New Age Of Summoners Chapter 283

271 Code Names

"1 million?" Ajax was shocked by the reward amount announced by the girl.

'Even when I killed all that many assassin sect disciples, I was only able to loot a little more than half a million, and now they were casually talking about giving away double the amount.

"Okay," Ajax was more than happy with the reward and looked at the nine cultivators in front of him.

"The twin brother and sister, here are called Bright Shadow and Moon Shadow, the beautiful lady that announced the reward is called Snow Storm, the one that has an arrogant look on his face is King Killer, that dwarf looking senior brother is Dark flame,"

Ajax started saying their names as he was pointing his finger at each member he mentioned.

"I am not arrogant, Brat,"

"Who are you calling Dwarf,"

After saying five names, Ajax paused to take a short breath, but before he could continue two members from the group shouted at Ajax.

"Sorry, I was just referencing so that all people here will understand whether I am saying right or wrong," Ajax said with an innocent look on his face; however, he laughed inside his heart.

"Killer, Flame, stop disturbing him," seeing the innocent look on Ajax's face, the beautiful girl named Snow Storm scolded them.

"Okay okay," Both of them quickly disappeared back to the group and hid from the beautiful girl.

"You continue, Ajax," that girl said to Ajax with a small smile on her face making Ajax blush.

'Why are they scared?'

He didn't expect that two guys who shouted at Ajax disappeared just hearing after this beautiful girl's words.

However, he shook his head and soon continued saying the code names while pointing at the cultivators,

"This senior brother with a cold face is Kind Mantis, the brother that was playing with a crow is Heavenly Raven, and the beside him is Fearless gorilla, and Finally, the boulder brother is Silver Goliath."

Ajax said very fast and completed saying all the names and shocked all the godsons and goddaughters of Edmond.

"So, Silver Goliath Brother, how is it? Did I say all correct?" After finishing his task, Ajax pointed at the huge young man in front of him and asked.

"Hahaha. Yes, you are correct," Silver Goliath seriously looked at Ajax for a moment before loudly laughing as he continued, "However, there is no need to call me Brother, just Silver Goliath or Goliath is fine."

"Sure, I will call you Goliath from now on," Ajax liked the huge young man in front of him and nodded his head before looking at the beautiful girl, "Where is my reward, Senior sister?"

"..." Snowstorm became speechless before her white porcelain face became red with embarrassment.


"Hehe. Just say that you are poor, Snow," Before the girl could reply, Goliath loudly said with a laugh.

"You...Shut up," Snowstorm looked at Goliath and said with a low voice.

As soon as he heard the low voice, Goliath hurriedly closed his mouth before turning back.

"Actually, we are just playing with you, hehe," Snowstorm sheepishly smiled, making Ajax's heartbreak.

Ajax thought he was getting some free spirit stones; however, after hearing her words, he felt all his dreams about that one million were shattered.

"By the way, you can just call us with our code names or a single word from," Snowstorm beautifully laughed as she said that making Ajax mesmerized with her smile.

"Hey, Ajax, don't be fooled by her appearance, she is the true devil, and all others fear her. So don't make her angry," When Goliath saw Ajax, he slowly whispered in Ajax' ears.

Hearing those words, Ajax was not surprised as he saw the fear in those two who shouted at him earlier when they heard the beautiful girl's scolding.

Nevertheless, he wondered what she had done to them, which made all of them shiver just at her simple words.

"By the way, how do you remember all our names that even our godfather doesn't remember them," Goliath the captain of the nine cultivators asked Ajax about his technique.

The remaining cultivators also looked at Ajax for an answer.

"Actuality its not a technique but more of a habit of mine. From childhood, I was forced to remember many names, so I was able to easily remembers all your names," Ajax slowly explained them.

From a young age, Elder Boron made him remember all the names from the stories he said and many more things. Finally, that helped him here.

"Cool," Goliath exclaimed and looked at the distant Edmond and Darbaudr who were still talking about something and said, "Let's sit and talk."

After saying that, all young cultivators walked towards Slait, who was taking care of Levi.


"So, do you know where it is?" Edmond seriously asked Darbaudr about the entrance to the Demon world.

"I don't know, but I can help you find it," Darbaudr shook his head as he said.

"Really?" Edmond became excited and hoped that Darbaudr could help him in finding the demon world entrance.

"However, I want to know what you are planning to do with it?" Darbaudr didn't reply to Edmond; instead, he asked Edmond about his plan.

Edmond became silent for a second before continuing, "I am planning to enter the Demon World."

"What? You are planning what?" Darbaudr was surprised for a moment before shaking his head as he continued, "Even if I help you find it, you can't enter it since it was masked by a powerful barrier that doesn't allow non-demons into it."

"I know that; however, I have a way to pass through it," Edmond replied as he knew about that.

"Really?" Now, its Darbaudr, who was shocked by Edmond's words and immediately said, "Then I will help you find the entrance to the Demon World. But you must bring me with you into it."


Edmond didn't agree immediately but looked at Darbaudr, which was full of seriousness, for a moment before agreeing to his request.

"But, you have to listen to me once we enter the demon world," Edmond didn't ask Darbaudr about why he wanted to enter the demon world. However, he asked him to follow his words after they enter the demon world.

"Sure, but I will give priority to my young master's commands first," Darbaudr nodded his head in agreement.

"Now, how to plan on finding it?" Edmond asked him after discussing all their terms with each other.

"Finding it? Hahaha," Darbaudr laughed as he said, "I already found it."

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