New Age Of Summoners Chapter 298

286 New Elemental Paradises


The inner world is upgraded. Please check the details in the user interface.


The construction of the fire and water elemental dual paradise is completed. Please check.


The construction of the poison elemental paradise is completed. Please check.

"What is it? A bonanza?" Ajax felt surprised with the back to back system notifications that were all good news for him.

Without any delay, he opened the user interface to check the changes in the inner world.

Ajax was disappointed at first when he saw the information on the inner world but he felt good when he completely read the information on the holographic screen in front of him.

Ajax only focused on two changes that were made in the inner world after it's upgraded.


The daily essence of nature given to the host by the inner world will be stopped from now onwards.


Instead, the essence of nature is accumulated over time to increase the richness of the essence of nature in the inner world.

Although he would not be getting any free essence of nature from now on, it was also a good thing to increase the purity of the essence of nature.

'Anyway, those 100 plus units of the essence of nature is not enough for me anyway,' Ajax consoled himself before checking the other changes of the inner world by entering the inner world in his spirit consciousness form.

As soon as he entered the inner world, the previously absorbed essence of nature by Raweth came back and the purity was more than when he entered the inner world last time.

'It's good. I wonder, what will happen if I plant those medicinal seeds I got from the never-returning cave,' Ajax suddenly thought back to the reward he gained from Zaglanath.

'If all the medicinal seeds I sow in the inner world grow into plants, then how rich is the essence of nature in the inner world would be,' Ajax thought as he quickly took out the medicinal seed from his inventory and stated planting then from a small distance from the min thunder realm's pool.

He understood one thing from the latest upgrade of the inner world.

That was, all the inner world's essence of nature that was generated by the plants in it were being used for increasing the purity of the essence of nature in it. So he thought about increasing the essence of nature generated by the plants to increase the richness of the essence of nature even more.

Soon, he finished planting all the medicinal seeds and he also sowed the mysterious seed he got from the summoner king along with him.

'Please, show some reaction at least this time,' Ajax begged it before pouring some thunder realm's water to all the medicinal seeds.

As soon as he poured it, all connected to the inner world to sense the fluctuations of the seeds.

Connecting to the inner world was the new feature that was unlocked after its upgrade, so Ajax tried to test it with the medicinal seed.

As soon as he connected to the inner world, he was able to feel all the things in the inner world as though it was his body.

He observed all the spirit beasts and Elemental spirits and felt something different from the time where he used to check the inner world through his spirit consciousness.

Soon he focused on the medicinal plants that he recently planted.

To his surprise, all the medicinal seeds except for the mysterious seed showed a small growth which was impossible to know unless he connected his spirit consciousness to the inner world.

'I guess, this attempt also failed with this mysterious seed,' Ajax shook his head looking at the place he sowed the mysterious seed and didn't pay any heed to it.

After that, he disconnected with the inner world and went to a new elemental paradise which was almost at one end of the inner world.

However, it didn't take much time for him to go there and used the system to check its information.


Elemental paradise:- Fire and Water Dual elemental (Grade 1)

Effects:- 1) Heals all the wounds of the all element spirit beasts and elemental spirits that are related to fire and water type.

2) Increases the cultivation speed of those beings by twice

3) Continuous staying in the elemental paradise can increase the bloodline and strength of those beings.

"Hmm, nothing uncommon from the regular elemental paradise," Ajax felt a small disappointment with its information but overall he was satisfied that Raweth and Volcanis now had their own elemental paradise.

Ajax soon looked at both of them to ask them to cultivate in the elemental paradise; however, Raweth was busy adapting to his new strength whereas Volcanis was still unconscious from the elemental spirit battle.

'Sigh...Necros, slowly bring Volcanis here,' When he saw the unconscious Volcanis, Ajax sighed and asked Necros to bring him to the fire and water dual elemental paradise.

"Yes summoning master," Necros carefully carried Volcanis and slowly placed him on the edge of the volcano.

That's right, the fire and water elemental paradise was like a small circular pool which was divided into two by an extremely thin barrier that was separating the volcano from the fire element side and water from the water element side.

As soon as he was placed in the volcano, Volcanis' body started absorbing the fire essence of nature from the volcano.

Soon, Volcanic moved his eyelids but didn't open them yet.

However, from the expression on his transparent face, Ajax could guess he was very comfortable in the volcano and didn't disturb him before moving to the next new elemental paradise.

However, his jaws dropped when he saw a silhouette in the green mist of the poison elemental paradise.

"Bane, you are very fast," Ajax bitterly smiled at his poison elemental spirit that entered the elemental paradise as soon as it was constructed.

But he didn't say anything, since he built it for him anyway.

Unlike the dual elemental paradise, building this elemental paradise was a little complicated.

Actually, it was a reward for completing a mission in the past; however, when he tried to build it, the system asked him to collect the three most potent poisons for the construction of a free poison elemental paradise.

Finally, when completing another mission which was the reason behind the appearance of the spirit beasts in the outer section, he was awarded with three poisons from the system.

Before he entered the dimension crevice, Ajax asked the system to build all the new elemental paradise, which were now completed.

"Bane, come out, once," Ajax called Bane to come out.

When he heard Ajax's command, Bane unwillingly came out of the poison elemental paradise.

"Why are you sad? I wanted to increase its grade. Okay then, you can go inside and cultivate," Ajax scoffed at bane before turning back to leave from the poison elemental paradise.

"Summoning master, I was wrong. I was too excited to see this place and didn't want to come out. Please master, increase its level," when he heard Ajax's word, Bane was surprised at first and started his pity act.

"Stop, I will upgrade it," Ajax was just joking with him; however, Bane was anxious about Ajax's not wanting to upgrade the poison elemental paradise.


Just as he was about to upgrade the poison elemental paradise, he heard a loud roar from the distance.

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