New Age Of Summoners Chapter 286

274 Weird Creatures

As soon as he picked the two stones, Ajax checked the familiar stone first.


Item name:- Mid-grade Upgrade stone

Seeing it, Ajax nodded and looked at another stone in his other hand.

'Should I check it?' Ajax fell in a dilemma whether to check the other stone or not.

'I have a feeling that this might have some use for me now,' However, Ajax felt that he should check it as he thought it might be helpful and finally concluded to check it.


Item name:- Mid-grade Success stone

Description:- When it is used with an upgrade stone, the success rate of upgrading a particular artifact will increase.

Note:- A mid-grade success stone will give an 80-90 percent success rate when used with a mid-grade upgrade stone.

'Woah, if I use this then I don't have to fear about failing the up-gradation process,' Ajax was excited to see the details of the stone in his hand.

'I will apologize and compensate to Senior brother after he wakes up. I hope he won't be much angry with me,' Ajax secretly thought as he decided to use both mid-grade stones for a higher success rate in upgrading the seal breaker compass.

With that thought, his consciousness came out of the space ring bringing two stones out.

'System, use both the stones to upgrade the seal breaking compass,'

Without any delay, Ajax quickly used the upgrade stone and the success stone.


The mid-grade Upgrade stone and the success stone are detected.


Now, the upgrading process has an 85 percent success rate.


Warning:- Do you want to upgrade the seal breaking compass?

'Yes,' Ajax hurriedly replied and accepted 'Yes'.


Upgrading.Please wait.

'Oh almighty system, please help me,'

As the system notification came, Ajax prayed the system in his heart for a successful upgrade.

While praying, he observed the two stones in his hand melting before entering into the seal breaking compass.


Congratulations to the host, the upgrade of the artifact is successful.

Soon, the system notification came making Ajax happy, and he immediately focused on the seal breaking compass in his hands.

After the upgrade, the artifact didn't change much, and it looked the same, just like before it was upgraded.


Artifact name:- Seal breaking compass

Grade:- Low-level heaven grade.

Uses- 1) Can track anyone by the spirit imprint placed by the owner of this artifact on others. (Distance is directly proportional to the owner's strength).

2) Can break any seal below the Elite general realm strength using the essence of nature of the owner.

(Note:- Single-use to break any seal will cost 5000 units of the essence of nature).

'Excellent,' seeing the upgraded seal breaker compass's starting information, Ajax was excited and shouted in his heart.

However, soon his expression changed when he saw at the end of the information.

'Damn it. I totally forgot about this,' Ajax cursed as he looked at the 5000 units of the essence of nature that is required to use the artifact.

'Why is this happening to me? WHY' Ajax was shouting himself and looked at his spirit consciousness that only had a little over 500 units.

Earlier, he used all his essence of nature in his spirit consciousness to upgrade Necros' cultivation in the elemental spirit battle, and now he was only left with more than 500 units.

"Young master, what happened," seeing the worrying expression on Ajax's face all of a sudden, Darbaudr hurriedly asked Ajax in concern.

"Nothing," Ajax shook his head and looked at the windstorm in which Edmond was fighting with the old man.

'I hope Edmond uses his Elemental spirits. I wonder how powerful, his elemental spirits were,' From Zaglanath, Ajax learned that Edmond was a summoner, so he hoped that Edmond should have powerful elemental spirits to fight against the old man.

Just as he watched at the windstorm, it suddenly disappeared with Edmond and the old man standing at the place where it was previously there.

Both Edmond and the old man looked at each other for a second before the old man said, "What a surprise to find a man of your battle prowess in such a small province," The old man said as he looked at Edmond in a surprise.

'Why are the people around this brat so talented?' the old man was puzzled. He looked at the nine cultivators who looked young but were having good cultivation, and the barbarian was giving an ominous feeling though something was sleeping inside him.

'I think I should complete this quickly before the news of me coming here is known by others,' The old man suddenly thought as he looked at the dimensional portal which was barely opened.

"I suggest you go back to where you have come from. It won't be that easy to defeat me," Edmond said with a smile. However, inside his heart, he thought, 'Damn it, he is more powerful than a regular level 8 elite general cultivator.'

"Really, let me see how you are going to save them and fight me at the same time, hehe" the old man cunningly smiled and muttered something.

As soon as he said that, many weird creatures appeared out of nowhere.

All creatures looked like a fusion of more than two spirit beasts and looked like chimeras except for the fact that all creatures looked different with different spirit beasts.

"Huh?" Edmond and Darbaudr were shocked as they recognized the chimera-like creatures.

Ajax and other young cultivators looked at Darbaudr for an explanation from him about the creatures.

"There is a group among demonic cultivators that mainly focuses on fusing different species and making a whole new species with some demonic technique,"

Darbaudr stopped for a second before continuing, "The cruellest thing about the technique is it kills the intelligence of the new species and make them follow the orders of the cultivator that created them."


"Is there such a thing,"

All the young ones, including Ajax, were shocked by hearing Darbaudr's words.

"Actually that branch of the demonic cultivators were extinct and I only know these from an external source. So it is also the first time for me to see them," Darbaudr slowly said and looked at the hundreds of chimera-like creatures that were coming towards them.

Ajax also looked at the creatures that had no light in their eyes and walking towards them mindlessly.

'Poor spirit beasts,' Ajax felt pity for the spirit beasts that were not having rest for their bodies even after they have died.

As Ajax was feeling pity for the spirit beasts, Edmond looked at the old man and said, "So, you are one of those demonic cultivators. I wonder, who you managed to enter a dimensional crevice?"

"Hahaha, so people still remembered us, Hahaha" The old man looked at Edmond and continued, "I was hiding it from more than 40 years and I paid a heavy price to enter the dimensional crevice by covering my identity."

As he said that the old man cursed inside his heart, 'If not for the fact that I have to kill you all soon, I would have not used it.'

Since he belongs to a demonic cultivator group, they were naturally hated by the human race, and he had to pay a considerable price to enter the dimensional crevice, which was owned by a human to cover his own identity.

"I will show you the true power my demonic scientist's group," the old man loudly laughed as he waved his hand.

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