New Age Of Summoners Chapter 288

276 Ajax Becomes Fierce


Mission name:- Kill as many creatures as possible. (Bonus mission)

Reward:- Depending on the number of kills, a random reward will be given.

Descriptions:- Although they look life-less, the fused spirit beasts want nothing more than a rest from the fused spirit beast body that was under the control of the demonic cultivator.

Danger rating:- None.

As soon as he read the description, Ajax was shocked and felt pity for the spirit beasts and started to take the mission seriously even though there was no danger rating for it.

'Necros come out,' without any hesitation, Ajax summoned Necros who had the highest strength among all his elemental spirits.

As for the reason he summoned Necros was he decided to reveal about Necros to Edmond and others.

'Since he has high cultivation, I will be summoning him a lot from now on,' Ajax thought as ordered Necros, "Kill as many as possible and help Darbaudr,"

"Yes, summoning master," Necros nodded his head and summoned his three undead elite commanders.

The three undead summons didn't waste any time and went into three directions and started helping the young cultivators.

All the nine cultivators were shocked at the sudden appearance of the undead and looked at Necros before looking at Ajax.

'Didn't Godfather said he was an unofficial summoner?' The short Dark flame asked Kind mantis beside him.

"Who knows just focus on the battle now," Kind mantis said to Dark flame with a hit on his back.

All the nine cultivators asked the same question, but no one had the answer, so they shook their heads before focusing on the battle.

As long as they had more members, it is easier to kill the creatures that were swarming at them.

No one from the group was idle as they were trying their best to kill to as many creatures as possible.

However, they felt the more they kill, the more creatures were coming at them.

On one side, Justice was having a tough side on managing a single commander realm creature as he was only a level 1 elite soldier and even though he killed a creature earlier, his cultivation was not increased at all.

As for the reason why he was not getting any increase in the cultivation, the only system knows.

Slait, who was taking care of Levi, was also not idle. He sent his clone to fight the creatures with weak strength as he used the Earth shield to protect Levi and himself from the incoming creatures.

Amongst all the members, Darbaudr was the fiercest since he was only using his bare hands to fight the fusioned spirit beasts.

He was casually killing the creatures with weak strength and maintaining a stalemate with high-level general realm creatures.

Necros selected a place in the middle of the group and using his skill 'blind' on some of the high-level creatures which were later taken care of by the young cultivators.

'Absolute Darkness'

'Dark claw.'

'Shadow clone.'

Ajax was entirely focused on killing more creatures and get the required essence of nature to use his artifact, so he didn't hesitate to use his powerful skills.

First, he would rush into a group of creatures and use his domineering skill 'Absolute Darkness' which would make them scream in pain from the nightmares.

Next, he used his contracted skills, 'Dark claw' and 'Shadow clone' in a perfect combination, and killed more than a dozen creatures in a couple of minutes.


The host killed a commander realm fusion spirit beast.

Gained 100 units of the essence of nature.








The system notification continuously chimed in his making him even more excited as he was getting the essence of nature from each kill and along with it, he was able to make good progress in the bonus mission.

'It seems, the more I use the spear dao, the more I am understanding about it,' Ajax felt that every time he killed a creature with his level 2 spear dao, his understanding about spears increased. So amidst his contracted skills, he used the spear with his left hand.

With a demon claw in one hand and a majestic looking spear in the other hand, and with a blood-covered face, Ajax's looked like a god of war for some, and for others, he was like a devil.

However, Ajax didn't care about others' thoughts as he was fully concentrated on killing the creatures.

Within a few minutes, Ajax finally got a notification, he was waiting for,


The host's spirit consciousness is completely filled with the essence of nature.

As soon as he heard the system notification, Ajax didn't waste any time and contacted Necros.

'Necros, combine your summons,' Ajax ordered Necros through the spirit contract.

'Yes, summoning master,' Necros immediately stopped assisting the young cultivators and ordered his undead summons, 'Combine now.'

Hearing their master's order, all three undead summons turned back and met at the center and raised their swords and muttered something.

Soon, all the three undead summons merged into one giant undead and started its slaughtering of the creatures.


'Ajax finally reveals his secret, hehe' Edmond, who was fighting the giant creature, glanced at Necros and his skills before smiling and stopped worrying about the youngsters.

'Darbaudr and that elemental spirit can take care of those high-level creatures and others will fight the commander and elite commander realm creatures,' Edmond thought about Ajax and others as he blocked another attack of the giant chimera-like creature.

But Edmond underestimated the power of the latest attack of the transformed old man before he was blasted away into the distance.

"Stop looking around and pay attention to the fight," The old man's voice came out of the dragon's head before continuing, "Do you know I was not using my full strength in the earlier attacks?"


Coughing a mouthful of blood, Edmond said, "I noticed something. It's not you are willingly holding back your strength, but I think it is related to something else."

"Interesting," the old man looked at Edmond in surprise and asked, "What is it, then?"

"The more you attack the opponent the stronger your attacks will become, is it right?" Edmond looked at the old man and said seriously.

"That's correct but now, you can't do nothing even if you know, Hahaha" the giant creature rushed at Edmond while summoning a gust of wind and bringing it with him towards Edmond.

'I will see, how you are going to fight with me in this windstorm,'the old man's voice sounded excited as he said.

As soon as he said that, the windstorm absorbed Edmond once again and the giant creature also jumped into it.

The windstorm that absorbed Edmond this time looked way bigger than the windstorm that he survived earlier.

And the most important this was the wind looked fierce and just looking at it could make the low-level cultivators piss in their pants.

Inside the windstorm,

"If you survive this windstorm, I will leave Ajax alone," The giant creature smiled with its dragon head as it was making a deal with Edmond.

"I have seen more powerful windstorms than this, just come at him," Edmond swiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and scoffed at the giant creature before holding his sword tightly.

"You sure have a death wish," The giant creature became irritated at Edmond's scoff and rushed atEdmond.


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