New Age Of Summoners Chapter 284

272 Unexpected Enemy

"What? Did you found it already? Where is it?" Edmond became excited and asked Darbaudr hurriedly, making him think something was wrong with Edmond.

"Huh?" Soon, Edmond found that he reacted a little too much and calmed himself.

"Yes, It is at the boulder where I sat earlier," Darbaudr pointed his finger at Ajax and others and said to Edmond.

"What? I already checked that place but I didn't sense anything there," Edmond looked at the small boulder behind Ajax and others before shaking his head at Darbaudr as though he was disagreeing with him.

"The entrance to the demon world is not as simple as you thought. I was only able to recognize it because I was able to meditate there for some time and the most important thing is I can sense the spatial disturbances in the surroundings, so I was able to sense the entrance to the demon world too," Darbaudr explained his reason to Edmond.

"So, you have an affinity to the space element. No wonder, you are stronger than your actual cultivation," Edmond nodded his head and walked towards Ajax and others with Darbaudr.

In general, a cultivator with space elemental affinity was known to have higher battle prowess than their peers, so Edmond finally understood the reason why he felt Darbaudr was stronger than his actual cultivation.

"Hey kids, have you introduced to one another?" As they reached Ajax and others, Edmond asked as he looked at the youngsters' happy faces.

"Yes, Captain,"

"Yes, godfather,"

Ajax and others nodded their heads and replied to Edmond.

"Darbaud, where is it?" Edmond nodded his head at them before turning to Darbaudr and asked.

"It's under the Boulder," Darbuadr pointed at the bottom of the boulder and moved towards it in order to remove it.


Just when he was about to move the boulder, a portal appeared beside the Boulder making Edmond and others surprised.

"Wait, it is not the entrance to the demon world, it is something else,"

Seeing that Edmond was moving towards the recently opened portal, Darbaudr warned Edmond.

"Huh? Then what is it?" Edmond stopped moving as soon as he heard Darbaudr's words and asked him.

"I don't know what it is, but I think I saw it before," Darbaudr shook his head at the portal's sudden appearance.

"I think, it's the entrance to the Dimensional crevice," Ajax slowly said, looking at the familiar portal.

Since he recently travelled to the dimensional crevice, Ajax was quickly able to recognize it.

At the same time, he felt a bad premonition in his heart when he looked at the portal.

'Why am I feeling like this,' Ajax thought in his heart; however, within a few seconds, all his doubts were cleared when he saw the familiar person coming out of the portal.

"Why did he? How did he find me?" Ajax's thoughts were in disarray as he looked at the old man from whom he just escaped from the dimensional crevice.

"Ajax, do you know him?" Edmond asked Ajax as he sensed the Ajax was able to recognize the old man who came out of the dimensional portal.

"He is the one that attacked me and senior brother Levi," Ajax hurriedly said to Edmond.

The old man didn't speak a single word after he came out of the portal. He just looked at Ajax coldly.

If looks could kill, then Ajax would have died by now already.

Just from the looks, everyone could understand that the old man was definitely up to no good.

"Goliath, immediately bring everyone with you and escape from here," Edmond ordered his eldest godson to take away others form here.

Edmond was unable to guess the old man's strength accurately, but he thought that the old man should be around level 7 or level 8 of the elite general realm, which he could manage, but the problem was he would be unable to protect the youngsters and fight the old man at the same time.

So, he ordered to leave this place immediately.

"Yes, father," Goliath immediately replied before looking at Ajax and others as though he was saying 'you heard him, right?'

Goliath knew that they would be in Edmond's way while fighting with the old man, so hurriedly wanted to move away with the others.


But before they could even start their escape, the old man clapped his hands once before Ajax and others felt the space around him shaking before becoming normal.

"What is it?"

"What's just happened?"

Everyone looked at their surroundings as they asked hurriedly, not knowing what that old man just did by clapping his hand.

"He just sealed at our surrounding and no one can move out of this region without his permission," Among all the people, Darbuadr and Edmond were the only ones that were calm as the barbarian explained what that old man did earlier.

"Sealed the space?" All became shocked and looked at the old man seriously.

"All those who are related to that brat will be killed," The old man spoke for the first time after coming out of the portal.

"Everyone, move aside and watch carefully," Edmond didn't show any fear in front of the old man even the old man's cultivation was stronger than him and asked the youngsters to move aside.

All moved to a side, making space for Edmond and the old man to fight.

"Darbaudr, do you want to fight?" Edmond asked Darbaudr with a smile as he knew that Darbuadr had his own trick under his sleeve.

But before Darbaudr could answer, Edmond continued, "Just protect them, I will take care of him."

"Sure," Darbaudr nodded his head and thought, 'If you can't defeat him, then I have to .'

He didn't continue his sentence looking at Edmond, who was getting ready to fight to the old man.

"Don't worry, I won't kill them before you. Since you are the strongest one among them, I will kill you first and show them what true hopelessness is," The old man smiled and said to Edmond before looking at Ajax.

"But, you have to kill me, before that," Edmond replied with a smile, which made the old man truly irritated.

As Edmond and the old man were getting ready to fight, Ajax hurried thought of a plan and immediately came out of the group and took out an upgrade stone from his inventory along with the 'Seal breaking compass'.

'I know Captain Edmond is strong but the old man must have lot of tricks under his sleeves, I should break another seal from the Darbaudr's spirit consciousness,' Ajax took out both the upgrade stone and the artifact with that thought in his head.

'System, use the mid-grade upgrade stone and upgrade the seal breaking compass,' Ajax ordered the system in his head.


Detected a mid-grade upgrade stone and an artifact in the host's hands.


Please confirm the upgrade of the seal breaking compass.

Soon, two system notification rang in his head.

'Upgrade it,' Ajax hurriedly said and waited for the upgrade.


Upgrading the artifact; please wait.

Although Ajax knew it would be upgraded in a few seconds, he was unable to wait as he had another important task after upgrading the seal breaking compass, which was to break the seal in Darbaudr's spirit consciousness.

So, he felt the time was moving very slow.


The upgrade failed, and the upgrade stone is destroyed.

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