New Age Of Summoners Chapter 292

280 Skill Mutation

Outside the windstorm,

Before Darbaudr even enter the windstorm,

"How are you alive?" Ajax was shocked to see the middle-aged man's face for a chimera-like creature and asked.

According to him, the middle-aged man was dead and that was the reason why the old man came here to take revenge on him; however, he was shocked to see the middle-aged man's face.

"How am I alive? Damn you fool, can't you see in what form I am now?" the middle-aged man's face shouted angrily at Ajax.

"Even then, aren't you alive now?" Ajax shook his head looking at the creature.

"You don't understand, my father used his skills and temporarily fused me with this creature to see your ending with my own eyes before passing away from this world," The human-faced creature said with hatred in its eyes and rushed at Ajax.

"Oh, so it is only a temporary thing for you to remain alive? Sigh...can't you see that we are in the winning position," Ajax dodged the creature's attack and said while pointing his finger at the surroundings.

In the beginning, there were so many creatures that there was not even an inch gap between them; however, now there were only around half the number of the initially summoned creatures making the fight more relaxing for Ajax and his team.

With the addition of Darbaudr and Necros, the fight was being used by the young cultivators for their training.

"I don't care about anything, as long as I kill you, I will be happy to even lose my consciousness to this creature," the middle-aged man's face said to Ajax as he began to do something with his eyes closed.

After hearing his words, Ajax understood that this middle-aged man was crazy about killing him even sacrificing his soul for it.

When his body was fused with the chimera-like creature and along with his father's years of expertise in handling these creatures, he was able to maintain his consciousness for a certain time.

But what he didn't understand was why would a father do a thing like this.

'Whatever, there are many crazy people in the world,' Ajax shook his head and rushed towards the creature to kill it before it could use any attack.

However, just as his sword was about to slash through the creature, it opened its eyes and released a poisonous gas through its mouth.

Seeing the dark green gas that was coming out of the middle-aged man's face, Ajax immediately stopped his attack and dodged sideward.

Even though he managed to dodge the poisonous gas in time, from the gas a thin spike came at a lightning speed and penetrated in his right hand which was covered with Demon claw.

As soon as it entered into his hand Ajax felt a pain that he made him fall on to the ground.

"Hehe, it's impossible for you to remain alive after the spike entered into your body. Now I can finally die peacefully," The middle-aged man's face laughed loudly as he explained what would happen if they were attacked by his spike.

"Absolute Darkness," as he was laughing at Ajax, he heard the word that he least wanted to hear from Ajax.

"How's it possible? I don't want those nightmares..," To his shock, Ajax stood up and smiled at the creature.

Before he could complete his sentence, he was hit by a dark light from Ajax and fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

'Why he was able to survive my attack, aarrghh,' Even amidst his screams, he continuously thought about how Ajax was still normal even after his spike entered into him.

"Thanks for the gift," Ajax smilingly said at the creature that was rolling on the ground.

The reason he survived the attack was that before the spike could release any poison into his body it was absorbed by his 'Demon claw'.

Just when he was hit by the spike, Ajax received a couple of system notifications and didn't take the spike seriously.


The middle-aged mad died after screaming for a couple of seconds.

At the last second of his second death, the middle-aged man regretted coming after Ajax for a revenge to only experience even more painful death.

After repeated use of the skill 'Absolute darkness' Ajax understood one thing that when he uses this skill on the same target, the pain received by the target also increases drastically.

After killing him, Ajax looked at the previous system notifications that made him not to worry about the spike once again.


A poisonous spike had entered the host's body.


The Demon claw absorbed the spike.

When he saw those system notifications for the first time, he was shocked but thought, 'is it possible like this?'

However, he soon suppressed his shock and focused on killing the middle-aged man who was fused with two other spirit beasts.

Just as he was checking the system notifications, he got another system notification that gave him a surprise.


Congratulations to the host, after the demon claw absorbed the poisonous spike, it mutated and evolved into a new skill.


It is mutated into a Poisonous demon claw. Please check the skills list for more information about the skill.

Ajax was pleasantly surprised as he didn't know that his demon claw was mutated into a new skill and hurriedly opened his interface to know its details.

However, before he could check the information on it, he saw Darbaudr stopped his killing and rushed towards the windstorm.

Ajax understood the reason why he was running at it, so he didn't ask anything and covered his place along with Necros who was assisting him from behind with his blind skill and the giant undead that was making sure he was not completely overwhelmed by the high-level creatures.

As the fight continued, the number of creatures around them began to lessen as they were completely destroyed by Ajax and the young cultivators.

Amidst his killings, Ajax got many system notifications about his killings and irritated by the continuous sound, so he asked the system to mute these notifications until he finished his battle.


The notifications are muted now.

".." Ajax was speechless but shook his head as he continued his killing spree for getting a better reward from the bonus mission.

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