New Age Of Summoners Chapter 30

27 Cultivation

In the next morning, all the Hazegrove mercenary squad members except Ajax were gone escorting the Mason family's caravan.

As soon they left the building, Ajax went to his room to start his cultivation.


Cultivating heaven and earth elemental refining technique consumes 100 units of essence of nature,

Do you wish to cultivate it???

"Yes, I will cultivate", Ajax said in his mind.

' Ding,

100 units of essence of nature is consumed

Main cultivation technique is cultivated

As soon he said 'yes', some foreign information flooded into his mind as he sat cross legged and observed all the information.


Name :- Ajax

race :- human

Body force :- 1600 jin(+640 jin)

Essence of nature :- 520 units

Main cultivation technique:- Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 1)

Body cultivation :- Soldier realm level 1

Note:- Based on the body force of user, he has the strength of level 7 soldier.

Spirit cultivation :- Spirit soldier realm level 1

Note:- Based on the essence of nature that can be stored in user's body, he has the strength of level 5 spirit soldier.

Number of elemental spirits :- 3

Equipped items

1) Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- medium grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- 40% increase in user's defence

Special effect :- 20 percent increase in attack power when fight enemies.

Special skill :- Summon of dead (level 5)

Description :- Helps the user to summon 5 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 2/5.

rating :-good

Description :- It is the final product of sigmis, many years of hardwork and research, However it is upgraded to medium grade with the help of ugrade stone.

Soon he check his stats in the user interface.

Now it is showing his cultivation level ie., for body cultivation level, it's level 1 soldier whereas for spirit cultivation, it's level 1 spirit soldier.

But what shocked him more is, his essence of nature is only 120 units.

" If 100 units were consumed, it's 620 units, then the remaining 380 units were, may be absorbed by the elemental spirits", Ajax felt regret because he didn't know beforehand that the essence of nature can be used to strengthen the body and increase the body force, but there is no medicine for regret in this world.

Leaving that matter, he focused on the Main cultivation technique.


Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 1)

Need any 999 units of essence of nature to upgrade it to level 2

" What??, for level 2 it consumes 999 units for essence of nature

Ajax didn't have that much essence of nature anyway, so he didn't waste much time on it.

He next focused on his level


need 100 units of essence of nature to reach level 2 body cultivation.

Do you want to level up??

"No", After some thought, he decided to reject it for now.

After that, he tried absorbing the essence of nature using heaven and earth refining technique.

Soon the various elements surrounding the Ajax rushed in to his spirit consciousness albeit the spoed is much less then when he absorbed from spirit stones.

When he thought of spirit stones, he remembered the space ring given to him but Edmond and his eyes lit up with excitement.

As soon his looked in to the space ring, he saw three types of spirit stones placed separately.

" Fire, water and life element spirit stones, combined together, they can be over 100 easily", Ajax took out a fire spirit stone and absorbed using the cultivation technique, and soon immersed in cultivation.

Within two to three hours he completely absorbed the spirit stone and he opened his eyes.

"Now, it's much faster than absorbing the spirit stone without a cultivation technique", Ajax dilled with joy.

" If level 1 is helping me this much faster, then if it's becomes level 2 or more, then How much faster it will be?? ", Ajax didn't dare imagine it but it takes some time to upgrade it to level 2.

He checked his essence of nature in his body with the help of system to know how much it is increased after absorbing a spirit stone.

" Ding,

Essence of nature :- 530 units.

"What it increased by only 10 units??? If I want to upgrade the main cultivation technique to level 2 I should absorb nearly 50 spirit stones. Even if I absorb 10 spirit stones daily it will still take 5 days, it's too long", Ajax sighed.

If anyone heard what Ajax said just now, they will beat him to death because beginner cultivators can only store 500 units of essence of nature and it will take them many months to years, just to increase their cultivation technique to next level.

Now he just want to increase the main cultivation technique to next level and then level up his body cultivation.

Ajax didn't want any time. He took another spirit stone and started cultivating.

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