New Age Of Summoners Chapter 301

289 Gifts

"Huh?" Ajax came out of his thoughts and looked at Elder Qwerek who was asking him something.

"Did you encounter any spirit beasts while coming to our tribe yesterday?" Elder Qwerek asked him once more when he saw Ajax came out oh his thoughts.

"Yes Elder Qwerek, there are a lot of high-level spirit beasts that are lurking in the surroundings of your tribe. What is happening, Elder?" Ajax nodded as explained about the spirit beasts that he encountered and battled along his way to the Hawk tribe.

"I think, it has something to do with the older birdman from the ancient ruins. He wanted to destroy my Lightning Daragon hawk tribe by sending the spirit beasts by using some of his tricks," Elder Qwerek shook his head as he explained about everything he knew about their present situation.

"So, he knows that you helped me in escaping and wanted to destroy the Lightning Hawk Tribe," Ajax understood everything and seriously thought of a plan to help the tribe.

Because he was the reason that the Hawk tribe was facing the spirit beast horde, Ajax wanted to help them.

"Haha, But you don't need to worry about us, we already made our plans and waiting for that older birdman to show up at the entrance of our tribe," Elder Qwerek laughed at Ajax's serious look on his face and said him not to worry about their tribe.

"Huh?" Ajax was puzzled and said, "But your strength, is it enough to fight against the older birdman?"

Although Ajax knew that Elder Qwerek had a breakthrough in his cultivation, he doubted that he had enough strength to go against the older birdman.

"You seem to forget about something, he can't kill any of the three tribe members because of the seal in his body which was placed by the ancestors of our three tribes and what's more, he can't even enter our tribe, Haha," Tribe leader Qwerek said with a laugh and made Ajax remember about the seal in the older birdman's body.

"So, you are confident to go against rank 6 spirit beasts?" Ajax nodded his head and asked another question.

"What do you think? Hehe," Elder Qwerek laughed as he turned around and without giving any chance for Ajax to reply, he continued saying, "By the way, I and my tribe elders wanted to thank you for your previous help to us and our tribe and decide to gift some gifts in return."

Ajax smiled at the starting words of the tribe leader Qwerek and continued hearing his words which made his smile bitterly.

'I really don't know that the thunder realm's water is that useful to you people. I casually gave it to you because you gave some good artifact and arrays. And, as for helping the tribe in winning the three tribes contest is because of the system mission,' Ajax thought the exact reason for helping them and he felt bad to accept their rewards when he was not whole-heartedly helped them.

"But, I have my reasons to help you, so you people don't need to gift me anything," Ajax politely rejected Qwerek's words as he shook his head.

"No no no, Whatever reasons you had, we must show you our gratitude," Qwerek didn't pay any heed to Ajax's words and sped his walking towards the main hall.

Ajax bitterly smiled as he hurriedly followed behind the tribe leader.

As soon as they entered the main hall, Ajax saw a five familiar birdman, who were relaxing comfortably on the sofas.

"Good morning, tribe leader,"

"Hello Ajax"

"Hi Ajax, how are you?"

However, they hurried stood up when they saw Qwerek and politely greeted him and Ajax.

"Hello everyone. I am good, how are you all doing?" Ajax answered and greeted them back before sitting on a chair as everyone sat in their places.

"We are all good, thanks to your gift," All five elders smilingly replied at once making Ajax smile at them.

Although they all have more than 40 years, right now they were behaving like a 6-year-old kid who got his favourite candy.

"Now, let's show our gratitude to our tribe's benefactor," The tribe leader looked his elders and said them to start gifting Ajax.

"Ajax, if you don't mind, I want to ask you a question before gifting you. What do you say?" the youngest among all the five elders, Eica started speaking first, when Qwerek finished his words.

"Sure," Ajax nodded his head and agreed.

"Hmm, Good. Do you have any pool or something similar to that?" Eica asked Ajax with a mysterious smile on her face.

"Yes, I have a small pool back at home," Ajax nodded his head and said that he had a pool at his home.

Since he couldn't say that I have a thunder realm's water pool in me openly, he said those words.

As no one knows when a man or birdman could turn greedy when they find a most useful thing that could help them cultivate at an incredible speed.

So, Ajax wanted to safe now than sorry later.

"Okay then. Here is my gift to show my sincere gratitude to you," Eica said while taking out a close fish bowl from her space ring before giving it to him.

"Huh?" Ajax wanted to reject the gift but seeing the angry look on Eica's face, he didn't dare rejected the gift and accepted it.

As soon as he accepted the closed fish bowl, he looked at the two black and white fishes in the bowl.


Spirit beast name:- Yin-Yang Fishes

Type:- Auxiliary type

Rank:- None

Use:- yin-yang fishes are a special type of spirit beasts that helps in the purification of the essence of nature in their surroundings.

Description:- A pair of fishes that comes in white and black colour. They should always be kept together, otherwise, they will die.

Soon a system notification appeared in front of him explaining the details about the fishes in the closed fish bowl.

"I think, you already know about these fishes right? Or should I explain about them?" Eica saw the surprised expression on Ajax's face and understood that Ajax knew about those fishes and asked with a smile on her face.

"No need to explain. I know about them. Thanks for the gift," Ajax smiled and thanked for her gift which would be very useful for him.

"No need to thank me. My gift is not worth mentioning in front of the help you did to us," Eica shookher head and continued, "By the way, you can store the closed fish bowl in you space ring and it will not affect the life of the fishes in it."

Eica finished her words with a tip for Ajax about the closed fish bowl.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and understood the use of the fish bowl.

In general, people could not store living beings in a space ring. If you forcefully store them in the space ring, they would become dead bodies within few second after entering the space ring.

Even though Ajax had no use of that tip, he nodded his head and stored the closed fish bowl in his inventory and thought he would throw the fishes in his thunder pool in the inner world.

"Now, allow me to give a gift to our benefactor from me and my brother," After Eica's gift, Kraiww took out two things from his spirit ring while he said those words.


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8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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