New Age Of Summoners Chapter 303

291 Mythical Grade Artifac

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised to see that tribe leader Qwerek had taken out a small coin from his space ring and asked him to appraise it.

"Ajax, can you help me and say about it. Even if you are unable to appraise it, it's not a problem," Qwerek looked at Ajax as he asked once again.

"Sure, I will give it a try," Ajax acted modestly as he took the small coin from Qwerek.

Even before he could check it's details, Ajax felt something from the coin but it only lasted for a second giving him quite a shock.

"Elder Qwerek, is it related to your tribe?" Ajax asked without even checking the coin as he wanted to know where Qwerek got this coin from.

"Yes, it is in our tribe's treasury for who knows how long; however, there is a note along with the coin in the box I found it," Elder Qwerek stopped for a moment and continued, "The note said, don't lose it at any cost."

Since it was in the treasure and a note from their ancestors, Qwerek stored it in his space ring to analyze its secrets but he was unable to find it.

Even though there were more appraisers in other regions of the five elemental world, he doesn't want others to know about something that was very important to the tribe.

And, as for the reason he took it out now was he trusted Ajax who was young and strong with no arrogance.

"Okay, I will start now," Ajax nodded his head and understood the importance of the coin in his hand and he also understood how much Elder Qwerek trusted him by taking out that coin.

Everyone nodded their heads and expectantly looked at Ajax andprayed that he should find something about the coin.

Not only Qwerek, but all the Elders of the hawk tribe gave a try in analyzing the coin but they could not find anything. So, all Elders hoped to find something about their tribe's treasure.


Artifact name:- Void breaker coin

Grade:- Mythical grade

Artifact type:- Support type

"Huh?" Ajax looked at the slowing forming words on the holographic screen in front of him and puzzled as he thought, 'Why is it taking so much type for the appearance of words.'

Just as he continued looking at the screen Ajax was shocked as he stood up immediately and closely observed the coin in his hand.

The coin was in a circular shape with 1-2 inches of the radius. It was coated with some kind of purple colour material that made it look more and more mysterious with small symbols on it.

'What the hell! This coin is a mythical grade artifact?' Ajax even doubted the system about its information of the purple coins in his hand.

"What happened Ajax?"

"Did you find anything about it?"

"Please say it quickly Ajax,"

All the elders, even Qwerek, also stood up from their furniture as they hurriedly asked Ajax with many questions and urged him to say something about the coin.

"Uff..." Ajax released a breath and calmed himself from the sudden shock he received from the small coin and looked at the anxious elders.

"Haha, I found its name and grade," Ajax said in a mysterious tone that made all the elders want to kill Ajax for making them even more anxious.

"It's called Void breaker," Ajax didn't want to make them more anxious and slowly said its name and continued, "It's a Mythical level artifact."

"Only Mythical? Huh? What did you say? Don't play with us, Ajax," Erek was the first one to give a response to Ajax's words.

"Yes, Ajax. How can this small coin be a Mythical grade artifact?" Kraiww along with his brother, Krail also agreed with Erek.

When Ajax said that the small coin was a mythical grade artifact, none of the five elders believed his words and asked him to stop joking.

It was not their fault to think like that since the highest grade of the artifact they saw in their lives was a peak level heaven grade artifact. So none of them was able to believe his words.

"Stop it fools," Tribe leader Qwerek became angry at his five Elders who were not believing Ajax's words and quickly scolded them before turning to Ajax and said, "Thanks Ajax, now we know the true value of the coin. But can you help us to know what are its effects or any skill it has?"

As soon as they heard their tribe leader's scolding, all five of them became quiet and sat down in their seats.

Qwerek didn't doubt Ajax's words and thanked him for saying it's true value and he also asked Ajax to help them know its effects and skills.

"Sure, Elder Qwerek," Ajax nodded his head and looked at the words that were slowly appearing on the screen in front of him.

He waited for a few minutes for the words to appear on the holographic screen until then he acted as a professional appraiser and looked at the small purple coin in his hands keenly.

'I hope he finds something out of it,' Qwerek thought in his head and watched Ajax without closing his eyes even once.

After a few minutes, the holographic screen in front of Ajax was half-filled with some effects.

"What?" Ajax was unable to believe the words on the screen as the effect of the coin was too overpowered and shouted out loud once again.

Although only one effect was mentioned and another one was taking time to appear on the screen, Ajax was thrilled at the first effect as he read it.

"What is it, Ajax,"

"Did you find out the effects of the coin?"

"Is there any skill?"

"Ajax, say something",

All the five elders repeated one question after another when they saw how shocked Ajax was and wanted to know what he had found out about the coin.

"Everyone calm down. Let him take his time first and then he will explain,"

Even though Qwerek was also curious about what Ajax had found out about it, he suppressed his curiosity and asked others to do the same as he knew that an appraiser should not be disturbed while they were evaluating an item; otherwise, they would receive a backlash which could harm their cultivation.

"Ok, tribe leader," Every elder agreed to Qwerek as they suppressed their curiosity but still, they wanted Ajax to tell them about the effect or skill of the Mythical grade artifact.

"Huh?" Ajax only came to his senses when Qwerek calmed down all the five elders and looked at the elders and chuckled.

But before explaining the effect to them, Ajax wanted to check it once again to confirm the first effect of the artifact.

'It's good, now I can say to them without worry,' after checking it once again, he said to himself.

"Elder Qwerek and all the elders of the Hawk tribe, listen carefully to my words. Now, I am going to say about one of the effects of the Mythical grade artifact called 'Void Breaker'," Ajax slowly announced his words.

"Ajax, can you stop making such lengthy speeches which are making this old man's heart rate increase," Qwerek requested Ajax to say about the effect quickly in an indirect way.

"Sure, the effect is.," Before Ajax could finish his words, he fell down on his soft chair all of a sudden.


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