New Age Of Summoners Chapter 3

3 Meditation

In the morning, Ajax went to elder boron's room within the said time. Elder boron was also ready in his usual white robe.

As soon as elder boron saw Ajax he said Ajax to follow him.

Although elder boron is moving slowly Ajax was unable to catch the pace and started to jog behind him. Slowly that jog turned in to run after some time. They continued like that untill they reached the cursed wilderness.

Cursed wilderness is a vast forest that inhibits various beasts that are very bloodthirsty.

But elder boron is now taking Ajax in to this cursed wilderness. Although he looked worried Ajax still followed the elder without any questions because he know that he will not get reply anyway.

"Brat, no be careful and follow me, otherwise you will lost in this wilderness", slow voice of elder is heard in Ajax's ears.

Shock could be seen on his face as he knew it is the voice transmission that only cultivators can achieve after reaching a certain level.

"That means elder boron is a high level cultivator", Ajax muttered slowly as he followed elder boron.

Ajax always have some doubts about this elder but didn't ask him anything because he rarely answered his questions.

As they travelled deeper he wondered why they didn't encounter any beasts. Ajax thought it might be related to this elder.

Soon they reached a cave that is well hidden.

As soon as Ajax and elder boron entered the cave, the door closed automatically.

Ajax looked at elder in awe. How elder know there is a cave here and even if he knows why did he bring him here. Ajax has a lot of questions but kept quiet and followed elder boron.

"Hah.... ", As soon as he saw how huge the space inside the cave Ajax open his mouth in awe.

" ok ajax, now It's time for you to learn about some things about cultivation", elder boron started slowly as he continued, "Do you know why 15 years old children are accepted in to military if there body force is 1000 jin??? ".

".... " Ajax also always wondered about this but still he don't know why, so he asked "why elder? ".

" It's because when your body exerts 1000 jin by the age of 15 your body is strong enough to learn spirit techniques "elder took a deep breath and continued, " If you don't have sufficient body force you will die due to the impact caused by the spirit technique on your body."

"Elder, what are spirit techniques? ", Ajax asked.

"Spirit techniques are supernatural powers that can be cultivated by the cultivators. These spirit techniques can be various types like attack, defensive, support, auxiliary etc.,They are classified into mortal, earth, heaven and celestial.

Again these are sub classified into low, mid and high. In the military, the draton kingdom allows everyone who passed the 1000 jin mark can be given 3 mortal type techniques,which are low, mid and high mortal spirit techniques".elder said slowly.

"Is there really no other chance if we didn't reach the 1000 jin mark", Ajax asked somewhat worriedly. Because he only has 200 jin body force now and he is the only one having highest body force among his peers.

" Actually there is one", as though the elder was waiting for this moment he said quickly.

"what is it elder", Ajax asked.

"You don't need to know now, you will know when the time is right" said elder seriously.

"ok, then why did you brought me here", Ajax said dejectedly.

" Is to help you cultivate ", Ajax eyes sparkled with excitement when he heard this.

" Really ", Ajax asked

" Enter the circle and sit in the center", said that elder.

Now only did Ajax realised there is a circle with some unknown symbols. Once Ajax entered in to the circle and sat down he felt his surroundings started changing.

"Close your eyes and feel the energy around you", as soon as he sat down he heard the elder Boron's voice.

He did as he was instructed.

As he closed his eyes and tried to feel the energy around him, he felt something is forming in his body

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