What is happening? Where did this many spirit beasts come from?" Ajax was shocked to see that many spirit beasts at one place.

There were thousands of spirit beasts that were coming from the distance which made him puzzle as to how could that many spirit beasts attack at one once.

'There must be someone that was controlling all these spirit beasts,'

Not only Ajax, anyone in that place could say that someone was controlling since it was impossible for that many spirit beasts to attack a single tribe unanimously.

"All women and children come and hide in the tribe leader's house. It will protect you,"

"All women and children come and hide in the tribe leader's house,"

Kraiww and Krail shouted as they rescued the children and women while asking them to go and hide in the tribe leader's house.

"All of you, go inside the house and hide. This tribe leader and elders will kill those spirit beasts," Qwerek also loudly shouted, waking up the dazed bird-women and children from their shocks and waving them to go inside his house.

When they heard their tribe leader's words, they immediately ran into the tribe leader's house without any hesitation as they have more belief in Qwerek and any other elders.

Ajax was not concentrating on the tribesmen or the spirit bears, he was looking at some powerful hawk tribe, old birdmen and middle-aged men that had the strength of general realm to the level 5 of the elite general realm.

"Who are they? They looked very powerful," Ajax unconsciously spoke out as he looked at the fearless Hawk birdmen.

"Huh?" Qwerek heard Ajax's words and followed his gaze and looked at the powerful birdman that were fearlessly fighting the spirit beasts and smiled, "They are the 12 Hawk guardians of our tribe."

"Hawk guardians? 12 of them?" Ajax found the title of those birdmen suited them very well as they were taking care of many spirit beasts on their own.

"But, why didn't they come out when we went to the ancient ruins last time?" Ajax nodded at Qwerek's words and asked his doubt.

"Haha, they will not leave the tribe and show themselves at normal times and their only job is to protect the tribe from danger. They will die fighting for the tribe without any regrets," Qwerek clarified Ajax's doubt and observed the surrounding of the tribe for any rank 6 spirit beast.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head as he understood about the 12 hawk guardians and decided to help them.

However, before he moved his foot, Ajax got a system notification.


A new system notification is generated in the quest tab; please check it.

'Here comes the tribe rescuing mission,' Seeing the system notification in front of him, Ajax was able to guess the mission and immediately checked the quest tab.


However, when he saw the mission he felt something was wrong with the system.


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