New Age Of Summoners Chapter 281

269 Escape

"What have you done to my son," the old man was shocked to see his son holding his head and rolling on the ground while making painful screams.

"Just taking revenge for my senior brother," Ajax replied with a cold smile on his face.

After he said that he looked at Levi's body which was lying in a remote alley and felt even more angry towards the old man.

"Son, are you okay?" the old man hurriedly rushed towards his son and checked on his condition and felt nothing wrong with him.

However, seeing his son's painful cries made his heartache.

"Hey kid, I will leave you alone. Make my son normal," the old man looked at Ajax and said in a cold voice.

"Didn't you hear me or what? It's for killing my senior brother," Ajax didn't even accept the old man's condition and said coldly.

"Youu," the old man became angry seeing Ajax's arrogant behaviour.

When the old man was focusing on the giant undead, Necros used his new skill 'Blind' on the middle-aged man, and that most interesting thing was Ajax also used his Absolute Darkness which threw the middle-aged man into eternal darkness.

'Absolute Darkness' and 'Blind' combined together made the middle-aged man scared the shit out of him.

"Your senior brother is not dead, he is not dead," the old man hurriedly said to Ajax which made him shocked.

Without wasting any time, Ajax hurriedly rushed towards Levi and checked his pulse, and finally felt relieved.

"Hahaha," After knowing that his senior brother was alive, Ajax felt happy and laughed out loud.

Earlier when the old man attacked Levi, Levi's elemental spirit disappeared all of a sudden, which made Ajax believe the old man's words.

"Thank god, you are alive senior brother," Ajax immediately took out a high-level healing pill before putting in Levi's mouth.

Soon, all the cuts on his body disappeared immediately, and his essence of nature circulation was also stabilized.

"Since you are senior brother is alive, make my son normal," the old man asked in his usual cold voice that made Ajax shook his head.

"I will make him normal once I leave this dimensional crevice," Ajax thought for a moment before stating his condition.

Since his senior brother was alive, so Ajax didn't want to fight to the death in a vain and just wanted to leave the dimension crevice for now.

"I will not agree to it. What if you leave him like that after you left the dimensional crevice?" The old man knew what he would do if he were in Ajax's position, so he immediately rejected the condition.

"Okay then. I don't have sufficient strength to kill you anyway, so kill me and your son will die while screaming like that, hehe" Ajax replied with a go-ahead signal with a hand towards the old man.

"Youuu I agree, but.."

"I don't need any more conditions. If you want you can kill me," Ajax acted as he didn't care about his life.

"Okay, okay but you must promise me not to kill him," The old man nodded his head and asked Ajax to promise.

The old man cared for his son, and even when his son was old enough, he always protected him.

Due to that reason, his son became arrogant, and he wanted all cultivators to respect him just like how they respect his father.

So, when seeing his son scream with who knows what, he really wanted it to be over soon, and without any hesitation, he agreed to Ajax's condition.

"Good," Ajax nodded his head and summoned Slait to carry Levi before he started walking towards the exit.

When he and his summons reached the exit, he watched the two watch guards shiver when he passed by them.

"Brother, will he take revenge on us?" one watch guard asked the other while shivering.

"You are asking me and whom should I ask," the other watch guard replied with a worried expression on his face.

"I think we are lucky that we didn't start our play with him; otherwise we would have died by now," the first watch guard replied after Ajax passed them.

When Ajax first entered the dimensional crevice, they both wanted to play with Ajax, but due to some urgent work, they delayed their playing with Ajax and waited for Ajax to come out of the market.

However, before they could even think about starting their play, they saw the fight between Ajax's elemental spirit and the old man and shivered.

"Brat, if you dare to play anything, I will hunt you down where ever you go. Do you understand?" just when he opened the portal to leave the dimensional crevice, the old man's loud voice resounded in Ajax's ears.

"Just wait a little more time, you will become normal soon," the old man said to his middle-aged son that was screaming in pain.

"Okay," Ajax casually nodded his head before looking at the watch guards with a little smile and jumped into the portal.



As soon as he entered the portal, the screams of the middle-aged man increased all of a sudden, making the old man anxious.

The middle-aged man screamed for a few more seconds before stopping his screams, making that old man heaved a sigh of relief.

"Son, are you okay?" Seeing that his son was not moving, the old man hurriedly kneeled to check his son's condition.

"Damn you brat, I am going to kill you," The old man shouted loudly with hatred in his voice when he found out that his son had died in front of his own eyes.

"That young cultivator killed his son in front of his own eyes,"

"Damn, he is really cruel,"

"Yeah, it was a good thing that we had urgent work to do, otherwise, we were the ones that would have died,"

"I wonder, what this fake elder is going to do that brat,"

"We already know what he would do, right?"


the watch guards who were looking at the old man and his son discussed themselves in low whispers.

As for the Ajax who was in the portal thought, "You dared to kill me and my senior brother for a small fight with your son. Now come at me, I will show you the real hell once I break Darbaudr's seal."

Ajax already knew that the middle-aged man would die, but acted as he would save him.

As he was thinking, Ajax came out of the portal and was shocked to see Edmond and Darbaudr who were surrounded by some cultivators.

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