New Age Of Summoners Chapter 306

294 15 Crows

"What?" As soon as the masked birdman heard those words, he was utterly shocked and at the same time, he was confused as he didn't understand why Krico wanted to do such a horrible thing to his own wife.

But before that, he also thought, why did Krico never mention his wife to other tribe members and kept her identity secret from everyone.

"You must be wondering about why I didn't mention it, right?" Krico slowly turned back as he said, "Because I didn't see her as my wife and doesn't want others to know about her."

"Why is it?" The masked birdman asked as he was thinking back to the time when his friend was good and always wanted something to do to the tribe.

However, at some point of time, he changed.

He preferred his strength over the tribe's future. If he could get a great strength he would not hesitate to destroy the whole tribe.

"Haha," instead of replying to his question, Krico laughed as he waved his hand sealing the surroundings of his house with some kind of barrier.

'Looks like this matter is very important to him. He even sealed the surroundings to prevent others from listening to his words,' the masked birdman thought in his mind as he waited for Krico to say the truth.

As expected, as soon as the surroundings were sealed, Krico cleared his throat as he said, "It's our tribe's old priest who died a few years ago."

"What? Why did he do that kind of thing? He did a lot for our tribe," Masked birdman was shocked to hear a great person he idolized from his childhood.

The fire crow tribe's power structure was somewhat different from other tribe's power structure.

For example, the Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe's power structure was very simple with a tribe leader, five main elders and twelve guardians who would protect the tribe from the enemies.

Whereas, the Fire Crow tribe's power structure was a little complex with one tribe leader, one grand elder, one priest, five elders, seven outer elders and fifteen crows who would lurk in the dark to protect the tribe and gather the important mission.

All the fifteen crows should cover their faces with masks and should follow the orders of the tribe leader at any cost from the moment they enter the fifteen crows unit.

And the masked birdman who was having a lengthy conversation was the leader of the fifteen crows and a childhood friend of Krico.

When they were young the masked birdman's father was the leader of the fifteen crows and he asked his father and other relatives to help Krico become the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe.

However, once Krico became the tribe leader, he started showing his different side and slowly managed to bribe the elders.

Those who agreed to follow his orders willingly, became more and more powerful whereas the others who opposed him died mysteriously.

Among those who opposed Krico, the grand elders and other few powerful ones were the only ones left alive.

What was even more depressing for the masked birdman was that he thought that his father's death had something to do with Krico but there was no clear proof and there was nothing he could do to Krico which may endanger the lives of his family and friends.

From then he started rising in his power to find out the truth behind his father's death and became the captain of the fifteen crows from a normal fifteen crows unit member.

"Yes, he is good and even in his death he thought about the death but I had to kill him with my own hands..sigh," Krico sighed as he looked at his own hands.

The masked birdman came out of his thoughts about the past and jolted when he heard Krico's words.

"Damn you Krico, I want to kill you," The masked birdman didn't hesitate any longer when he heard the priest was killed by Krico and disappeared from his position and appeared behind Krico.

When the masked birdman was younger, the priest taught him many things and took care of him like a grandson, so when he heard that the priest, who was like a grandfather to him, was killed by Krico, he didn't hesitate to kill the tribe leader, Krico.

"Haha, finally I saw my hot-blooded childhood friend," Just when the dagger in the masked birdman's hand was about to pierce through Krico, the dagger was blocked by Krico's huge black wings.

After saying those words he casually swept away the masked birdman with his huge wings.

"Why? Just why are you doing all these things?" The masked bird asked Krico while gritting his teeth.

"I am already explaining you; but, you are the one who keeps distracting me," Krico looked at the masked birdman who was on the floor and continued, "Let me explain the whole story until then keep listening."

Krico glanced at him and nodded his head in satisfaction and started the story.

"Just after I became the tribe leader with you and your father's help, the old priest came to the tribe leader's house to have a talk with me. While we were discussing the tribe's future, I asked the old priest to predict my future with his divine skill, hehe" Krico stopped for a while and laughed making the masked birdman shocked.

He was shocked because it was very dangerous to use the divine skill and every priest could only activate that skill once every ten years and that was also only to check the tribe's future; however, when he heard Krico's words, he was unable to believe that the priest used his divine skill for checking Krico's future.

"Haha, don't be shocked. The reason he agreed was also because of you and your father, so he believed that I am the chosen one to lead the Fire crow tribe towards glory and checked my future that is only related to the tribe and I was shocked by what he after using his divine skill," Krico's face became serious all of a sudden as he explained.

The masked birdman didn't disturb him and waited for Krico to continue his story.

"He said that I have to marry a tribeswoman who was an orphan and has the highest purity of our ancestor, the three-legged fire crow's bloodline in her body but the matter of that marriage should not be known to anyone and should be concealed from everyone no matter what happens," Krico said with the same seriousness on his face.

"Huh?" the masked birdman was puzzled as he stood up from the ground and asked, "What it has anything to do with the tribe's glory?"

He didn't understand how a tribe could become glorious by marrying a woman. So, he asked Krico while wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"After hearing those words, I asked the same thing. To that, he replied, 'The actually chosen one was not you but your first son who was born from her body, haha'. Once I heard his words, I felt something in my heartbreak," Krico said to the masked birdman in a sad tone.

"What?" the masked birdman asked with a shock on his face as he looked at Krico.


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