New Age Of Summoners Chapter 293

281 Relaxing

Soon, the creatures around Ajax and other young cultivators were completely annihilated by them.

"Uff..finally managed to kill all of them," King killer said as he sat on the blood-covered ground while breathing a sigh of relief.

"Yes, it was tiresome to kill that many creatures," Dark flame sat beside King killer as he breathed a relief sigh along with him.

All the young cultivators did the same thing as those two, collapsing in the same position they were fighting earlier and relaxed their tired body.

Ajax also wanted to do the same but he didn't collapse in the same position but managed to move his tired body to the Earth shield before collapsing on the ground.


As soon as he collapsed Ajax didn't think about anything and relaxed his mind from all the killing he did.

Necros followed Ajax and collapsed beside him imitating Ajax.

Nevertheless, he was really tired a lot for the first time in his life as he used his skills continuously without any break.


Ajax only managed to relax for a few moments before he heard a booming sound from the distance which made him and others look at the sound.

The sound came from the huge windstorm that was rotating at an incredible speed.

However, after the sound, the huge windstorm started to disappear slowly and within a few seconds, it completely disappeared revealing Edmond, Darbaudr, and the giant creature which was on the ground.

"Huh? What happened to the Godfather?"

One of Edmond's godsons said with a shocked expression.

Only when they heard him, all the remaining people noticed that Edmond was walking with the support of the Barbarian.

They didn't waste any time and rushed towards their godfather with concerned faces.

Ajax also followed them without delay.

Unlike other cultivators' faces, Ajax's face was filled with concern and guilty.

He was guilty because the reason Edmond was in his current state was all because of him.

"Godfather, are you alright?"

"Please say something, Godfather,"

As soon as they reached him, all of his godsons and goddaughters asked worriedly and some of them even cried looking at Edmond's body which was entirely covered in wounds.

"What are you whining for? I am still alive," Edmond hit the back of King killer's head and scolded all.

Hearing his scolding, all of them immediately stopped crying and held back their emotions.

"Father, why do you always hit me?" King killer with his arrogant face asked as though he was complaining.

"Because I like you among all the nine, satisfied?" Edmond winked his eye at others as he said to King killer.

"See that, I am his favourite son," As soon as he heard that, King killer started bragging it to others.

In response to his bragging, all the other members withheld their laughter and nodded their heads.

Edmond nodded his head looking at his godsons and goddaughters before his gaze finally landed on Ajax, whose face still had a concern and guilt.

Seeing it, Edmond shook his head.

"Ajax, no need to blame yourself for this. I am alright, see," Edmond tried to stand on his own to comfort Ajax but he was barely able to stand.

When he saw that Ajax felt warm inside his heart and shook his head as he smiled.

"Thanks, Captain Edmond," Ajax thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

'Darbaudr, what happened to the Captain,' Edmond didn't discuss the events that happened to them, so Ajax asked Darbaudr about them.

'By the time I was there, he was fully covered in injuries and I only helped him block one attack; however, he mysteriously stood up and killed the giant creature on his own. He is really powerful,' Darbaudr silently replied to Ajax and praised Edmond for his battle prowess.

'Haha, I know,' Ajax smiled as he nodded his head and asked, 'Did he summon any elemental spirit in the huge windstorm?'

"Huh?" Darbaudr appeared surprised for a second before shaking his head as though he was saying that he didn't summon any elemental spirit.

'What? He managed to kill the old man without summoning any elemental spirits?' Ajax was surprised for a moment before feeling excited.

He was excited that Captain Edmond was even more powerful than he thought.

"Darbaudr, you were really fierce while killing those creatures," Edmond praised Darbaudr for his fierce killings but he didn't ask him about his sudden increase in his cultivation.

Although Edmond didn't know how Darbaudr's strength increased, he was sure about one thing though, that the reason behind his elevation was related to Ajax and thought he would ask Ajax about it and when they were alone.

And the most important thing he wanted to ask Ajax was about Necros.

Edmond remembered all the things he wanted to ask Ajax and made a note in his mind.

"Don't say those things, Captain. Inside the windstorm, you didn't even give me a chance to attack that giant creature," The barbarian bitterly smiled as he shook his head.

Initially, Darbaudr wanted to test his returned strength on the giant creature; however, before he could even move his hand, the giant creature was killed by Edmond by some kind of artifact. So, he was disappointed but he was happy that the fight ended without any loss from their side.

"Hahaha" Edmond embarrassedly laughed as he knew what that barbarian was talking about.

'Should we take some rest before we enter the demon world?' As they were walking towards Slait's Earth shield, Darbaudr asked Edmond through voice transmission.

'Huh?' Edmond paused for a moment before nodding his head in Darbaudr's agreement.

Soon they entered the Earth shield to take rest as it was the only place which was devoid of blood and carcasses of the fused spirit beasts.

After entering the Earth shield, they helped Edmond sleep beside Levi and treated his wounds.

After a few moments, everyone found a place to sit and started relaxing from their earlier battle.

'System, unmute the notifications now,'

Ajax also found a place and unmuted the system notifications.

As soon as he did, a flood of system notifications came to his mind and holographic screens started appearing one after another making him dizzy.

'Damn, how many notifications did I get actually?' Ajax thought in his mind before clearing all the notifications that came from killing the creatures.

Amidst his clearing the notifications, he got a new system notification with a red dot on it.

Ajax felt curious and opened it to take a look at it which made him sigh.

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