New Age Of Summoners Chapter 302

290 A Professional Appraiser

Kraiww took out two things as gifts for Ajax, which was from him and his brother, Krail.

While taking out Kraiww was smiling from ear to ear and no one knows the exact reason for his smile except for his brother.

"Ajax, this is a rank 5 pill recipe which I got from an ancient cave," Kraiww didn't announce the pill recipe's name but only mentioned its rank to increase Ajax's curiosity.

As soon as he took that pill recipe from Kraiww, the system did its work as he got the system notification.


Pill recipe:- Shapeshifting pill (Rank 5)

Description:- A pill that helps to change the consumer's form to the pills main ingredient.

'Huh? System can you explain a bit more,' Ajax didn't understand the description and asked the system in his head.


Shapeshifting pill's main ingredient is the essence of different beings. So, depending on the main ingredient used in refining of the pill, the consumer can transform into the being that he took the essence from.

'Woah, it's such a good recipe but the bad thing is I am only a rank 1 alchemist. I think I should focus on refining once I get back to the Hazegroove mercenary squad,' Ajax quickly thought about increasing his alchemy rank to five. So that he could refine the pill which looked useful in emergencies.

Ajax didn't worry about not reaching the rank 5 in the Alchemy profession, since he already bought the alchemy book about all the experiences and tips from Mason in the Exchange meeting.

The only thing he needed was that he should not get some random adventurous missions for some time so that he could increase his alchemy rank to as high as possible.

'But the ingredients to reach the rank 5 in the alchemy will cost more. What's more, even if he could afford them, there won't be so many high-level ingredients in the Zrochester province,' Ajax suddenly thought about the problem of becoming the rank 5 alchemy master.

'I guess, I have to rely on the dimensional crevice,' Ajax decided to pay another visit to the dimensional crevice.

"How is it Ajax? Did you like it?" Kraiww asked as he looked at Ajax.

"Yes, it is indeed useful to me," Ajax smiled as he replied to Kraiww.

"I know that you are still not satisfied with the gift. But don't worry, I have another gift that can compensate for the cons of the previous gift," Kraiww could guess Ajax's thoughts as it was not easy to become a rank 5 alchemy with limited resources, so he gave a space ring as his brother's gift.

"Huh?" When he heard Kraiww's words, Ajax's interest was piqued as he expectantly took the space ring from Kraiww's hands and checked inside.

Inside the space ring, the space was only the size of a small room but it was completely filled by various glass containers that had medicinal ingredients in them.

When he carefully observed them, Ajax was able to recognize some of the ingredients in them as the rank 5 herbs whereas other containers were filled with rank 3 and rank 4 ingredients that could be used for refining pills.

"Oh, thanks, Elder Kraiww and Elder Krail," Ajax was very much satisfied with both the rewards as they complimented one another.

"Sigh I don't know you like alchemy products; otherwise, I would have gifted them," Elder Erek sighed as he took out 10000 colourful stones.

As soon as Ajax saw them, his eyes lit up and without any hesitation, he took them and stored in his inventory.

Those colourful stones were none other than the mid-grade spirit stones that contained 10 times more concentrated essence of nature in it.

Initially, Ajax didn't want those things as they were not useful for him to increase his cultivation; however, after seeing the prices in the dimensional crevice, he decided to collect as many spirit stones as possible.

So, he took the spirit stones without any hesitation.

After that, everyone looked at the first and the most senior among the elders to see what he would be giving to Ajax.

"This is an artifact that I made myself. It took years for me to create this thing and I almost bankrupted in creating this. I hope you take good care of it from now on," The first elder Cretual said as he took out a neatly folded cloth to Ajax.


"You are really giving your treasure item?"

"When did you become a saint?"

All the elders were shocked as they asked the first elder.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at the cloth that was not at all impressive; however, the facial expressions of all the elders were filled with shock when the first elder took out this item.

'Maybe this is a good item. Let me check it with the system,' Ajax thought in his head as he slowly touched the item.


Artifact name:- Invisible cape

Grade:- High-level earth grade

Effect:- Hides the presence of the owner

Skill:-Pass through

Description:- An artifact that was refined by Elder Cretual for many years with a lot of resources before he became a Heaven grade blacksmith.

"A high-level earth grade artifact?" Ajax was shocked as he shouted out loud.

"Yes, that's right. It is a high-level earth grade artifact. By the way Ajax, you got a pretty good eye for a treasure," the first elder Cretual looked at Ajax suspiciously as he said but soon shook his head.

Although he knew that Ajax had many secrets on him since he was his benefactor, the first elder nor any other elder didn't want to harm him.

"I was able to identify the artifact because I observed many artifacts like this and I can even say its effect without using the artifact," Ajax cursed himself for shouting out loud and created a story that he was not only good at identifying the artifacts grade but also good at identifying the skills and effects of a particular artifact.

"Huh? Really?" Not only Erek but the remaining elders were also surprised at Ajax's confidence in identifying skills and effects of the artifact without using them.

In general, it was impossible to know the effects and skills of an item without getting the acceptance of that item or without using it; however, Ajax said it with such a confident tone that made them curious and looked forward to seeing how Ajax was going to explain it to them.

Soon, Ajax took the invisible cape into his hands and observed it for a few minutes like a professional appraiser.

An appraiser was a profession where they used their secret techniques to find information of all the items with the minor details on the surface of the item.

After observing the cloth for a few minutes, Ajax kept the cloth on the table beside him and looked at all the elders and the tribe leader who were curiously looking at him.

"This item has an effect and a skill. The effect is..," Soon Ajax stated all the information he saw on the holographic screen to them in his own words making them awe at the talent of Ajax.

But what they didn't know was that Ajax was just faking as a professional appraiser.

"Ajax, help me say about this item," Qwerek took out an item from his space ring as he asked Ajax for his help.


6000 Power stones:- 2 Extra chapters

8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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