New Age Of Summoners Chapter 287

275 Edmonds Strength

As soon as he waved his hands, the mindless chimera-like creatures rushed at Ajax and others with increased speed than their earlier walking.

'How did he gain entry into a dimensional crevice and he even owned a store in it,' Edmond thought about how that old man managed to convince the dimensional owner who was a human.

As for the reason, how Edmond knew the dimensional crevice's owner was a human was not a secret to most of the high-level cultivators.

Since the dimensional crevice has an entrance in the human world, it clearly belonged to a human, and the other races should come to the human world to enter the dimensional crevice.

For example, the demons have to come to the human world, and then they could enter this dimensional crevice.

But Edmond didn't have that much luxury to think since the chimera-like creatures were rushing to Ajax and others.

Edmond tried to rush towards them, but before he could take a couple of steps, the old man appeared in front of him and stopped him from moving towards them.

'I am here, where are you looking at,' The old man waved his hand at Edmond soon a gust of wind hit him, throwing him into a distance.

'What is this? My body became slow all of a sudden,' Edmond stood up from the ground and felt that his body had become slow.

"Now, let me kill you whereas my creatures will kill those young ones," The old man said with a creepy smile and rushed at Edmond.

Just when the old man's attack about to land on him, Edmond revealed a sly smile and blocked the old man's punch with his bare hands shocking the old man.

"Ho..how can you stop my attack?" the old man shuttered as he asked Edmond.

"Hehe, how do you think," In reply to the old man's question, Edmond laughed with a sly smile and asked the old man in return.

As the old man was still in shock with the inhumane strength of Edmond, Edmond used his other hand and punched the old man in his abdomen.


A crisp broken sound came from the old man's abdomen before he was blasted away into the distance.

'Woah,' Ajax was shocked by the last attack of Edmond which blasted the old man away.

"Captain Edmond is too powerful," Ajax said as he looked at Edmond was moving towards the old man and thought, 'That's right, I forget about the monster peach I gave him before coming to the Cursed Wilderness.'

Ajax was excited to know that Edmond had consumed the fruit and increased his strength.

"What do you think, he is our godfather for a reason," The arrogant faced King killer proudly said to Ajax.

Ajax smiled in response to the King killer and thought, 'Finally, we have a way out of this situation.'

While saying this, he bitterly shook his head, thinking about all his previous worry was for nothing.

Nevertheless, he felt good that at least they could come out of this situation.

"Damn you, I will kill you all,"

The old man who was blasted earlier stood up form the ground as though nothing had happened and shouted at Edmond.

While shouting, the old man's body started to transform into a similar creature that he summoned earlier. But the main difference was the transformed old man's chimera body looked much bigger than the creatures he summoned.

Seeing the huge chimera-like creature Edmond's face became ugly as he thought, 'Should I have to use it? But if I use it, my three years of planning will be destroyed just like that.'

'I will save it for later and uses my other trump cards,' Edmond thought in his head about some trumps cards and soon took out a sword.

"All creatures, kill them," The huge chimera creature that looked had a dragon head,lion's body and serpent tail ordered all other creatures to attack Ajax and others.

After its order, the huge creature rushed at Edmond with its huge body.

Edmond was also ready with his low-level heaven grade sword and rushed towards it.

Soon, an intense battle started between them.

As Edmond and the transformed old man were fighting, Ajax and others were surrounded by the chimera-like creatures which had a minimum strength of level 1 commander realm and maximum strength of level peak level 5 general realm.

"Everyone, I take care of general and level 10 elite commander creatures. Rest of them are in your care,"

There are only a 4 or 5 of the general realm, so Darbaudr said he would take care of them along with the level 10 of the elite commander realm, and as for the remaining ones, he left them for the young ones.

"Yes," All of them nodded and became serious and took out their weapons to fight.

As for Ajax, he got another idea in his head when seeing so many creatures in front of him.

Without wasting any time, he took out his Heaven's destroyer bloodlust spear from the inventory and rushed towards the creatures.

Before he could reach then, he threw his spear which was in the bloodlust form at some commander realm creatures to test something.

While he threw it, he used his level 2 spear dao.

As soon as the spear left his hand, it spun around itself, and in a flash, it pierced through a couple of commander realm creatures without any resistance from them.


The host killed a commander realm fusion spirit beast.

Gained 100 units of the essence of nature.



Soon, Ajax got a couple of messages and felt excited as he finally saw the hope to help Edmond.

'Since I am getting the essence of nature from killing these creatures, I should kill more and accumulate 5000 units to use the seal breaking compass to break the seal in Darabudr's spirit consciousness,' Ajax thought as rushed towards the creatures and started his killing.

"Woah, Ajax is fierce,"

"Yeah, and his weapon is cool,"

Some of the members from the group looked at Ajax and exclaimed with awe after seeing his battle prowess.

"Idiots, why are you staring at him. Go and kill some creatures,"As they were praising the battle prowess of Ajax, they heard the cold voice of their group's devil and rushed towards killing the creatures.

After sending with her cold voice, Snowstorm looked at Ajax and wondered, 'His spear dao is already reached level 2, I think I need to have a talk with later.'

"Snow, I need you here," As she was wondering, she heard a soft voice of a female and looked at the direction.

There she saw a Moon shadow and Bright shadow who were surrounded by a group of creatures and were having a very hard time managing them.

After seeing them, she immediately rushed to help them with an exquisite spear in her hand.

'Sigh, if only I got the essence of nature for Darbaudr's killings I would have easily filled my spirit consciousness now,'

After killing around half a dozen more commander realm creatures, Ajax looked at Darbaudr who was casually killing level 10 elite commander realm creatures and managing the general realm creatures while he was at it and sighed.

Ajax already knew that he would not get any essence of nature from Darbaudr's killings as his summoned creatures or contracted spirit beasts, so he could only look at Darbuadr and shook his head.


A new mission is generated in the quest tab; please check it.

As Ajax was sighing, he got the mission from the system as usual ad he checked it's details while killing another commander realm creature and shocked when he read the description of the mission.


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