New Age Of Summoners Chapter 299

287 A Special Golden Bear King

"Huh?" Ajax locked into one corner of the inner world and surprised for a bit; however, that surprise didn't last long as it was replaced by shock.

"Why is Fuzzball behaving like that?" Ajax thought in his head while looking at the Golden bear king in the distance that was gone mad and immediately rushed towards it.

Along the way, he tried to know what it was going through, with the spirit contract he formed with it earlier.

"Sigh.," After sensing its feelings and inner thoughts, Ajax could not help but sigh and stopped in his tracks.

The reason why the Golden bear king had gone mad was that he was in a pain of losing his child that was just hatched out of the egg.

'System, is there a way to save his child?' Ajax doesn't have any medical skills, so he asked the system for a way out.


Yes, there is a way. In fact, the baby golden bear didn't die. It was in a state of shock.

"State of shock?" Ajax was puzzled at the system and connected with the inner world to check the small golden bear.

As soon as he did that, he sensed a small spirit consciousness that looked like a candle flame that was about to disappear.


The Golden bear king's offspring received a spirit attack when it was in the egg. That is the reason, the child was not moving.

The system explained Ajax when he sensed the small flame in the baby golden bear.

"So, what do I have to do to save it?" Ajax asked as he disconnected with the inner world


Form a contract with it and share your energy orb with it.

"Huh? Looks like I have to take permission from his father, but he sure doesn't listen to me in his present state," Ajax looked at the angry Golden bear king which was continuously roaring and looking at his unconscious child.

'Let me talk to it,'

Although he formed a contract with it, the Golden bear king didn't accept him as the master yet and what's more, it was in an angry state, so Ajax thought it was difficult to talk with it.

Nevertheless, he wanted to give it a try before trying any other forceful methods.

"I can save your child," Ajax didn't blabber any nonsense and directly came to the point with the Golden bear king.

As soon as he said those words, the roaring Golden bear king stopped its insane roaring and looked at Ajax with a suspicious eyes.

'Huh? This bear is really calmed down,'

To his surprise, the Golden bear king became silent just after hearing his words that made Ajax think it was not a normal Golden bear.

In general, all the bear type spirit beasts have more rage and would attack anyone when they were in insane mode. There were even cases that they killed their own masters.

Among all the bear type spirit beasts, the golden bear king was known for two things.

One, they are extremely proud that they didn't form a contract even when they were in the death bed.

And the second thing was, they were insanely angry most of the time.

However, the Golden bear king became silent just with a few words that made Ajax think that this one was a special one among all the Golden bear kings.

"Please save it," The Golden bear king suspiciously looked only for a second before bowing to Ajax as he begged.

"I will try my best," Ajax nodded his head and walked towards the unconscious small bear and placed his finger on its small head.

After placing his finger, he slowly entered into its spirit consciousness which was not even formed completely and carefully placed his spirit mark on it before leaving the small spirit consciousness.


The spirit contract is successfully completed.

"Roar," the golden bear king that was observing Ajax's action became somewhat impatient and angry as he formed a spirit contract with his child without asking him.

However, it only roared in a low voice showing its dissatisfaction at Ajax's actions.

"Wait," Ajax shook his head at the Golden bear king's low roar and asked him to wait.

The reason he had to form a spirit contract with the baby golden bear was to share the system rewards with it; otherwise, he could not use them on others.

After the system notification came, Ajax breathed a sigh of relief since it was going smoothly than he expected.

Next, with the same process, he placed his finger on it before closing his eyes and broke the energy orb in his spirit consciousness forcefully.

As soon as he broke the energy orb, the rich essence of nature rushed all over his body but he focused on the aggressive essence of nature and directed it towards his finger to transport it to the small golden bear.

The rich essence of nature was slowly transported into the small golden bear's spirit consciousness.

With each passing second the vitality in the small golden bear's body increased at an incredible speed and its spirit consciousness improper shape became proper and started increasing in size.


The small golden bear can't handle the essence of nature anymore, the system suggests the host to stop.

As he slowly transported the essence of nature, he got the system notification, so he immediately stopped it and stood up from the ground.


As soon as he stood up, Ajax felt a sudden pain in his body from the remaining energy of the energy orb and immediately started focusing on that essence of nature to spread all over his body before sending some to his spirit consciousness.


Congratulations to the host for breaking through to the level 7 of the commander realm.

After enduring the pain and allowing his body to forcefully absorb the remaining essence of nature for a few minutes, he got the system notification that made all his pain go away.

"Phew," he heaved a sigh of relief before looking at the golden bear king and said, "Don't need to worry, he will wake up soon."

When the Golden bear king heard those words, it immediately checked on the small golden bear, who now had more vitality than before and nodded his head as he believed Ajax's words.

'Even though I said, it is a special one among the golden bears, some of its characteristics don't change,' Ajax shook his head at the proud Golden bear king who just nodded his head for saving his child.

'Anyway, I don't like when anyone bows to me. It makes me feel that I am not their friend anymore,'

Although by forming a spirit contract with an elemental spirit or spirit beast, the one who places the spirit mark in the latter's spirit consciousness would become the master.

However, Ajax never saw those elemental spirits or contracted spirit beasts that he had formed a spirit contract with; instead, he considered them as his companions and friends.

So, he really doesn't like when they bow to him.

"By the way, who attacked you and the egg?" After pondering for a moment, Ajax asked the calmed Golden bear king.

Although the reason behind the appearance of the spirit beasts in the outer section of the cursed wilderness was related to the demon, he didn't think the one that attacked the Golden bear king was them, so he asked about it.

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