New Age Of Summoners Chapter 291

279 Crystal Sword

"Y..you are from the Hazegroove family?" the creature became alert all of a sudden seeing the crystal sword in Edmond's hand and asked.

"So, you still fear my family name. Good," Edmond smiled looking at the creature which was showing signs of fear after seeing the heirloom of his family.

"Once it was a powerful hermit family, but now it has become a thing of the past. I wonder, how you are still alive when your family is already buried, hehe," when it heard Edmond's words the giant creature shocked for a moment before suppressing it and smiled eerily.

"It may be a thing of the past for you, but for me, it is the present and future as long as I live," Edmond didn't waste any time and rushed towards the giant creature with his crystal sword.

'Huh? So, he belongs to a hermit family, no wonder he was strong and talented,' Darbaudr, who was fighting outside the huge windstorm silently thought in his head.

In Zrochester province, other than the five main families, there were some hermit families that didn't like to show their existence to the outside world unless it was required. Every hermit family secretly protects humans from other world races.

Many people know about the existence of the hermit families but no one knows the exact number of hermit families or what their name was except for a few high-level cultivators.

However, there was a rumour that three years ago, most of the hermit families were destroyed from some unknown killers.

As for whether these rumours were true or false no one knows and no one bothered about the hermit families since they don't know where they exist or reside.

The reason Darbaudr was able to hear the talk between Edmond and the giant creature was because he kept an ear on them as soon as he broke through to the level 1 elite general realm.

With the breakthrough, not only his strength increased but also his spirit sense which was more than enough to hear the conversation of Edmond and the giant creature.

'Looking at Edmond, I can guess the Hermit families of Zrochester province are really powerful,' Darbaudr thought in his head and continued killing the general realm creatures.

Even before his breakthrough, Darbaudr was able to end up in a stalemate with those creatures; however, now he was able to kill them easily.


Back inside in the huge windstorm, Edmond slashed at the giant creature as a small cut appeared on it making Edmond puzzled.

'How is this possible? My family heirloom was unable to do much damage to it,' As Edmond was confused about his family heirloom, the creature swung its serpent tail and slammed him into the surrounding windstorm.



As soon as his body touched the windstorm, his body received so many cuts before falling onto the ground.

"You should remain focused all the time while you are fighting someone with high cultivation," The creature slowly moved towards Edmond with its lion legs and mocked him.

However, inside its heart, it thought, 'I think, he is not powerful yet to use that thing; otherwise, I would have died by now.'

Just thinking about it made him shiver as he knew how powerful that crystal sword could be and felt glad that Edmond still didn't manage to get its approval.

"By the way, do you know the three spirit beasts I used to get this form? As you can see, the head belongs to a rare dragon species called Void dragon, the body belongs to the strongest lion species, Earth lion king and as for my tail, it belongs to moon swallowing dark snake,' the creature explained about the spirit beast that it was fused with and proudly said.

All the three creatures, it said, were only found in the most inner section of the Cursed Wilderness, so it was proud to be fused with him.

With the strength from the three spirit beasts fusion, the old man's strength increased greatly that all Edmond's tricks became useless in front of it.

"If you want to kill, you need more skills than these measly tricks that you have shown me earlier. Now, let me finish the core enemy of my demonic scientist group," it continued to mock Edmond as its serpent tail rushed at him in an attempt to kill him once and for all.

'Sigh I think I have no choice other than using it,' Edmond sighed and was about to use his most reliable trump card; however, he saw a huge silhouette appear in front of him and blocking the attack of the creature's serpent tail.


Both Edmond and the creature were shocked by the sudden appearance of a barbarian who was easily able to block the attack.

They were shocked because they were unable to sense the barbarian until he blocked the attack.

"Not bad Captain, you are stronger than you look," The barbarian turned his head to look at the shocked Edmond who was on the ground and said with a smile on his ugly face.

"When did you?"

"I know you have questions about me from the beginning, just ask my young master after we kill this creature,"Darbaudr replied to Edmond before he could finish his question.

"How did you come here?" the creature looked at the barbarian whose strength it was unable to sense and asked seriously.

"Who am I? Of course, I am your death," As soon as he said that Darbaudr disappeared from his place and appeared behind the creature and punched the area between the dragon's head and the lion's body making the creature scream in pain.

"Damn you Barbarian, get off of me," it shouted and all of a sudden, sharp spines came out of its body making Darbaudr jump off its body.


The creature roared as it rushed towards Darbaudr at an incredible speed.

But before it could reach him, a crystal sword was pierced through its lion body and made a bloody hole in it.

"What?" the creature was shocked as it looked at the bloody hole in its body and turned to look at Edmond, who was barely standing on his feet with a smirk on his face.

"See that, I just needed some time to get used to my family heirloom to unleash its power," Edmond said as he collapsed to the ground.

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