New Age Of Summoners Chapter 305

293 The Masked Birdman

"Right, I will take care of the spirit beasts when they dared to enter our tribe and now you can all go back to your houses," Krico didn't say anything to the old fire crow birdman and asked everyone to leave his room.

"You..," the old fire crow birdman was angry at Krico's carelessness for the tribe's safety; however, he doesn't have sufficient strength nor support to go against Krico.

So, he left with other elders without saying a word.

Among the five other elders, two elders showed dissatisfaction towards Krico's words whereas the other three didn't care about anything as they left Krico's house.

The reason for their dissatisfaction was that it's been a few months but their tribe leader was not taking care of their tribe and continuously thinking about something all the time.

Even if he did that at a normal time, they wouldn't mind anything; however, recently many spirit beasts were showing up at the surroundings of their tribe making all the tribesmen anxious.

"Damn you, Grand elder. You are becoming more and more rebellious at me. Just wait for some time and look at how I take care of you," After everyone left, Krico loudly cursed the previous elder, who dared to talk to him without any respect.

Soon, he suppressed his anger and looked at the second entrance of his house.

From it, a masked figure that had the same black wings of a fire crow tribe member.

"What is it this time?" When he saw the masked birdman, Krico raised his brows as he asked him.

"The condition of Raweth's brother became even more critical. What should I do with him?" The masked figure bowed in front of Krico as he said those words politely.

"Huh? Leave it and let him die," Krico barely glanced at the masked figure before standing up from his seat.


"Are you worrying about Raweth's returning?" Before the masked birdman could say something, Krico interjected him and asked with a mock on his face.

"Yes, master. If he comes back and finds out that we let his brother die will make your years of plans spoil, right?" The masked birdman respectfully said to Krico.

"What is there to spoil anything. Plans? They are all gone when Raweth missed for more than 2 months without a trace," Krico became enraged at the end of his sentence that made the masked figure shiver.

"So, why don't we directly kill Raweth's brother and put him out of his misery?" The masked birdman asked about directly killing Raweth's brother.

"Huh? Raweth spoiled all my plans and now you want his brother to die without pain? Haha. Just follow the orders, Slave," Krico said with a loud laugh as he wanted Raweth's brother to suffer.

Although he was laughing, his face was fully filled with hatred towards Raweth who spoiled his many years of planning just by disappearing without a trace.

"But...but...isn't that a bit too cru,"

"Haha, Look, who is talking about cruelty," Krico didn't give any chance to the masked birdman as he chuckled at him and continued, "Your family should just follow the orders of the tribe leader which is me. So, just follow my orders and stop the supply of medicinal herbs to Raweth's brother and let him die slowly."

When he heard Krico's words, the masked birdman looked very angry that he wanted to kill Krico right there; but, all his family members swore to follow the orders of the tribe leader.

"Okay, master,"

So, he nodded his head and turned around to leave the tribe leader's house but he was stopped by Kricos clapping.

"Huh?" He turned around only to see Krico taking out a small glass vial from his space ring which made the masked birdman's raised his brows as he concentrated on the vial.

"Is it...is it what I think it is?" After suppressing his shock, the masked birdman asked Krico as though he knew what was inside the small glass vial.

"Correct, it is the item what you think it is," Krico smiled as he walked towards the masked birdman and said, "Do you know the reason for Raweth's brother's sickness?"

"I know. It is a sickness that came from his mother," the masked man said as he thought about it.

"Wait a second. How did his mother get that sickness? Don't tell me you are the one that used that liquid in your hand?" But, all of a sudden, the masked figure thought about something and asked Krico with seriousness in his eyes.

"Stop looking like that. I hate it when people from the slave families look like that," Krico irritatedly said to the masked figure before keeping a hand on his shoulder.

"And, as for the answer to your question, yes, it is me who mixed this liquid with the food Raweth's mother was taking, hehe" Krico smiled as he answered the masked birdman's question.

"You...why did you do that? Raweth is a son like you and he likes you very much and wants to become like you. Then why did you do that kind of horrible thing to his mother and his little brother," Masked birdman asked Krico while gritting his teeth.

"Slave, aren't you a curious little piece of shit?" Krico smiled as he scoffed at the masked birdman whose eyes turned red when he talked earlier.

"But no problem. I will say why I did that kind of thing to his mother and brother," Krico looked at the masked birdman as he continued, "Since, I want to share this truth with some I know and understand me well."

"Yes, I know you very well. I didn't see a person like you before in my life. If I get any chance in the future I will kill you by myself," The masked birdman's previous respect disappeared into thin air and started saying some words with full seriousness in his face.

"I already told you to watch your tone when you are talking to me," Krico wanted the masked birdman once more before saying, "I reason I didn't kill you for your impudence towards me because of our childhood friendship; otherwise, you would have died just like your father without a body."

"Who are you calling a friend? I don't have a friend like you who wants to kill anyone that comes in his way. Anyway, I want to know why you did that kind of horrible thing to them?" The masked birdman quickly rejected Krico's words but from his words, anyone could guess how close they were in their childhood.

Nevertheless, the masked birdman's eyes were blood-red at the moment and waited for an answer from Krico.

The masked birdman's father was the switch to his anger, so when Krico mentioned his father, his previously suppressed anger flared up and he was unable to control it.

But, still, he could not harm Krico as he swore upon his family's name to protect the tribe leader.

"Oh, my dear old friend and at the same time, my present slave, you want an answer from your master? Sure," Krico showed a cunning smile on his face as he carefully observed the masked birdman's expression while saying, "Because, Raweth is my son."


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