New Age Of Summoners Chapter 289

277 Geniuses


Soon the fight between them started as Edmond used his level 3 sword dao and his past battle experience to block the attacks of the giant creature.

When Edmond was fighting the giant creature, he was fully concentrated in the fight unlike before, where he was keeping an eye on Ajax and others.

But after seeing Ajax's elemental spirit and Darbaudr's real strength, Edmond felt relaxed and stopped worrying about them.

'My godsons and goddaughters can manage elite realm commander creatures, so I can now fully concentrate on the fight,' Edmond knew the real strength of the nine cultivators whom he personally trained for a few years, so he felt that killing those creatures would help them in sharpening their skills.

'But the problem is this giant creature is becoming more and more powerful with time, I have to kill it soon without using my last card,' Edmond was still hesitating to use some trump card against the old man.

As for what that last trump card was and why he was hesitating to use it, no one knows except for himself.

Nevertheless, he decided to use his other trump cards to finish the fight as soon as possible before the giant creature becomes overly powerful.

As soon as he thought of his other trump card, some bright red fires started to appear on his body and completely covered his body in them.

After his body was covered entirely in the fire, Edmond didn't waste any time for the giant creature to come towards him; instead, he rushed towards it using his level 3 sword dao.


Outside the windstorm,

'This windstorm looks really fierce, I should speed up my plan,' When he saw the mighty windstorm in which Edmond was fighting the giant creature, Ajax became anxious and thought to hurry up his plan.

'Necros, ordered you giant undead to take Darbaudr's palace and you continue to help others,' Ajax immediately ordered Necros, and he didn't even wait for Necros reply before looking at the barbarian who was fighting the peak general realm creatures.

'Darbaudr, retreat. Let's break your second seal,' Ajax slowly said to Darbaudr through voice transmission.

Darbaudr was puzzled when he heard Ajax's starting words; however, when he listened to the last words, he became excited, and he used his full power to kill a peak level general realm creature before rushing towards Ajax.

Ajax and Darbaudr immediately came entered into Slait's Earth Shield and began their seal breaking process.

'System, break the second seal in Darbaudr's spirit consciousness,' Ajax silently thought in his head.


Consuming 5000 units of the essence of nature from the host's spirit consciousness.


Seal breaking compass is activated,


Breaking the seal from Darbaudr's spirit consciousness; please wait.

Ajax received a series of system notifications and waited patiently for the seal breaking process to complete.

'Everything is going smoothly, Captain Edmond please give me some more time,'

As the process was continuing, Ajax glanced around the battlefield and nodded his head.

In the battlefield, all the nine young cultivators were fighting seriously.

Among all of them, Goliath looked like another barbarian who was using his bare hands to kill the elite commander realm creatures with only peak commander realm strength.

After him, the beautiful Snowstorm looked like a warrior queen that used her spear to pierce the creatures and killed them without showing any tiredness; instead, she was excited more and more with her killings.

Beside her, both twin, Moon Shadow, and Bright Shadow were not any less than her.

The brother and sister duo were taking care of each other backs and continuously killed the creatures with their short swords.

Both their short swords had the same designs on them, but their colours were different.

The short sword in the sister's hand was pure white where the sword in the brother's hand, it was dark black.

After observing the brother and sister duo, Ajax glance the King killer, who still had an arrogant look on his face, fought the creatures with a massive sword.

Looking at his fighting stance, Ajax thought it resembled Edmond's fighting style and shook his head before looking at the Dark flame.

Although he looked like a Dwarf, his attacks were fierce as he was using some technique that covered his entire body with fire.

'Looks like everyone has battle prowess greater than their cultivation,' Ajax thought as he looked a young cultivator, who was using rank 4 heavenly raven to kill the creatures.

'Huh? Isn't that raven was small earlier? How come it became that big all of a sudden,' Ajax puzzled and looked at the young man who was showing some making various gestures with his hands, and with every different gesture, the heavenly raven was using a different attack.

'So, he took the heavenly raven as his name after his spirit beast, Ajax nodded his head.

When it was small, Ajax didn't recognize the crow on Heavenly raven; however, once he saw the true form of that crow, he understood the reason behind his name.

According to the legends he heard from Eder Boron, Ajax knew that an adult heavenly raven could rival a king realm cultivator, so when he looked at the heavenly raven, he felt excited to meet a baby heavenly raven.

Next, he glanced at a figure, that was moving very fastly amidst the horde of creatures, and killing them with his extremely fast attacks.

'Damn, this Kind Mantis's speed is very fast,' After killing a dozen creatures, the figure finally stopped moving for a few moments. Only then Ajax was able to recognize the young man as Kind Mantis.

Even though he was shocked by the eight members, he was utterly shocked by the ninth member of the group, not because of his fierceness or killings but he was transformed into a huge beast just like Eric.

But the beast body of this one looked like a Gorilla and an angry one at that.

It literally crushed all the creatures in the commander realm with ease.

'Looks like I can ask my doubts about the beast body to this Fearless Gorilla,' Ajax thought and felt happy as he finally found a cultivator who could transform into a beast.

After killing Eric and taking his space ring, Ajax found the dead bodies of many spirt beasts, and thought that it might have something to do in increasing the purity of the beast god's bloodline. So, when he looked at the Fearless Gorilla, he thought of asking questions to him.

'Everyone has their own techniques and skills, looks like Captain Edmond trained them very well but how can he teach them this many techniques,' Ajax finally saw the real geniuses for the first time and thought.

However, what puzzled him the most was how Edmond could teach them different techniques to them.

Since it was difficult for a single man to learn different skills and techniques, there was nothing wrong with Ajax feeling puzzled over that fact.

'However, why did Edmond hide them and trained them until now, and why did he suddenly bring them out?' Ajax felt more and more confused, thinking about the nine cultivators' sudden appearances and the reason why he hid them from everyone.

'Maybe, is it related to the Fire Sword sect?' Ajax suddenly thought of the Fire sword sect, with whom Edmond had a feud with.

As he was thinking about it, Ajax suddenly received a system notification that made him excited.

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