New Age Of Summoners Chapter 280

268 A Plan

"So, are you very eager to die along with him?" as Ajax was busy thinking for a solution to escape the current predicament, the old man coldly said to Levi.

"Those two conditions are very unreasonable, please change the conditions," Levi didn't flinch even a bit as he asked the old man to change the conditions.

"Hahaha, Okay then. You two can die," The old man said, waving his hand generating the same gust of wind that hit Ajax earlier.



However, before the gust could reach Levi, he took out a majestic looking sword and slashed at the gust of wind that was coming towards him.

'Clap clap.'

The old man wasn't surprised at Levi slashing the gust of wind and clapped as he said, "No wonder, you are such a prodigy that managed to reach level 3 in the sword dao before the age of 20."

'What? Level 3 sword dao?' Ajax was shocked to hear the old man's words as he knew how difficult it was to reach the level 3 sword dao and in whole Zrochester province, there was only one or two that were managed to reach the level 3 in the sword dao before the age of 20.

'Sigh...I should have learned Paulin's boosting technique,' Ajax thought about Paulin's boosting technique of increasing others' strength for a specific time.

"I will ask you one more time, leave him and go back to your small house," The old man suddenly asked Levi to leave which surprised his son as he didn't understand when his father became that lenient towards his opponents.

"Sorry, I can't leave my brother and more importantly you are the scammers that were scamming the customers from the time who knows when," Levi's started saying all the things about that middle-aged man's store making the old man even more angry.

The old man knows about the fake items in the store. In fact, he was the one that passed the store with counterfeit items to his son. However, saying that out loud made the old man angry and rushed at Levi in an attempt to kill him in a single sweep.

However, just when the old man's attack was about to land on Levi, a giant brown coloured transparent being appeared in front of him and blocked the old man's attack.

The transparent being was none other than Levi's strongest elemental spirit that he summoned to block the old man's attack.

The old man didn't use his full force against the transparent being's block; instead, he stopped his attack in the middle and suddenly disappeared from his position.

As Levi and Ajax were wondering where did that old man disappear to, he suddenly appeared behind Levi and used his paralyzing gust attack in a very close range.

Levi didn't have any time to block that attack as the old man was very close to him and before he could turn back, the gust of wind blasted Levi into a remote alley.

"Sigh.. kids now-a-days think they can win against me," the old man shook his head and didn't even bother to glance as Levi, who was not moving even a bit.

"Senior brother Levi, Ajax shouted loudly at the far way unconscious Levi and felt anxious in his heart.

"Your senior brother is dead and there is no use in shouting anymore," the old man turned back to Ajax and said with a cold smile on his wrinkled face and continued, "Do you think, he will survive my attack at that close range?"

'Because of me... I harmed him,' Ajax started to blame himself when he heard the old man's words.

"I am going to kill you, old bastard," However, his eyes turned blood red, and he said to the old man while moving his body a little bit.

"Huh?" The old man was surprised by Ajax's movement.

"Sure, come and kill me," the old man only surprised for a bit before mocking Ajax to come and kill him.

"I will kill you..kill you..kill you," Ajax started repeating the 'Kill you' with his blood-red eyes.

''Kid, calm down,' As he was becoming insane, Ajax heard a familiar voice in his head that only appeared when he lost his sense of reasoning.

"Calm down," the old voice worked like a wonder, as soon as he heard the old voice, he eyes started to turn back to normal.

'In front of a very powerful enemy, you should use brains over brawn, think think think,' the old voice in his continuously stressed the word 'think' as though as he was hinting something.

With that, the old voice in his head stopped talking and disappeared as usual.

Along with it, the paralyzing effect also lost, which made Ajax move his body normally once again.

"What? He was able to move his whole body once again?" the old man was shocked to see Ajax become normal within 10 minutes, which was never happened before.

Earlier he was only surprised for a bit as Ajax able to move his body a little. However, now he was able to his full body, as usual, making him take Ajax seriously.

'I don't know who you are or what you are doing in my head, thanks again making me think clearly,' Ajax felt gratitude towards the old voice in his head and thanked it.

After thanking the old voice, Ajax looked at his surroundings and before summoning Necros.

As soon as he did, Necros came out of the inner world and stood in front of him.

"So you are also a summoner?" The old man didn't feel much surprised as he already received quite a big surprise from Ajax when he moved his body earlier.

"Yes," Ajax replied to the old man and said to Necros though the spirit contract, "Necros, use undead summoning and undead fusion quickly."

Hearing Ajax's order, Necros immediately summoned his three undead summons and combined them into a giant undead summon.

"Huh?" the old man's interest piqued in Necros when he saw his skills and praised, "You got some good skills but it is just a waste of time in front of me."

'Now, distract that old bastard with your summon,' Ajax continued to order Necros through the spirit contract.


The giant undead used its majestic sword to waved at the old man.

However, the old man stopped its attack just with his fingers making Ajax surprised.

'Damn, this old man is too powerful,' Ajax thought in his head and became anxious once again.

'Calm down, you can do it,' Ajax calmed himself and thought, 'I should start my next step.'

Nevertheless, he was able to calm himself and proceeded to his next step in the plan.

'Necros, use the blind on the middle-aged man when the old man was distracted with your giant undead summon,' Ajax ordered Necros to be alert in using its new skill 'Blind' on the old man's son.

'Yes summoning master,' Necros nodded his head and focused on the middle-aged man.

"Lowly undead," As Ajax was carefully planning his next steps to kill the old monster, the old man mocked the giant undead summon and waved his hand.

Soon a large gust of wind hit the giant undead, and it stopped moving all of a sudden.


As the old man was satisfied with his skill, he heard his son's painful screams and immediately turned to look at his son, and he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

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