New Age Of Summoners Chapter 304

292 Qwereks Thoughts

"What the heck?" Erek shouted at the unconscious Ajax as he was unable to take the anxiety about the coin's effect.

"What happened to him all of a sudden?" Eica asked with a suspicious look on her face.

"The suspense is killing me," Kraiww and Krail said the same words at the same time.

"Is he playing games with this old birdman," The hawk tribe leader, Qwerek also joined with the five elders and doubted Ajax's all of a sudden unconsciousness.

All five elders and one tribe leader didn't move towards Ajax; instead, they were thinking Ajax was playing a prank on them.

The reason they thought like this was they checked Ajax's heath which was stable and there was no issue with his body or his cultivation.

However, Ajax didn't move his body for a few minutes and even started snoring making them irritated.

"Hey kid, don't play with us. Wake up and say the effect of the coin already,"

Erek couldn't bear the snoring and came forward to wake Ajax up.

If there was another member instead of Ajax, they would have slapped them to death; instead of waking them like Ajax.

If not for Ajax being their tribe's benefactor, they would have already given Ajax a 100 punches; however, they controlled their anger and tried to wake him up.

Even after trying for a while, Ajax didn't wake up which made them raise their brows and they immediately rushed towards him.

Qwerek, the oldest among all the birdmen present there, checked Ajax's health condition by placing his hand on Ajax's head before closing his eyes.

Soon, he opened his eyes and nodded his head as though he understood something.

"What happened, tribe leader?"

"Is he okay?"

" Tribe leader, just say that he is acting and then watch how I wake him up," Erek said, quite the opposite of what other elders were saying.

Four elders asked worriedly about Ajax's health whereas Erek asked differently but his face was also filled with concern and worry.

"There is nothing to worry about. It's just that his spirit consciousness barely has any essence of nature left in it. All he needs now is some rest," Qwerek said about Ajax's condition to everyone.

"Good," All the elders heaved a sigh of relief and nodded their heads after hearing Qwerek's words.

"But, what happened to his essence of nature?" Kraiww asked as he didn't understand why Ajax's spirit consciousness became empty all of sudden.

"I think I have an answer for it," Qwerek replied to Kriaww before looking at all the other elders and explained, "Like every profession, Appraisers also need to use their essence of nature when they use their techniques for evaluating the items."

"As for the reason, his spirit consciousness became empty all of a sudden was due to him trying to evaluate a Mythical grade artifact with his low-level cultivation," Qwerek looked at the unconscious Ajax as he finished his reason for his unconscious.

"So, before he can completely appraise the Mythical grade coin his spirit consciousness is exhausted; however, he still knows the effect of the artifact, right?" Erek voiced out his thoughts and looked at Ajax in a different light.

According to him, as long as Ajax wakes up, they could know one effect of their tribe's Mythical grade artifact which might be a help for their tribe to rise even higher to other regions in the five elemental world.

"Yes, he just needs to wake up," All the other elders nodded their heads in agreement.

"Okay elders, now go back to your abodes. I will order someone to carry Ajax to his room," Qwerek shook his at the words of his tribe's elders and aborted the gifting ceremony.

"Okay tribe leader, but don't forget to call us as soon as he wakes up," All the elders more or less said the same thing before leaving the Main Hall of the tribe leader's house.

'I wonder how much essence of nature does his spirit consciousness holds,'

After everyone left, Qwerek thought as he was puzzled at Ajaxa's spirit consciousness.

Previously Qwerek forgot that appraising an item consumes the essence of nature of the appraiser for using his techniques in evaluating the item, so he was shocked at Ajax's sudden unconscious state.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he was puzzled at Ajax, who was only at a level 7 of the commander realm was not only capable of finding out the name of a Mythical grade artifact but he was also able to appraise one of its effects.

In general, an appraiser of the commander realm strength could only appraise Heaven grade artifacts or below and an appraiser of the general realm strength could appraise a Legend grade artifact.

However, Ajax was able to appraise a Mythical grade artifact with only commander realm strength making Qwerek shocked about his spirit consciousness size.

"What is his background actually? Which higher world did he come from? And what he wants from the Five elemental world that made him come twice?" Qwerek's head was filled with a lot of questions as he thought about Ajax's background.

"I guess, I have to ask my questions to you later," Qwerek shook his head and carried Ajax by himself instead of ordering someone else to carry him.

Qwerek placed Ajax in Ajax's room before leaving for his room.

On the bed, Ajax started snoring once again after Qwerek left and slept like a log without any worries.


In the fire crow tribe,

Inside a house that looked more majestic than the remaining houses, an old birdman with huge black wings behind his back was sitting crossed in the main hall of the room.

He was none other than the fire crow tribe's tribe leader, Krico.

In front of him, six birdmen with a mix of both old and middle-aged birdmen with similar huge black wings behind their backs.

However, the wings of these six birdmen had less red markings on them when compared with the tribe leader.

These six middle-aged and old birdmen were the elders of the fire crow tribe.

"Tribe leader, we have to do something about the spirit beasts that are lurking in the outskirts of our tribe," one of the middle-aged birdmen said to Krico in a respectful tone.

"Yes tribe leader, the number of spirit beasts are increasing with each passing day," Another elder supported the previous elder's words.

"Tribe leader, talk something. You are like this from the moment the three tribes contest was over. Can you do your role as the tribe leader?" The elder this time was an old birdman that had only a few features on his huge black wings.

'Huh?' when they heard the oldest birdman's words, all the remaining elders were shocked and looked at him.

"Hahaha, no one dared to talk to me like this for years and you made me think of something with your words just now," The tribe leader, who had closed his eyes till now opened his eyes when he heard the oldest elder's words and laughed as he talked.

"Isn't my right as the grand elder to ask the current tribe leader to do his job," the old fire crow elder said with a smile on his wrinkled face.


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