New Age Of Summoners Chapter 290

278 One With The Sword Realm


The second seal in the Darbaudr's spirit consciousness is released.


Congratulations to the host, Darbaudr's cultivation has increased to the Elite general realm.

"Hahaha," As soon as he saw those system notifications, Ajax was overjoyed and felt excited.

"What happened to him,"

"Maybe he became insane after killing so many creatures,"

"I think, he might have received a hit on his head,"

All the nine cultivators glanced at Ajax who laughed out loud like a madman making them assume various possibilities.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at them and shocked that he lost control once again and said, "It's nothing I gained some understanding in my spear dao," Ajax loudly said for them to understand the reason for his laugh.

"Oh, it's good then,"

"Right, join us. Let's finish these creatures,"

All of them nodded their heads in understanding, as they would do the same thing if they were in his shoes.

"Just a moment, I will join," Ajax said to them and looked at the Barbarian who was still in pain from breaking his second seal.

From the moment the seal breaking process was started, Darbaudr endured a lot of pain but he gritted his teeth and didn't make any noise, as he doesn't want others to know about his seal breaking process.

Nevertheless, some of the nine cultivators looked at Darbaudr and noticed the change in his strength.

Since they were a lot weaker than Darbaudr, they couldn't accurately gauge his strength.

All they knew was that Darbaudr had become stronger within a few minutes of entering the Earth Shield.

However, no one thought much about him and focused on improving their battle prowess while killing the creatures.

"Thank you, young master," Darbaudr kneeled and thanked Ajax for breaking his second seal and helping him in recovering some of his cultivation back.

"What are you doing? Stand up. I helped you for my own reason, so there is no need for you to kneel in front of me," Ajax hurriedly stopped Darbaudr from kneeling and shook his head.

Darbaudr stood up and looked at Ajax for a moment before rushing towards Necros's giant undead to help it kill the high-level creatures.

'Darbaudr, kill all the general realm creatures before assisting Captain Edmond,' Ajax silently said to the barbarian through voice transmission.

Darbaudr nodded his head and started killing the higher level creatures.

'Now let me sharpen my sword dao,' Ajax stored his spear and summoned the small inheritance sword out of his spirit consciousness as he thought about increasing his sword dao.

After Darbaudr joined the battle, the fight with the creatures became moderate as he was able to take care of the general realm creatures and leave the creatures below the general realm for others to fight.

Since all young cultivators were improving their battle techniques, Ajax thought the same.

Although the creatures kept on coming, the battle was not hard for any of the cultivators, So Ajax didn't think much as he decided to use his sword.


He immediately rushed towards the creatures with the inheritance sword in his hand and activated the level 1 sword dao which was just an inch away from breaking through to the level 2 sword dao.

Ajax used the momentum from his rush and slashed his sword even before he reached the creatures.


'Puchi' 'Puchi'

As soon as he did that, a sword wave generated from the sword and slashed through the bodies of the creatures.

Without much resistance, all the creatures that were touched by the sword wave became two pieces.





As usual, Ajax got the system notifications of his killing which he ignored as he felt that his sword dao was increasing.

However, that feeling didn't last for much time before it stopped.

'Damn it, something is stopping my sword dao from breaking into level 2,' Ajax cursed as he continued using his single sword technique.



After using his single move sword technique for who knows how many times before he felt exhaustion hit his body.

As he was feeling the exhaustion from all his slashing, Ajax saw a creature that made him shocked.

"Nice to meet you, I am here to kill you," He heard the familiar voice from the creature and he didn't dare believe his eyes by what he was seeing at the moment.


Inside the windstorm,



Edmond's attacks were more powerful than when he started fighting the old man.

His entire body was burning with red flames and his muscles became much larger and the sword in his hand looked like it became a part of his hand.

"I didn't expect you to comprehend level 4 of the sword dao amidst our fight," the giant creature swung its serpent tail at Edmond as it spoke.

Initially, before Edmond entered the huge windstorm, his sword dao was only at level 3; however, after entering the windstorm, he used one of his trump cards and fought the giant creature with his sword.

Amidst their fight, Edmond unexpectedly comprehended the true meaning of his sword dao and successfully entered the level 4 sword dao and finally reached the one with the sword realm.

Since it was rare for the people of the Zrochester province to reach level 4 of the sword dao without travelling to a higher province, the transformed old man was surprised at Edmond.

'If he was born in the other provinces, he would have become a genius cultivator,' the giant creature thought in its head while looking at Edmond.

"If not for you are a member of the demon cultivator I would have treated you as a proper opponent but you are just a lowly scum that uses the spirit creatures and controls them by killing their intelligence," Edmond spit as he scoffed at the old man who was currently in a giant chimera-like creature form.

"Hahaha, what a funny joke," The creature looked at him laughed with its dragon head, and continued, "What is the difference between you people and me, you kill the spirit beasts for their items whereas we use them alive for our experiments."

The giant creature compared the normal cultivators with the people of his kind and shook his head.

"You people don't understand a thing about cultivation, that is the reason why you are not even able to kill me even though you had the higher cultivation," Edmond looked at the giant creature and said, "Every cultivators and spirit beasts fight each other to become powerful and in the process, they will die. When they die, they won't have any regrets since they died for their goal." Edmond looked at the giant creature which was listening to his words carefully.

"On the other hand, you people, from the demonic cultivator formed a separate group and called themselves as scientists and started doing the experiments for creating a new creature that would make all the worlds shiver at its roar," Edmond continued to explain his thoughts on the demonic scientists, "But, what you achieved were a mindless creature and causing the souls of the spirit beasts even more pain."

After saying his words, the fire on Edmond's body increased as though he was angry with the so-called demonic scientist group.

"Huh? You are very knowledgable about the demonic scientist, I wonder, where did you get this much information about us?" The giant creature looked at Edmond as though it was trying to find something about Edmond.

Soon, its eyes filled with horror when it saw the item Edmond had taken out from his space ring.

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