New Age Of Summoners Chapter 296

284 The Older Birdman Wakes Up

"The water is a gift from the youth that brought our tribe's childe to our tribe for participating in the three tribes contest," Kraiww said to all the elders.


"That brat give the thunder realm's gift just like that?"

"We already owed him a lot from the contest and with water..sigh,"

All the elders were shocked and asked their tribe leader for confirmation.

"Yes, he asked me to give the water to all the elders and other geniuses of the tribe," Qwerek nodded his head, clarifying all their doubts.

"That kid is good," Eica nodded her head and praised Ajax

"Yeah, I think I should betroth my daughter to him," Cretual slowly said, shocking all those who were present at the meeting.

"Are you serious?" Qwerek seriously asked Cretual, raising his brows.

"No, I was just kidding, hehe" Cretual sheepishly smiled making all the shocked elders speechless.

"We should thank him, the next time he visits our tribe," Erek calmly said with his serious face.

Although he looked serious, everyone knows that he was the kindest one among all the elders, so they didn't mind his serious look and nodded their heads.

"And one more thing, you should thank Kraiww before thanking Ajax," Qwerek stood up from his chair and said with a small smile on his face.

"Huh? Why?" All the elders were puzzled and wanted to know the reason to thank him.

"While Ajax gave me the thunder realm's water, he mentioned to give more than 50 percent of the water to Kraiww as he helped Ajax with some things while he was staying in our tribe; however, Kraiww decided to share the thunder realm's water equally with the other elders," The hawk tribe leader smiled as he looked at Kraiww.

Among the five hawk tribe elders, three elders were his half disciples, so he was proud of his disciple who thought about the tribe; instead of thinking for his own personal gains.

"Oh, thanks Kraiww,"

"Thanks, senior brother,"

"Thanks, brother, but you hid this matter from your own brother, I am not talking to you,"

All of them thanked Kraiww as he was the main reason they were able to breakthrough in their cultivations.

"Now, coming to the other matter, I summoned all of you here because our tribe's benefactor is here and currently he was resting. I want all of us to thank him properly and if you have anything good, then give it to him," Qwerek requested all of the elders to thank Ajax properly with some valuable treasures they had to show their gratitude to him.

"Sure leader, how can we not thank our benefactor properly when he had helped us this much," Kraiww was the first to agree with the tribe leader.

"I agree,"

"Me too,"

All the elders were more than happy to give one of their treasures to Ajax for helping them with their cultivations and tribe.

Qwerek decided to do this back then when they had returned from the ancient ruins; however, Ajax was busy and wanted to leave his tribe, so Qwerek was unable to show his gratitude properly.

Since Ajax came back to his tribe once again, Qwerek wanted to show his and his tribe elder's gratitude properly this time.

"Okay then. I will inform you when he wakes up until then keep an eye on the surroundings of our tribe," Qwerek said his final words for the meeting before leaving back to his room.

Similarly, all the elders nodded their heads and thought about what to give Ajax as they walked back to their own houses.

"Brother, What should we give him?" Krail asked his brother while covering him with his wing.

"Didn't you say, you were not talking with me?" Kraiww withheld his laughter as he asked his little brother.

"I was just kidding back then," Krail said with an embarrassed expression on his face.

"Okay," Kraiww knew that his brother was a little sensitive, so he didn't play with him and directly came to the point and said, "I already planned two gifts, so you don't need to worry about the gift."

"Really? You are great brother," When he heard Kraiww's words, Krail immediately hugged Kraiww and excitedly shouted.

"Stop, all are watching us. Don't embarrass me and don't embarrass yourself. We are elders of the tribe now," Kraiww immediately made Krail release the grip around him seeing the surrounding tribe members.

Just like them, every other elder planned a gift for Ajax and at the same time hoped that Ajax had more thunder realm's water with him.


At the same time, somewhere in the Shixato wilds,

"He is here, I can sense him. Finally, he is here, hehehe" an old voice came out of an ancient-looking coffin.

Just after those words, the ancient-looking coffin opened and a thin old birdman came out of it with an excited expression on his old wrinkled face.

He was none other than the older birdman who wanted to kill Ajax when Ajax came to the five elemental world last time.

However, Ajax managed to escape from him by fooling him with his tricks.

"Damn you, Human brat. Because of you, my 1000 years of the plan went into the drain," the previously excited expression on his face disappeared and was replaced with a cruel expression.

"This time, I am not going to make any mistakes and kill you as soon as I find you, hehe," his excited expression once again returned to his face as he flew into the sky in the search of Ajax.

The older birdman only flew for a few minutes and with his strength, he reached the outskirts of the Hawk tribe and stopped.

'Huh? So, you are hiding here. Good, good,' Once he found out that Ajax was inside the Hawk tribe, the older birdman's mood became even more excited as he said 'Good' twice in a row.

'What a wonderful opportunity to annihilate the Lightning dragon hawk tribe and kill that human brat at the same time, hehe,' The older birdman nodded his head and looked at the surrounding spirit beasts that were roaming aimlessly in the outskirts of the tribe.

"Okay brat. Looks like you are lucky to live a few more hours. But don't worry, you will die," The older birdman looked at the tribe leader's house from a distance and disappeared as though he was planning something.

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