New Age Of Summoners Chapter 297

285 Time Boos

Twelve 12 hours,

"Ummm," Ajax finally woke up from his long dream of dominating the world and released a long gasp.

"After a good sleep, everything seems anew," Ajax's body was filled with energy as he said that.

Ajax felt really good after a long sleep that the previous weariness of his body was entirely gone and it was replaced with energy.

The first thing he did after waking up was, to take a long bath to remove the bloodstains and dirt on his body.

Previously, when he slept he didn't find his body smelly because of his tiredness; however, once his tiredness was gone he couldn't bear the smell and immediately went to take a bath.

After coming out of the bath, he wore fresh clothes from his space ring and sat on the bed to look at the system notifications.

'System, show me recent notifications,' Ajax silently asked the system about notifications.

When he unmuted the system notifications, he was unable to see all the system notifications, so he asked the system to show them again, not to miss any important thing from them.

Soon a flood of system notifications appeared in front of him.

Ajax started seeing all the notifications one by one with patience.


Congratulations to the host for successfully completing the bonus mission.


For killing more than 100 creatures, the host is rewarded with a special reward box.

"Special reward box is good," Ajax nodded his head at the reward and continued to check more system notifications.

Except for the mission accomplishment, Ajax didn't find any system notification worthy to check carefully, so he shook his head.

'I should go and have a talk with Elder Qwerek,' After checking all the system notifications, Ajax stood up to go outside to have a little talk with the tribe leader of the Hawk tribe.

"Before that, let me open up that special reward box," Ajax stopped as he took out a small gift box from his inventory.

According to the system, a special reward box would give an item that was most needed by the host, so Ajax had high expectations from it.

'System, open the special reward box,' He asked the system to open it.


A special reward box is opened.


Congratulations to the host for successfully gaining a 'Time Boost'

'Huh?' Ajax was puzzled at the new item he gained from the special reward box and immediately checked it's information.


Item name:- Time Boost (Level 1)

Time:- A Month

Description:- A one-time use item that can be used to increase the time experienced by an individual in a fraction of seconds.

"Is it for real?" Ajax rubbed his eyes and checked the item details once again.

"It's really real, Haha," Ajax started laughing and continued, "I really needed something like this now. As expected of the special reward box, I should accumulate more of these boxes to use at the time of need."

Ajax was marvelled at the usefulness of the special rewards box and swore to collect more of them.

And, as for the reason he needed that time boost was to use on Raweth to wake him up from his inheritance absorbing cultivation.

Ajax was hesitating to wake him up since it could be dangerous sometimes when waking someone up from that type of cultivation; however, now with time boost, he doesn't need to hesitate any longer.

'System, use the time boost on Raweth,' Ajax ordered the system as he peered into the inner world to absorb Raweth.

'I hope this one-month time boost is enough to wake him up from his inheritance absorbing cultivation,' Ajax hoped that Raweth should wake after using this one-time use item on him.

According to Ajax's estimate, one month was more than enough to wake Raweth up; however, there were various variables that might increase the time, so he hoped it would be sooner.

If Raweth doesn't wake up, it would take time for him to find his brother in the fire crow tribe, so, all his hopes were on the time boost in his hands.


The Time boost disappears after this use, do you really want to use it?

"Yes, go ahead," Ajax nodded his head and accepted the system's warning notification.


Boosting the one month time on Raweth, please wait.

'Hmm,' Ajax nodded his head and looked at Raweth to absorb the changes in him.

As soon as he checked Raweth, he was shocked by the rich essence of nature that was entered into his body at an incredible speed.

''What the heck! I think I should be careful when I use time boosts, otherwise, it might suck all the essence of nature in the inner world.

With Raweth's insane absorption of the essence of nature, except for the elemental paradises, the inner world looked like a dried tree without any essence of nature and thought in his head.

The reason for worrying was not wrong since he only used a level 1 time boost now, what happens if he used level 2 or level 3 time boost. Just imagining it made him shake his head and swore to remember about the time boost in his head.

Just as he was in his thoughts, Raweth woke up from his cultivation and there were some huge changes in his body that made Ajax's interest in the evolved spirit beasts increase by another tier.

Raweth's previously huge wings disappeared and two black wing tattoos appeared on his back and he looked just like a regular human except for his height which was nearly three meters.

And the most important change in Raweth that made Ajax excited was that Raweth broke through to the General realm and even reached level 2 of that realm.

"Haha, Raweth, you are the strongest spirit beast that I have contracted," Ajax didn't summon Raweth out from the inner world; instead, he talked with him through the spirit contract.

"Thanks, young master," Raweth felt indebted to Ajax from the moment he saved him from the older birdman and along with the inheritance which he got from Ajax, he couldn't express his gratitude in words and swore to give his life for him after his brother passed away.

"We came to the Five elemental world, so adapt to your newly achieved strength," Ajax informed him about the Five Elemental world making Raweth excited.

'Yes, I will do that,' He politely nodded his head and followed Ajax's suggestion.

However, he stopped for a moment and asked Ajax, "Young master, is there a way to save my brother?"

Even though he achieved such strength he still didn't forget his brother who was sick for a long time and wanted to save him.

However, he knew from his tribe leader that his brother would not be able to live more than 20 years, he wanted to find a cure for his brother.

That was the sole motivation for him to endure the pains from the most difficult training given by his tribe's leader.

So, he wanted to ask Ajax who promised him to save his brother earlier.

"I will try my best to save, so don't worry," Ajax smiled as he promised Raweth once again.

When he heard Ajax's words, Raweth felt relaxed as he felt that Ajax had many miraculous things, so he thought he might have also had a cure for his brother.

Raweth stopped his train of thoughts and started focusing on stabilizing his cultivation.

Just as he came out of the inner world, Ajax got a series of system notifications that made him excited


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