New Age Of Summoners Chapter 300

288 A Walk In The Inner World

"Huh?" The Golden bear king looked at him before saying, "It's just a fight between spirit beasts for the territory."

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and turned back to go to the poison elemental paradise to upgrade.

After the spirit beasts reached sufficient strength they would enter the middle section of the cursed wilderness and fight for territory.

So Ajax was not surprised to hear about the territory battle and left the father and child pair.

Soon, he came to the poison elemental paradise and said, 'System upgrade it to grade 2.'

Ajax didn't have to do anything for upgrading since it was a reward from the system, which he didn't use earlier and waited for a suitable elemental paradise to upgrade.

As soon as he requested the system to upgrade the grade, the poison elemental paradise was covered in a dark green coloured gas which hindered Ajax's sight from what was happening in the elemental paradise.

It didn't take much time for the dark green coloured gas to become light green and Ajax was able to see the insides of the poison elemental paradise through the light poison's mist.

The poison elemental paradise looked very different from the other elemental paradises. It was completely filled with a green liquid from which bubbles were popping out.

Just looking at it made Ajax vomit; however, he checked the information of the elemental paradise in front of him.


Elemental paradise:- Poison elemental paradise (Grade 2)

Effects:- 1) Increased healing for poison type beings.

2) Increases the cultivation speed of poison type beings by thrice

3) Continuous staying in the elemental paradise can increase the bloodline and strength of those beings.

Special effect:- There is a certain chance of mutation if cultivated in the poison elemental paradise for a long time.

"Its effects are the same as the grade 2 lightning elemental paradise," After seeing the information on the poison elemental paradise, he compared it with the other grade 2 paradise and nodded his head.

Just like the lightning elemental paradise, this poison elemental paradise had an extra effect called Special effect, so he was pretty much satisfied with it and immediately turned back and walked away from the elemental paradise.

"Three grade 2 elemental paradises, one grade 1 dual elemental paradise. Good, good," Ajax nodded his head as he looked at the different elemental paradises.

'Since I am here let's check all the spirit beasts and elemental spirits,'Next, Ajax wanted to check his team as he took a walk in the inner world observing one after another.

First, he checked Snow, the Lightning Dragon Hawk, which was inside the lightning pool as she continued absorbing the Lightning Daragon Hawk Emperor's inheritance. Beside her, his lightning elemental spirit Cerauno crazily absorbed the lightning essence from the pool.

He broke through the elemental spirit soldier realm within a few days and even managed to reach level 5 of the elite elemental spirit soldier.

Next,he gazed into the dark elemental paradise, there he observed the Netherworld Ice Sparrow, which was also absorbing the inheritance whereas his official contract skills, Nite and Dabrus were not wasting a single second and hurriedly cultivated.

They were jealous about the unofficial elemental spirits and wanted to become stronger than them so that they could get more chances of fighting outside.

Outside the Dark elemental paradise, Twilight lazily slept without bothering about its strength or cultivation.

Since its size was very huge, it was not permitted into the elemental paradise. So it was relaxing in front of it.

Ajax walked one trip covering all the spirit beasts and the elemental spirits before coming out of the inner world.

"Now, let's go out," Ajax thought to himself before coming out of the room.

Just as he came out of the room, he saw a birdman that showed him the room yesterday as though he was waiting for Ajax to come out of the room.

"Sir Ajax, tribe leader, asked you to meet him as soon as you come out of your room," the birdman bowed and respectfully said to Ajax.

"Sure, show me the way," Ajax nodded his head and asked him to guide him to the tribe leader.

"Yes sir," the birdman turned around and guided Ajax to the tribe leader Qwerek.

"Hello Elder Qwerek, you look younger than the last time," Ajax didn't observe Qwerek much when he came to his house yesterday; however, now he noticed that Qwerek had become much younger than the last time he saw the Elder.

"Hi, Ajax. It's all because of you, Ajax," Elder Qwerek smiled as he pointed his finger at Ajax.

"Me?" Ajax didn't understand and looked at Qwerek for more explanation.

"Because of the thunder realm's water, you gifted me previously, I was able to breakthrough in my cultivation and as a result, I am looking much younger than before," Qwerek explained about the greatness of the thunder realm's water with an excited expression on his face.

Previously, his face was full of wrinkles and his body looked very thin and weak; however, now his face wrinkles were all gone along with his weak body gaining a bit of muscle.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head but inside his heart, he was shocked at the fact that the thunder realm's water he was using carelessly had such a strong effect of increasing the cultivation and immediately asked system, 'System, why is the thunder realm's water doesn't have much effect on me and Snow?'


The Lightning dragon hawk tribe's people had a greater affinity with the thunder element than any regular thunder or lightning spirit beasts.


As for the reason, Snow didn't have as much effect as them because she is yet to become an evolved beast.

'So, as long as Snow evolves, she will also receive such a boost in her cultivation when using the thunder realm's water?' Ajax was excited but he successfully suppressed and asked the system.


Yes, but at the same time, No.

'What do you mean by that?' Ajax was flabbergasted at the system's words and asked to give a correct answer.

However, he didn't get any response from the system, making him frustrated.

'I think, I will have to find some answers on my own..,'

"Ajax, Ajax, are you listening?"

As Ajax was thinking about the thunder realm's water, he was woken up by Elder Qwerek's shouts.

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